Types of Country Home Decors

country home

Country home is a popular design of homes in the US in particular and other part of the world. It is a type of home design that embodies several traditional architectural details on its elegant facades. Such structures as loft, porches, dormer windows, shuttered windows and lap siding can be seen in a country home. The enduring visual appeal of this design of home derives from its nostalgic look. If you build or buy a country home, there are different decor options that you can choose from. Here are some of the popular country home decors.

Types of country Home Decors

Antiques designs

Antiques are good pieces to add to your country home. Some of the antiques furniture and pieces you can use to decorate a home include heavy cutwork table runners, real wood furniture (made from elegant cherry, oak and maple), copper pots, pewter candlesticks. If you want to obtain a lighter look, then you should go for rattan and wicker. They are good addition to front porch given that natural breezes are the sole air-conditioning in such a place. The rarity of these pieces determines their price. Some are more expensive than modern designs of furniture while others are not. A good number of antique pieces are very tough and are fragile as some people think.

New traditional decor

New traditional decor is not too formal but they are symmetrical, elegant and graceful. This type of country home decor derives from the Georgian and Federal styles in vogue during the period of Revolutionary War. The ideal furniture type for new traditional country home style is the eighteenth-century style furniture. The more expensive furniture options for the new traditional decor are Queen Anne, Hepplewhite, Chippendale, Sheraton and Duncan Phyfe pieces. You can blend then with oriental rugs and Chinese porcelain. These pieces are normally available in different price ranges. So, you will surely find a piece that will be within your financial capability.

country home

American rustic decor

Another popular country home decor that you can opt for is the American rustic decor. This type of home decor can be seen in massive log ski lodges, suburban houses, cosy cabins, spreading prairie farmhouses and the likes. If you opt for this style, you can beef up the interior decor with various designs of furniture pieces including pine or oak furniture in Arts and Crafts or Shaker style, rustic implements of weathered brass, simple cotton or wool fabrics, pewter and wool fabrics.

European country decor

The European country decor is a perfectly option for homeowners that admire the European culture and lifestyle like gardening, taking brisk walks and others. The European country style make it is possible for homeowners to bring down the European lifestyle to their home.

Vintage charm

Vintage country home decor is sometimes confused with antique styles. They are not actually the same. Vintage charm is a veritable option for homeowners that love old style furniture piece, dishes, fabrics, cookware and knickknacks. If you did not inherit any of these old styled furniture pieces, you can look for them in good furniture showroom and you are most likely going to find it.

Other designs of home decor include the contemporary and eclectic home decor. Each of these home decor styles is great and will give your home a great look.

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