Types, Causes and Solutions to Teenage depression


Types, Causes and Solutions to Teenage depression

Teenage depression

This is one of the problems that are witnessed in the developed and western world today. One man was asking the other why people who live in worlds that are better off are always committing suicide, while those who live in the third worlds are always happy with their situation, and always willing to make efforts towards a better life. The answer he got is that when you have many expectations from the society and these expectations are dashed, the next angle is to loose faith in everything around you and look for a way out, which is normally seen in ending one’s life. Is this true?

Teenage depression is seen as one of the mental and emotional disorder that is suffered by teens. This is not different from depression in the general sense which is also suffered by adults. The only difference is that the teenage depression has a different way of manifesting itself. there is an avalanche of developmental  and social challenges that teenagers face when they are growing up, and when these challenges are not properly managed, they can lead to issue like stress, anxiety and in extreme cases suicide, all caused by sports problems, peer pressure, development in body organs and change in the levels of body hormones. When issues associated with social, work, personal and even family life of the kid are not well managed, it leads to the kid or teenager being socially isolated, and when this happens, it leads to teenage depression.

Symptoms of depression

The fact is that the concept of teenage depression comes with many symptoms. There are also some medical and social facts which posit that these symptoms come according to the type of teenage depression being suffered at the moment, and due to the cause of the depression. But this notwithstanding, there are some major signs that almost every type of depression will start with. The issue is that when you witnesses one or some of these symptoms in your kid, you have to suspect that it might be the case of teenage depression setting in. These symptoms include uneasiness. When there is a chronic sense of uneasiness in your child, which makes him or her restless and unsettled, you might be having a case of teenage depression.

The next symptom is profound sadness. This involves cases of prolonged sadness that is not explained with any immediate cause. The sadness is one that has a cause in the past which might not even be explainable at present but has refused to go. The cause of this might just be in the subconscious, and because this is a kid, he or she might not be able to recollect.

The next symptom of teenage depression includes a loss of interest in activities that previously interested him or her. Here, one sees that leisure that he used to enjoy as being meaningless. This is because of the fact that he or she feels that life is no longer worth leaving.

This lack of interest also leads to reduction in the level of motivation and desire to achieve anything. What this causes in the long run is chronic fatigue.

All these put together will also lead to other symptoms like poor sleep or even complete lack of sleep, reduction in the level of performance in the daily activities and very glaring lack in any form of concentration. These things might all accumulate and even lead the person towards some form of suicidal tendencies. Whenever these are noticed, they might be attributed to teenage depression.

Types of teenage depression

Teenage depression

There are different types of teenage depression. They include the Major Depression, Manic Depression, Dysthymic Disorder and Postpartum Depression

Major depression

This is the type of teenage depression where the kid displays the symptom for about two weeks before plunging into the real depression. These symptoms include things like fatigue, insomnia, weight loss, hopelessness, worthlessness and sadness. In most cases, they engage in self-harm like cutting or the use of drugs and other substance abuse. This is due to lack of care for self. This might involve not bathing for days and wearing same cloth for up to a week without any concern about the physical state.

Manic Depression

This is also called bipolar disorder, and it is caused by mood disorder, depressive episodes and manic episodes. The symptoms here is that the kid will experience some level of irritable and elevated mood for some time. Other symptoms of this include grandiose feelings, lack of sleep and concentration, racing thoughts and love for risky behaviors.

Adjustment disorder

This is another type of teenage depression. This is mainly caused by changes in life. It can be due to some major events in the life of the kid like changing to a new school or moving to a new environment. This might lead to adjustment difficulties and in the process hopelessness and tearfulness.  While this can subside within some months, it might also lead to major depression in some cases.

Dysthymic Disorder

This is the type of teenage depression that does not just come. If a teenager suffers this kind of depression, it means that he or she must have been depressed for more than 6 months. This is seen as a mild version of major depression, and it does not elicit suicidal tendencies in the patients. Most of those who suffer this function more than people suffering from other form of teenage depression.


This is the type of teenage depression suffered by teen girls after giving birth. This normally occurs within one month of giving birth. If this is the case, then it will be diagnosed as postpartum and given same treatment that is given for major teenage depression.

How to manage and conquer teenage depression

The simple thing about getting over depression as a teenager or avoiding depression entirely rests in not shying away from it. The truth is that the causes of teenage depression are things that happen to us or things we experience every day. So, the best method of avoiding it is by feeding the teenagers with proper information about it and ways of avoiding such. The first thing is that you must seek and get information about depression and things you need to be doing to avoid relapsing into depression.

Get a journal or book that treats teenage depression and how to avoid it. Make it your regular companion and insure that you read at least one sentence or line each day. Read this and memorize it and make it your food for thought for the day. This will enable you to work against depression.

Another thing you can do is to face the problems that cause depression. If you are in a school and one of the students is always talking to you in a manner that gets you depressed, just get to that person and tell them. If there is some behavior of theirs that causes this, you can discuss such and come to a compromise with them. In some cases, teenage depression is cause by a thought process. You can identify this and work on it. If you don’t know what the cause is, then you have to get to your doctor to check if it is a physiological problem caused by some hormones in you. This can be treated.

Another method through which you can get over depression is through exercises that releases the percolated stress in you. Embark on things like long walks and runs that work up the level of endorphin in you. You can even do this in a gym, and this will also increase your social life.

The fact is that we are all inclined to some things. Just find out those things that make you happy and put you in the mood and do them. If you are a music lover, get some good CDs that you will play at intervals to make you happy. If you enjoy football, watch live matches at least 2 times a week. You also need to avoid those things that get you depressed. Avoid them at all costs.

Another thing includes having proper routines. The time you eat, sleep and work must be uniformed, and this routine must be followed every day. When this is done, it helps your stress level. Eat proper meals and do everything at the right and set out time. Just make your leisure a priority. Watching of movies, hanging out with friends and many other things must not be neglected.

Another thing is that whenever you feel lonely, just move out there are get yourself some good friends to talk to. The truth is that being alone when you feel lonely will also worsen issues. You also need to let go of these problems at least for a while. While having your fun, forget all the tasks ahead, at least for the moment.

Another good thing is that you must be among the people you cherish. If you have goals and ambitions, you must strive to be among people that share same or those that foster the goal or have achieved similar goals. This gets you motivated, and when you are motivated, teenage depression will seem less likely.

You also need to get down to something. You must be active in life. Being busy with some functions, tasks and activities also makes life to be worth living. When you work hard and accomplish these tasks, it will improve your self-esteem, and the sense of accomplishment will make you feel you can also accomplish other tasks in the future.

Another thing is that you do not just build an action-less faith. Standing by and waiting for something to happen will never fetch you solutions. You have to confront your problems headlong. When you do this, people will see the efforts you make and will be willing to help you out.

You also have to imbibe the habit of celebrating your success and appreciating your accomplishments. If you don’t do this, no one will and you will always see yourself as a failure. This is one of the major causes of teenage depression. You must also think over all decisions before you take actions.

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