Wedding Reception at a Glance


Wedding Reception at a Glance

Wedding Reception at a Glance


Marriage is one occasion that people take seriously. No wedding couple puts their wedding ceremony on a low profile. The bride and groom always make effort to ensure that they have not just a successful wedding ceremony but also to ensure that guests are well entertained to the extent they can. Thus, the marriage ceremony is always followed by a party. This party which is normally held for the entertainment of the guest is what is referred to as wedding reception. The bride and groom and their families throw this party in order to welcome their guests. The wedding couple shows hospitality to their family members and friends for the first time as married couples. This is why it is called wedding reception.

Given that wedding is not just a thing for the individual, but also a social ceremony, each society or culture has a way of organizing wedding reception. So, the practice of wedding reception differs from culture to culture. But generally, it is celebrated in pomp and pageantry. The host entertains the guests with rich wine and well prepared dishes. Some cultures have special or particular type of dish and drink to be presented to the guests during wedding reception.

As a religious ceremony, most religions across the globe also celebrate marriage. Some religious groups may require their faithful to hold their wedding reception in a certain manner or in keeping with some rules and regulation. For example, some religious groups forbid their members to serve alcoholic drinks and certain types of food during their wedding reception.


There are different places depending on culture and religion where wedding reception can take place. In most culture, wedding is seen as a special day for the bride and thus wedding reception normally takes place in the family home of the bride. The groom will only be allowed to take her bride home after the marriage ceremony has been completed and guests entertained during the wedding reception. The party brings an end to the wedding ceremony.

In the western culture, the initial venue for wedding reception is the home of the bride. But after the World War II, a new trend which brought an end to this practice was developed. People no longer hold their wedding reception in the home of the brides but in places like hotel ballrooms, wedding venues, social halls, banquet halls, community halls, garden parties at home, groom home and churches or sacred places where the wedding ceremony was conducted. Wedding reception can even be held in the beach, beach resort hall and even in a cruising yacht or boat. It all depends on what the wedding couple wants. Some people see it as an opportunity to showcase their style. However, there are few people that still hold their wedding reception in the home of the bride. In general, it is the financial capacity as well as their need that determine the venue for their wedding reception.  However, no matter the venue where it is held, good wine and food are served to the guests. The quality as well as the quantity of foods and wine that are provided depends largely on the financial capability of the wedding couple.

Normally, the venue for the wedding reception is richly decorated. Most wedding couples hire event planners and event venue decorators to decorate the venue for their wedding reception for them according to the theme of their wedding. Some halls or event venues used for wedding reception are already decorated such that the hirer does not need to decorate the venue again.

Guests at the wedding reception

In some culture, all the kin of the wedding couple are expected to be attended the wedding reception of their fellow kin. There is no need to send wedding invites to them. Once the wedding date is fixed, they are obliged by their custom to attend the wedding reception. In some of these places, any person is welcomed in a wedding reception. You don’t need to have an invitation before you can attend a wedding reception of your fellow kinsperson. This is because wedding is a social event and not just an individual ceremony.

However, this is not case today in the western world. People attend only wedding reception they are invited for. Attendance in some wedding ceremony is strictly on invitation. You have to come with your invite before you are admitted into the wedding hall or before you are allowed to enter the venue for the wedding ceremony.

Reception of the guests

Wedding reception is different from other forms of party and gathering in many ways. One of the things that differentiate wedding reception from other types of parties and receptions is the way guests are welcomed or received. There are two ways in which guests are received and welcomed to the party, namely, the receiving line and the grand entrance. In the latter, the newly married couple, their hosts, parents and the special guest of honor will stand will greet the guests one after the other in order of preference. The guests start greeting them from the lowest according to the preferred order. The greeting is usually a brief one. The guests just congratulate them without saying much thing. Nowadays, the receiving line is highly reduced. In some wedding reception, only the wedded couple constitutes the receiving line. The receiving line comes to an end when all the guests have been greeted by the people involved in it. After the greeting, the can mix up with other people.

Grand entrance is another way of welcoming the guests to a wedding reception in some part of the United States. In this method, the master of the ceremonies will introduce all or some of the wedding party. Only the wedded couple can also be presented by the MC if the wedded couple wants it that way. Generally, grand entrance is shorter than receiving line. It can be done ceremoniously to add fun to the wedding reception. The MC may briefly introduce each of the wedding parties and then call for music as each party comes up to be introduced.

The wedding dress

Normally, it is the wedding couple that determines the dressing code for their wedding. Generally, the wedded couple as well as the guests is on their best attire. The bride puts on the wedding gown or bridal gown while the groom is on suits. Wedding gowns are available in different price range depending on their quality, styles and designs. It is left for the bride to decide on the quality and type of wedding gown to buy depending how buoyant she and her husband are. The male guests usually put on suits while the ladies are on cocktail dresses unless the wedding couple has a different dress code.


As it has been said, wedding reception is a great occasion for merriment. Every wedding couple plans to provide enough food and drinks to their guests. Nobody invites people in order to starve them. Just like every other aspect of wedding reception, there are a number of factors that will determine what will be served to the guests.  One of the determining factor is the local customs of the wedding couple. As it has been said above, some cultures offer particular type of dishes and drinks to their guests. The same can be said of religion. Another factor that determines the nature, quality and quantity of the food and drinks served to the guests is the financial ability of the wedded couple. Though every wedding couple always make effort to properly feed the guests are properly fed, but those who have risen in affluence provide multiple choices of dishes and drinks. The weather condition as well as the venue for the wedding will also determine to a certain extent the type of foods and drinks to serve. For example, if the weather is cool is, tea or coffee as well as alcoholic beverages can be served.

They foods and drinks in some wedding receptions are served before the toast. But it can also be the last thing to be served. It all depends on the program the MC is operating with.

One type of food that is commonly served virtually in all wedding receptions in the western culture is a wedding cake. It is called a wedding cake because it is a specially made cake for the wedding. Wedding cakes are designed in many ways. One remarkable feature of wedding cake is that it normally has various segments. What normally makes the difference is the way the tiers or segments are arranged and decorated or the number of segments it has. Whatever be the case, It is left for the wedding couple to decide on the design of the wedding cake they want.

The cutting of the cut is a special aspect of a wedding reception. It is done ceremoniously. The wedded couple is invited for the cutting of the cake. After the cutting of the cake, the bride will take some and give to the broom and the broom will do the same. The cake can now be shared to the guests.


Wedding Reception at a Glance

Marriage calls for merriment. Thus, wedded couple as well as their friends and well wishers dance to the best of their ability. Different types of music suitable for a wedding reception are played for the bride and groom. Bride’s parents will dance with her. Many people will come up to stage to dance and rejoice with the wedded couple.

There are other activities that are included in a wedding reception such as entertainment activities, toast and others. It all depends on what the couple wants.

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