Wedding Website for Planning Your Wedding


Wedding Website for Planning Your Wedding

Wedding Website for Planning Your Wedding

Each of us has moments and occasions that are very special to us. But none of these occasions is as precious in our life as our wedding. It is not just your celebration but that of your bride or groom, your family and in-laws, friends and well wishers. Your parents and siblings are happy that you are getting married. Your in-laws are also happy that you are getting married to their daughter or son as they case may be. Many people are happy and they make merry to show their happiness. This explains why people make every arrangement to ensure that they have the best moments during their wedding.

When it is time for you to wed, you will find the internet useful. The internet is changing the way we plan and organise various occasions. Wedding planning is not an exception. You can plan your wedding and have the best through a wedding website. But what is a wedding website and how is it different from other types of websites available on the internet today. Read on to know more about it and how it will benefit you.

What is a wedding website?

Generally speaking, a wedding website is a website that gives information about wedding ceremony. But nowadays, a new trend is emerging where people create website solely for sharing information with their friends and loved ones about their wedding. Such type of website is also referred to as a wedding website. In this type of website, people share detailed information about their wedding such as the date for the wedding, the dressing code, the venue for the wedding plan, phone number to c all for clarification, and others. People can also solicit for ideas from their friends through their wedding website. It is therefore a modern way of planning for wedding and tipping your friends about your wedding and what they should expect that day.

Sites where people seek for information about how to plan for wedding are also referred to us as wedding website. These sites and blogs are owned mostly by people and business whose niche market is wedding or wedding attire. If you perform an online search on how to plan for a wedding or on any topics relating to wedding, you will get amazing results. In this type of wedding site, you can get information about different styles of wedding dresses or bridal gowns, hairstyles and shoes to match your attire, suitable suits for the groom, different types of wedding themes, how to design your wedding invites and other necessary steps to take in order to have a successful and memorable wedding ceremony and party that will be the talk of the town.

In general, a wedding website of any type can be very helpful to people planning their wedding. It makes the planning easy and helps them to ensure that no stone is left unturned or to ensure that every necessary step that will make the wedding a memorable one is taken; nothing so important is left out.

Creating your own wedding website

When you are planning for your wedding, you should consider creating your wedding website. It will give you a number of benefits.

Platform for disseminating information about your wedding

First, your wedding website will serve as a platform for sharing important details about your wedding. As it has been said above, you provide details about your wedding in your wedding website. Your friends no matter where they are will only have to perform Google search using the right keyword and they will get all necessary information about your wedding from the internet. So, you don’t need to waste your time sending text or calling them each time you make changes in your wedding plan. If there is any information to communicate to your friend, just add it on the net and they will get it.

A platform for telling your love story

Besides using it as platform for sharing information, your wedding website can also serve as platform for telling your love story including how you met your wife to the entire world. Most of your friends may want to know about your relationship with your partner, how two of you met, the challenges you encounter and how you eventually overcome obstacles on your way to lifetime commitment and others. Most people that have their wedding websites include pages for their love story. So, if you think that your love story is worth sharing to the future generation, you should consider creating a wedding website and then having a page for your love story.

Cutting cost on printing

Printing invites can be very expensive especially if you have many friends to invite for your wedding. But you can cut cost on your wedding invites by creating your wedding website and then directing your friends to your website. Invites will not give you a large space to share as much information as you want about your wedding. But if you have your wedding website, you can share any details you like to your friends. If you want to have various parties relating to wedding such as engagement party, bachelorette, shower and others, you will give detail information about them via your wedding website. So, you don’t have to be printing different invites for each of these occasions. In other words, having your wedding website is a veritable means of cutting cost on invites and on your wedding preparation.

Easy access to registry info

Definitely, you will prepare a gift registry to enable your friends know items that have been bought by other people. Rather than visiting local stores to have a gift register prepared for you, you can make use of your wedding website. All you have to do is to simply add a page for the registry. Your guests can access it and find out what and what have been taken up by other friends and what remains to be bought. It makes it easier for them. They don’t have go out of the comfort of their home in order to know what is left.

Keeping in contact with your friend

Having your wedding website makes it possible for you to maintain contact with your friends and guests. Most people add RSVP and guest book pages to their wedding websites. You may also consider adding such a page. You can request your guest to enter their emails or sign the guest books so that any update or changes about the wedding will be sent to them. In this way, you keep in contact with your friend. It also ensures that they get all updates about the wedding even when they don’t visit your wedding website.

Less stressful and time consuming

Normally, on your wedding day, you will receive a lot of calls from friends which may constitute distractions to you. These friends are calling in order to be directed. Thus, they will require your attention. If you don’t give them the required attention, they may become annoyed. But if you have your wedding website, you will save yourself from these calls.

More eco-friendly

If you don’t have any website, you are going to make use of paper and stamps for a number of reasons. You already know the implication of using paper and stamps to the environment. But, your will be contributing to the go-green campaign going on in various places in the world today.

Residual income opportunity

You can monetise your wedding website if you like by selling advertising pages. Many people today make money online through blogging or selling advertising pages via Google Adsense. So, if you have a wedding website, you may consider monetising it.

The above are some of the benefits you will get if you have your own wedding website.

Hosting your wedding website

If you have made up your mind to have your wedding website, you will definitely like to know how and where to host your website. Hosting a wedding website is not quite different like hosting other websites. There are different parent wedding portals where you can host your wedding website. These parent wedding websites offer a number of services and options as well as templates for couples that will like to have their wedding websites. All you need to do is to perform a Google search on “host wedding website” and you will get amazing results. Go through the templates available and then choose the one that meet your need. Supply the information you like and then submit.

Alternatively, you can build a website from scratch and dedicate it to wedding. However, this can be costly but if you monetise it, you will gain your money back and make some gain. It will only require time.

How much will it cost you to establish your wedding website?

The cost for hosting a wedding website is not fixed. It all depends on the host site. Some sites may offer the service at a more affordable cost than others. The best way to host your wedding website at an affordable cost is to shop around. Check a number of parent wedding websites hosts. Check their cost. But you should not forget the features and quality of services offered. They also determine the cost of hosting a website for wedding.

What types of information should be included in a wedding website?

There is no limitation to amount information your wedding website should contain. You should include all necessary information such as the venue for wedding, your love story, how you plan to spend your honey, enough photos of you and those of your partners, a brief introduction of your wedding party, important guests and any other useful information that you will like to share with other people.


After your wedding, if you like, you can still keep your wedding websites for a while or as long as you want. It will serve as a source of information to your future generation about your wedding.

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