The Truth about the Meaning of Love

Meaning of Love

If you ask 10 people, the meaning of love, you will probably get 10 different answers. This shows that there is no generally accepted definition for love. Love is a widely used word. Virtually everybody speaks about it. It is one concept that is common in all cultures and religions. However, it is given different meaning. Some people explain it from the point of pleasure, charity, sacrifice and emotion while others explain it from the point of view of passion and sexuality. Given this, the best way to explain it is to point out the various characteristics of love. Below are some of the defining characteristics of love that will help you to understand the meaning of love.

Being kind to others

The way you treat others will tell you whether you love them or not. Love is not hidden. It shows itself in how you relate with another person. If you love a person, you will definitely treat the person very well or try to be kind or do things that will please the person. People around and even the loved one will notice your nice gesture and treatment. Love therefore could be defined as treating others well or being kind to another. Preferential treatment is always given to the loved one.

Meaning of Love

Love means respect

Respect is another characteristic of love. It is related to preferential and kind treatment mentioned above. If you love a person, you will definitely respect the person or hold the person in high esteem. Respect here has multiple meaning. It can mean attitude of admiration or esteem. It can also mean obedience or behaviour intended to make another person happy. It is a type of feeling of friendship the presence of the loved one arouses in you. It is difficult to talk of love where there is no respect.

Love means caring

Love can also be measured or determined from the point of view of care or attention given to a person in order to meet the person’s emotional and physical needs. If you love a person, you will definitely care for the person and give full attention to the person. You will always like to meet the need of the person before any other things. The attention and care given to the loved one becomes more intense over time if you enter into a relationship with the person.

Love is pleasure

There is a deep kind of pleasure that comes with love especially when there is mutual respect, care and attention. If you love a person, you will definitely delight in the person and derive pleasure in being with the person always. Sexual pleasure is embedded in the pleasure associated with love but it is not all about it. It goes beyond that to the level of psychological or emotional satisfaction.

Love wishes the other well

If you love a person, you will wish the person well even without knowing it. You are not happy when any misfortune befalls the loved one or when the loved one is not happy.

The above are some of characteristics of love that defines meaning of love.

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