When a Woman Loves


A singer once said that when a woman loves, she loves for real. Love is generally a two way traffic, you love and you are loved back. At times however we are forced into making certain sacrifices that are unnecessary in the name of love. But does being in love mean that we have to close our minds to everything else even where we are hurt constantly, even when it is so clear that nothing good can come out of that relationship? Do we have to continue loving even when it is so clear that the only thing we can get out of that relationship is pain and emotional destruction?

When most women fall in love they want to have a fairy tale like life. If it turns out that the man does not have any of the qualities she was looking for in her prince charming, she tries to change him into what she wants. This is normally a task that proves to be futile, because changing a man is next to impossible. When they realize their efforts are not bearing any fruits, they change the man in their mind and make themselves believe that they have the perfect guy. If you find yourself in such a situation the best thing to do is to accept that you are settling for less that way dealing with his shortcomings will be easier and if you find that you cannot accept him as he is, move out of the relationship before the regrets set in.


Another common mistake made by women in relationships is accepting blame even when you know so well that the mistake if not yours. This is mostly the case when she loves so much, and she does not want to lose the man. And while this may seem to settle the problems, it merely covers them up. This is very unhealthy because it leaves her feeling depressed and in most situations ultimately gives the man control over her. This may lead to a big problem that is unfortunately very common, an abusive relationship.

Men suffer and get hurt in relationships too, in fact some of them may hold on to bad and even abusive relationships but the most common victims of such are women, maybe because they tend to be weaker and more vulnerable emotionally. For ages, women have been abused in relationships and for years they stay in such abusive relationships enduring all the mistreatment and pain because of many different reasons, the common denominator being love. A woman may opt to endure an abusive relationship because of the love she has for her partner. Such women think that soon things will change for the better. The problem is that nothing ever changes for the better. If anything things could only get worse unless she seeks help. It gets worse when the woman has a child with her abusive partner she would endure such a relationship for the sake of her kid. A woman would also endure abuse in a relationship is it is the only place where she is assured of financial support; the bottom line is that a woman would endure anything when she loves.

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