Wedding Invitation Cards


Wedding Invitation Cards

 Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding is one of the most joyful moments in the life of a couple. It is the high point of a relationship. For some religious society and even in some culture, husband and wife become one once they are wedded. Given the importance of wedding, the wedding couple invites and shows hospitality to their friends, colleagues, family members and well wishers. In the western culture and cultures influenced by western culture, wedding couples send invites to their friends, family members and any people they would want to witness their wedding celebration. Wedding invitation cards refer to invitation cards which wedding couple sends to their friends and guests to officially invite them to their wedding ceremony or party.

There are different practices regarding the sending of wedding invitations cards. In some cultures, it is the bride’s mother that prepares the wedding invitation cards and then sends to people the family would like to attend the wedding ceremony or reception of their daughter. This is normally the case in cultures where the wedding reception is done at the home of the bride. But nowadays, most wedding couples decide who will attend their wedding card and then send their wedding invitation cards to those people. This is common among couples that will sponsor their wedding reception. In some places, the families of the bride and groom will gather and decide together who to invite and who not to invite. Most parents will want to show off their wealth during their children wedding and thus they will also invite their own friends even without the wedding couple know about it.

History of wedding invitation

The practice of inviting people to a wedding reception with wedding invitation cards has gone of age. It can be traced to the medieval times. Before the invention of moveable-type printing press, wedding couples and their families were also inviting their friends and well wishers to their wedding ceremony. But they were not sending any wedding invitation cards to them. Instead, they orally invited their friends and well wishers. The way in which this orally invitation was sent differed from place to place. In England, a town crier would be asked to announce a wedding ceremony and reception to the entire people. The town crier would move along streets and neighborhoods to announce the wedding ceremony or reception of a person. Any person living within the area where the town crier made the announcement was automatically invited for the wedding ceremony. In some place, the parents of the wedding couples and family members would go to houses of their friends and well wishers and tribesman to invite them for the wedding ceremony.

A new trend developed among the nobility in the middle ages when the art of writing has been developed significantly. Since education could only be afforded by the nobility, sending of printed wedding invitation cards emerged among them. Well-to-do families would hire monks who were skillful calligrapher to hand-craft wedding invitations for them. The written invitations were sealed with wax and sent to the guests. When the printing press was invented, the tradition of announcing wedding reception in the newspaper was begun. Gradually people started sending printed wedding invitation cards. But as the printing press of those years was still at the nascent stage, the quality of wedding invitation cards produced then was very poor and crude compare to what we have today.

It was also during this period that engraved wedding invitation cards were developed. Wealthy people would hire artisan to hand write the wedding invitation of their children on a metal plate using their tool. This would be used to print the invitation. This was in attempt to better the quality of invites that were printed in those days. The characters on the invitation card were very large. But with time, printing wedding invitation cards using metal plates became a thing of the past thanks to the invention of lithography which gave better printing without engraving. The invites were hand-delivered to the guests then owing to the fact that postal system has not started functioning properly or was still developing.

As the printing press technology continues to improve, more sophisticated printing press machinery were developed. Quality printing started to emerge. This also has a remarkable contribution in development of wedding invitation cards. After World War II, better wedding invitation cards began to emerge. Today, wedding invitation cards are available in a number of styles and design with different themes. With the invention of the internet, there are many online sources where wedding invitations can be ordered from. It is now possible for wedding couple to choose the style of wedding invitation cards they want and customize it to meet their requirements. One can upload photos to be added in the invitation cards. Viewing, organizing and ordering invitations for wedding and any other ceremony have become much more better nowadays thanks to these online sources.

The words of your wedding invitation cards

When it is time for you to take your partner down the aisle, it is important for you to prepare your wedding invitation cards very well. The first thing you should bear in mind is that there are different ways to frame the wordings of the wedding invites which vary according to culture, language and country. So, you should find out what is obtainable in your own country and then frame your invites accordingly. The text can be informal or formal. In the western countries, formal text is widely used. Brevity is the characteristics feature of the texts of the invites. You have to give every possible detail but in a concise manner. The text should begin with the names of the parents of the bride and then followed by the names of the groom parents. This is because the bride’s parents are the traditional hosts of wedding receptions. A typical example of a modern type of formalized wedding invitation is:

Mrs. Pricilla and Mr. Benedict Clinton

Wish to invite you to the wedding reception of their daughter

Miss Jecinta Clinton to Mr. Justin Linus


November 2015


St Joseph Parish Hall, Richmond, Virginia.

Time: 2: pm.


Note that it is not every word that is used in wedding invitation. The choice of words to be used for wedding invites in the US depends on the venue of the ceremony. For example, in the US, if the wedding will take place in a church or any house of worship, the right words to be used are “request the honour of your presence” but if the reception will be held in another venue, the words “pleasure of your company” are used. So, you should find out what is obtainable in your area when you are preparing your wedding invitation cards.

Tips for preparing your wedding invitation

Here are some of the tips to help you prepare your wedding invitation cards.

  • Define your wedding theme and style

Your invitation card should reflect your overall wedding theme and style. So, it is important that you define it on time and then prepare your wedding invitation to reflect that.

  • Incorporate your colours in your wedding invitation

To make an impressive and outstanding look, you should incorporate your colours in your wedding invites. This means that you have to determine your colour on time before you order for your wedding invites. Acceptable colors for wedding invitation cards are ivory, white card and cream. However, do not choose a colour that will make texts to be blurry.

  • Show your style in shape and size

The traditional size and shape of invites for wedding is 4.5-inch-by-6.25 inch. But you can showcase your style and go for extra ordinary shapes like circular cards. You can also play with the size by increasing the postage.

  • Choose your wisely and be concise

Make sure that you include all the necessary information like date, venue, dress code and others.

  • Keep the text legible

Start the distribution of your wedding invitation cards early so that the guests will have time to prepare for it.

Address the guests properly in the invites and envelop. You should give people their title. Some people may get upset if you don’t address them properly.

  • Mailing your wedding invitation cards

Traditionally, double envelopes are used in mailing invitation cards. But nowadays, some people only use one envelope as a means of cutting cost on their wedding invitation cards. Some people even leave the envelope completely if their wedding invitations are folded to serve as the envelope at the same time. The text is contained inside the folded wedding invitation cards. There is a special space created outside of the fold where the name of the invitees will be written. This option is more suitable if the invites are to be hand-delivered to the guests. In some countries like the United States, a love stamps are sold in the post office. Buy your envelopes and frank them with the love stamps before sending your invites.

It is advisable to write out the name of the people you will like to send the wedding invitation cards to even before ordering for invitation. This will ensure that nobody important to you is left out. There is the tendency to forget an important person if you don’t write out the names of the guests. While ordering for invitation cards, order for extra copies in case you remember some people later, you will have some leftover to give them.

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