Unhappy Marriage: Know when Your Marriage is on the Rocks

Unhappy Marriage

Everyone dreams of a good life, marriage; a happily ever after hence and what is better guarantee for this than a good partner, than love? For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, the vows commonly recited in weddings with the belief that in marriage you will find all the happiness you ever wish for in the world but at times, this is never the case. A marriage can cease from being a happy fulfilling part of life and instead become a major source of pain, heartaches and depression. Staying in an unhappy marriage for whatever reason is never a good experience; it affects both your emotional and physical health and that of your children too, and remember, sometimes forever may turn out to be a very long time.

Like all other relationships, one does not just wake up one morning only to find that he or she in an unhappy marriage. The changes in a marriage are well visible from the onset though sometimes the affected choose to ignore them. This is never a good thing because it is easier to solve them when they are just beginning than when they have accumulated into a mountain.

Signs of an unhappy marriage

The most common signs of an unhappy marriage include;

Increase in arguments.

While it is common for people living together to have arguments and disagreements, having lots of these may be a cause for alarm. It is a show of lack of mutuality in the marriage. Disrespect, name calling, and hurtful behavior are other signs that you should watch out for in a marriage with frequent agreements. It may be a sign that your partner no longer cares for your feelings and thus it is never a good sign.

Unhappy Marriage


Lies and Secrecy

Secrecy and lies is another sign of a failing marriage. If your partner is acting in a way that shows he or she does not trust you or is keeping secrets, your marriage may be on the rocks. Lack of communication is also a common sign that someone is unhappy in the marriage.

Other Signs

Other common signs of unhappiness in a marriage include, lack of intimacy and affection. This mostly happens because for intimacy and affection are directly linked to the human emotions and when one is unhappy his or her ability to show these is affected too. Depression, loneliness, infidelity, drug abuse, and selfishness are also a cause for alarm.

What to do

An unhappy marriage may be stressful but it is worth doing everything in our power to salvage our marriages. The first step to take when you realize that you marriage is on the rocks is to find out the main cause of unhappiness and to try and talk things out and solve whatever issues may be causing the issues. If that doesn’t work out it is always wise to seek the help of a marriage counselor. They can be of great help in restoring your marriage. If your marriage has no signs of working out however much you try, staying in it will only cause stress to you, your partner and your children.

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