Understanding the Family Values of a Person

Family Values

The phrase “family values” is self-explanatory. It refers to traditionally upheld moral, ethical and social principles transmitted within a family. Typical examples of these morally accepted ideals and principles are honesty, trust, faith, industry, faith and many more. The values accepted and transmitted in a family are bases of how children from the family live, behave, learn, function and grow in the society. Put differently, family values influences people’s action and thought. Understanding a person’s family value will help you to understand and explain social and ethical values appreciated by a person.

Factors that influence family values

There are a number of factors that determine accepted social and moral standards of a family. Here are some of these factors.


A family’s accepted social and ethical standards are normally influenced by the family’s religion. For example, the family value of a Christian family living in a developed city may differ from the family value of a Muslim family living in the same city due to the difference in religious belief. In other words, religion has an influence in the life of every family. For example, girls from a family whose religion does not tolerate fornication are likely to preserve their virginity until marriage. But not having any sexual intercourse until after marriage may not mean anything to another family whose religion does not condemn fornication outright. What a family may consider morally acceptable standards may even been seen as a vice by another family because of differences in religious belief.


Culture is another factor that determines our family values. Culture refers to behaviours and manners favoured by a particular social group or society. It is a way of life accepted by a society. As it is said, a family is the smallest unit of a society. As the smallest part of a society, its values are strongly influenced by the values of the larger society since the individuals in the family are subsumed by the society. This is the reason why people from societies with the same or similar culture normally have the same moral, ethical and social standards.

The level of civilization

Civilization is another factor that determines family values. The family values of people that live in highly developed areas or in the cities are not always the same with the family values of people that live in the developing or undeveloped societies. For example, families living in developed cities may value education and may spend huge amount money to give their children the best education. But most families in rural and undeveloped societies may value agriculture and will spend time to train their children on how to do farm work. In order words, the level of development or civilization of a society influences the family values of her people.

The above are some of the factors that influence family values. However, a family can overcome these influences and develop her values. Here are tips on how to determine person’s family values.

How to determine the family value of a person

A person’s interaction with the outside world and even with other members of the family is largely influenced by his or her family values. Given this, you can easily determine the family values of your friends, partner, colleague and any people around you. Here are tips of determining another person’s family value.

Check the conduct of other members of the family

People from the same family are most likely to behave alike because they have the same family value. Thus, you can infer the family values of a person by checking the behaviour of other people from the same family. For example, if they are hard working, it is most likely that they inherited the value from their family.

Check how other members of the family treat other people

You can have an idea of what a person’s family values are by finding out how people from the family relate with their friends and other people around them who are not members of the family. If they are hospitable and welcoming, it is an indication that the family welcomes strangers and has no discriminatory attitude towards other people.

What are their opinions?

People’s opinions are influenced by their family values or moral standards. Thus the opinion expressed by family members of a person on certain issues will help you to determine the person’s family value. For example, members of a family where hard work is highly cherished are more likely to subscribe to the idea that one must sweat out their living. They will definitely believe that “he who does not work should not be given any food.”

The above are some of the ways through which you can determine the family values of a person. However, there may be other factors influencing a person’s moral standard more than the family value.


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