Taxes are compulsory contributions to the revenue of a state or country, imposed by the government on workers’ income and business profits, or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions.

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Taxes are charged, in an attempt to support the government through all its necessary expenses on behalf of the country. Taxes are used to support the police and fire-fighters, to ensure the roads you travel on are safe and duly maintained, to fund public libraries and parks, and many others. So it is more or less a big deal.

In Business corporations and firms or even regular companies, tax consultants or tax experts assist the organization in all things tax related. That is, they help them compute their taxable income, calculate their allowable expenses and even go as far as searching for loopholes in the tax system to ensure their clients pay minimal taxes without flouting the law. However, some firms may not have the right taxation experts or firms on their side and, thus, end up soaked in major tax debt. On the flip side, there are a number experienced tax firms that would provide you exceptional tax solutions even when your company is at the brink of death. Here are the top taxation firms in the United States that would offer only the best tax solutions for your business or company.

  • Tax Defense Partners

Tax Defense Partners is a full service tax debt negotiation and tax resolution company that serves individual taxpayers, corporations, associations, and small business. They are the number one rated tax solutions company and have, over the years, offered great tax solutions to their numerous clients. Their objective, is to offer clear understanding of the process for the resolution of tax problems and offer only realistic expectations.

Tax Defense Partners would help you negotiate with the IRS and settle out discourses, they can help you with any federal tax debt issues, sort out innocent spouse relief issues and many more. They have the best hands on deck with their teams of professionals, their prices are highly competitive, and are always on board to answer all pressing questions to their clients. Tax Defense Partners is one of the best tax debt relief services and are definitely on the top of the list for providers of tax solutions.

  • US Tax Shield

US Tax Shield

US Tax Shield is one of the nation’s leading tax relief companies. They are legally authorized to negotiate before the IRS on behalf of their clients and can help them navigate IRS-based programs. They offer tax solutions that can help make one’s debt more manageable and under control. US Tax shield’s tax relief program can also work to lift any levies the government has placed on the property or assets of their clients, ranging seizure of bank accounts to wage issues.

Aside those, their fees are highly competitive. In order to get help or tax solutions that involve negotiating with IRS tax debt from US Tax Shield, you must owe at least $5,000. They charge a flat fee for their depending on the work required for your case and no upfront retainer is required. Finally, their tax services are handled by professionals. They offer their services to outstanding tax professionals. Tax attorneys, Tax lawyers and enrolled agents with years of tax resolution experience help the plethora of their clients.

  • Fox Tax and Bookkeeping Solution

At Fox Tax and Bookkeeping solution, their primary goal is to provide their clients with quality advice, top notch services and tax solutions for all tax problems. They have helped Individuals and Business Owners resolve their tax & accounting issues since 1995. As a result of their versatility, your company is given an all-round covering. They are not as popular as the first two, but have created a name for themselves over the years. As a proof of their credibility, they are members of the National Association of Tax Professionals, American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS), and National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA).

Also, their team of Licensed Tax Professionals specialize in representing individuals, partnerships and corporations before the IRS, and all State taxing Agencies. They are also highly skilled at navigating the loopholes of IRS regulations, laws, protocols, negotiating settlements, and mediating on behalf of their clients. They are affordable, experienced, and customer friendly.

  • First Eagle Partners

They are certified tax professionals with over 25 years of experience, who work with people owing money to the IRS. First Eagle Partners Tax relief is a coalition of experts in debt resolution, mediation, and negotiations and confidential consultation to assess their client’s needs. Their consultation services are offered for free and are strictly confidential to assess their client’s needs, offer good advice as regards their options, and recommend specific courses of action.

First Eagle also employs a trusted team of experienced legal and tax professionals, including Certified Public Accounts (CPA’s) and Enrolled Agents (EA’s) that focus on the most effective ways to use Federal and State tax rules to your advantage in settlement negotiations by figuring out loopholes in the system. Their tax attorneys are, however, available to assist should it be required.

  • Clean Slate Tax

Clean Slate Tax LLC is a Better Business Bureau Accredited tax firm that helps individuals and businesses with a variety of IRS and State tax problems by providing quality tax solutions. They help taxpayers (that is, their clients) get back into compliance with IRS & State tax laws at affordable prices. Also, all of their services are done by licensed tax professionals who are backed by Attorney, EA or CPA membership. The three main service categories they provide are:

  • Tax Resolution and Compliance
  • Tax Settlement and Tax Negotiation
  • Tax Preparation

Clean Slate Tax solutions, start off with proper investigation and financial analysis into the situation on ground and then follow through to the entire process of tax settlement or tax resolution.

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