Wedding Hair: Factors to Take Into Consideration


Wedding Hair: Factors to Take Into Consideration

Wedding Hair: Factors to Take Into Consideration

It is said that the beauty of every lady lies in her hair. No matter how naturally beautiful you are or the amount and quality of makeup you apply, if you do not do your hair very well or choose the right hairstyle, you will not look your best. Applying the right hairstyle will even make you look better than to apply makeup without making your hair. Given this, one thing that you should not joke with when you are planning your wedding is your hairstyle.

Wedding hair normally tops to-do list of ladies who are preparing for their wedding. The good news for brides is that there is plethora of wedding hair to choose from. But one thing is important and that is choosing the right wedding hair. Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and thus it is not an occasion for a bad hair day. Definitely, you will want the best of the hairstyles on your wedding day. You will want to appear better than any lady on your wedding day. So, you will have to be very careful in choosing your wedding hair. Whether you want to appear more natural, go for a simple everyday hairstyle or you want something more special and dramatic, there are a lot of things and touches that you can add in order to make your hair look more dramatic and cuter than it used to be. To do that perfectly well, you should work with a good wedding hair stylist. He or she will be able to guide you and help you to make right choice. Here are some tips to help you to make best wedding hair style.

Choosing the right hairstyle

As it has been said above, there are different styles of wedding hair to choose from. When choosing your wedding hairstyle, you should bear in mind that a style of wedding hair that fits another person whether she is a celebrity or not may not fit you. This is because each person has different head and face shape. So, do not just go for a hairstyle simply because it fits another person. You should go for a hairstyle because it matches with your head and face shape otherwise you will not look cute on your wedding day.

Another point that you should bear in mind is that price or cost of a wedding hair does not determine the best wedding hairstyle for any person. A particular wedding hairstyle may be very costly and yet it is not the best hairstyle for you. No matter how costly or expensive a hairstyle is, if it does not fit your head, face shape and does not match with other accessories you will put on, that hairstyle is not the best option for you. So, do not just consider price alone or make price your ultimate criterion for choosing your style of wedding hair. You may end up not getting a hair style that will make you look glamorous and like a queen.

Choosing the right hairstylist

Choosing the right hairstylist is as important as choosing the right wedding hair. This is true because how awesome and stunning your hairstyle will look like depends on the expertise or skills of a hairstylist that makes the hair for you. If you choose a skilful professional hairstylist, you may not even have to worry yourself about choosing the right wedding hairstyle. Some hairstylists are very skilful to extent that they will look at you and tell you the right hairstyle that will match your hair type, head and face shape. So, if you want to be properly guided, you should try and hire a professional hairstylist.

Choosing your accessories

There are different kinds of hair accessories you can fix on your hair in order to make it look more gorgeous and awesome. There are simple ones such as tiny flowers studs, headbands and others. There are also more expensive ones such as glittering princess tiaras, lace Juliet caps and jeweled hairpins. So, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, you are not to choose indiscriminately or just based your choice on price. You should also consider your overall wedding attire including your necklace, earrings, bridal gown style, veil and others when choosing your wedding hair accessories.  Another important factor that you should not forget when you are choosing your wedding hairstyle is the hairstyle you choose as well as your hair type. For example, tiaras fit both short and long hairstyle.


Your hair will become more attractive if it shines very well. You will need to apply a good hair conditioner in order to make it shine very well. There is the tendency for some brides to buy and keep expensive conditioner for their wedding day. This is good but it will be wonderful if you start applying a good hair conditioner some days ahead of your wedding day. This will make your hair to look healthier. It will also help you to make the right choice of hair conditioner. If you start applying hair condition some days ahead of your wedding day, you will be able to know whether the product you are applying makes your hair look healthier and shinier or not. You will have time to try other products if the one you choose does not make it look shinier as you will want. In other words, it is advisable for you to test any new conditioner you want to apply on time unless you are not changing your conditioner.

Choosing your bridal gown

There is no doubt that some ladies will see no connection between hairstyle and their bridal gown and thus they will overlook their bridal gown style when choosing their hairstyle. Indeed, in wedding fashion, wedding hair and wedding gown styles should match each other. So, if you want to look gorgeous and excellent in your wedding hair, it is important that you choose the right wedding gown that fits it. For example, sleek French twist and tiara are not suitable for wedding gown that has a medieval look but wearing loose hair style embellished with floral wreath will give a perfect match to wedding gown that has a medieval look. A sophisticated hair updo on the other hand will go with streamlined or formal wedding dress. Given the above, no matter the type of hairstyle you will want to put on, it is important that you consider the style of your wedding gown when you are choosing your wedding hair.

Say no to last minute changes

Some ladies discover when it is already late that they have made a wrong choice of a hairstyle or they have chosen the wrong hair color. If you plan it very well, you will not make such a mistake. The only reason why people make such a costly mistake is because they do not plan very well for their hairstyle. Once you know that you are going to wed or once your wedding day has been fixed, you should start making planning for your wedding hair. Try every style you want days ahead of your wedding day. If you start trying hairstyles and accessories on time and you will have plenty of time to change any style that you do not like.

Avoid indiscriminate changing of your wedding hairstyle

Some ladies prefer wearing different hairstyle for different wedding occasions. They will appear on a particular hairstyle in the church or at any chosen place the wedding ceremony is being performed and then after the service, they will like to appear in another hairstyle. This is good but it is not the ideal. Changing hairstyle for each moments of the wedding celebration can wear you down easily. During your wedding day, you will be engaged with a lot of things and so you may not have enough time for your wedding hair to be changed for each moment. The hairstylist may be in a rush in order to meet up with time and he or she may end up not doing it very well. This is why you should not change your hairstyle indiscriminately. If you want to appear in different hairstyles for various moments of your wedding occasions, then you have to hire multiple hands or a very skillful hairstylist, who will be able to finish your preferred hairstyle within the shortest time period. Such a hairstylist can also offer useful advice and tips.


Another important point to consider when choosing you wedding hair is the weather condition of your wedding day. You may have a particular hairstyle in mind, but if it does not work with the weather condition of your wedding period, you may not look fine . Climatic condition does affect hairstyle. For example, if you are wedding during the winter period, then it is important that you choose a wedding hairstyle that goes with the winter period. The same thing is applicable if you are doing your wedding on the summer period or at the beach where it is windy. Your hairstylist should be able to tell you which hairstyle works well with the weather condition of the period you are doing your wedding.

The above are some of the points to consider if you want to look like a queen on your wedding day as far as hairstyle is concerned. As you are preparing your hair or making arrangement for your hair, do not forget your groom. Also help him to choose the best hair cut.

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