How to Win a Woman Over with Love

with love

Some men find it difficult to win the affection of their woman. But, as it is said, you conquer love with love. This means that with love, you can easily win her affection and admiration. If you treat your woman kindly and with love, she will easily fall for you. Here are some tips to follow

Disclose your feelings to her

Don’t disregard the power of words in relationship. Most men try to show their feelings through actions. This is good but you should also communicate your feeling to your woman verbally. First tell a woman about your love before concretising it. Women like to hear their men tell them how they feel about them. So, you should always try to reassure your woman that you still value and cherish her most in your life with words. Make sure that you tell her, I love you. If you find it difficult to verbalise it, you can do that also by giving her a card that talks about love. Alternatively, you can write a note for her talking about your love for her.

Listen to your woman

There is no person who does not want to be heard including men. You should try to be a good listener especially when your partner has something to talk about. She will greatly value you if you are always there to listen to her no matter what she has to say. Most people erroneously think that it is easy to listen to a person. Listening is very difficult but the habit can be cultivated. Give rapt attention to your woman whenever she is talking to you. Don’t interrupt her on the way by asking questions unless the questions are very serious. If your woman sends you a text message try to reply it or even call her back. It shows that you got the information she wanted to pass across.

Know how she is feeling

It is good that you show concern and care for your woman. The best way to do it is to ask her how she’s feeling. There is nothing wrong in asking that question even if you know how she feels. You may think that she feels ok from the configuration of her face. But it has been proved through studies that men don’t easily tell exactly how women feel from the configuration of their faces.  So, you should ask her how she is feeling always. This will reassure her that you care.

with love

Don’t shout at her

Definitely, you will not always agree with your woman on every issue. When you have arguments with her, it is advisable that you fight fair. Don’t shout at her or call her names. The worst thing you can do to your woman is to threaten or intimidate her. Some men shout at their women in order to gain control over them. But this will do you no good. It will only make your woman to live with fear. After arguments or quarrels don’t bear grudges against her or hold on to hurt feelings.

Don’t treat her as an inferior person

Some men tend to see their women as inferior human beings or even as babies. Therefore, they do everything for their women to show that they are very caring. Yes, you should care and pamper your woman but don’t overdo it. There are certain thing that a woman should do for herself and some that you should do for her. Allow her to perform some functions in the house especially things that she will like to do as a woman in order to make you happy. Besides, you will wear yourself out by doing everything in the house. For example, don’t stop her from cooking for you. Women also like cooking for their men as a way of showing their love to them.

Take her out

Plan for an outing with your women. Take her to places that she has not been before or that she will like to visit. There are a lot of places to visit such as the beaches, museum, zoo, game reserve and other places of interest. Going out with her is a veritable means of giving her fun. She will definitely appreciate it.

Call her by pet names

A good way of showing affection and love to a woman is to call her pet names. Find out pet names that your woman loves or that will arouse affections in her. With such names, you will win her affections and love.

Help her with difficult task

When your woman has some difficult task to do around the house especially if you people are living together, you should always give her a helping hand. Don’t expect her to ask for help. Just join her in doing the task. Helping her out is a good means of gaining entry to into her heart.

Come back on time

If you are living together with your wife and she is not working, you should always make effort to come back on time to keep her company. Inform her on time, if you are going to come back late.

The above are some of the tips you should apply in order to treat your woman with love.

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