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Florida is known to be the 22nd most extensive, the 3rd most populous, and the 8th most densely populated state of the United States of America.

florida health insurance

With an array of multi-cultural indigenes, Florida’s culture is a reflection of influences and multiple inheritance; Native American, European American, Hispanic and Latino, and African American heritages can be found in the architecture and cuisine. Also, within the United States and internationally, Florida is known for golf, tennis, auto racing and water sports. Just as any other states, and more-so a state that has such a huge population; security and health are key performance indicators. To ensure the safety of the locals, insurance is something that is not toyed with.

Health insurance is simply a means of protecting one’s self from the possibility of health mishaps or future contingencies. Having a health insurance plan, means that in the event of any sickness, or health accident under your cover, you remain protected. Within Florida, there are various bodies and institutions that are responsible for Florida health insurance. From the government owned bodies, to private health insurance companies that are situated in Florida; there have been providing much-needed health insurance services to the people of Florida. If you are based there, it it important that you get yourself familiar with some of the best Florida health insurance available today. That said, here are some of the top Florida health insurance providers, that offer nothing but quality.

  • AvMed


AvMed began in South Florida in 1969, as Aviation Medicine to serve the growing airline industry by providing pilot physicals. They pride themselves as one of Florida’s oldest and largest not-for-profit health plans, and have been providing top-notch services accordingly.

AvMed provides Medicare Advantage coverage in Broward and Miami-Dade counties, Individual and Family coverage in the South Florida, Orlando, Gainesville and Jacksonville Markets and coverage for Employer Groups in more than 30 counties across the state. Their official headquarter is 9400 S. Dadeland Blvd. Miami, Florida, United States; hence, their core aim is in the provision of Florida health insurance services.

As a non-profit organization, their aim is to satisfy their customers and offer a stable health insurance platform for them to rely on. AvMed, Inc., has been doing business as AvMed Health Plans, Inc. As a result, they do not compromise on quality. They conveniently provide health coverage solutions to individuals, families, and businesses in Florida and beyond – if required. The company also offers Medicare solutions. This it offers services through a network of physicians, specialists, and hospitals. Also note that AvMed complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, national origin, age, disability, or sex. This simply makes them one for all.

  • Coventry HealthCare of Florida

Coventry HealthCare of Florida

Coventry Health Care is a national diversified company operating health benefits plans, insurance companies, network rental services companies, and workers’ compensation services companies. They are also one of the best Florida insurance companies in the United States. Coventry Health Care of Florida is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coventry Health Care Inc., a national diversified healthcare company. They serve more than 5 million members in all 50 states of the US, and they provide a full range of risk and fee-based managed care products and services to individuals, employer groups, government agencies, Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries and other insurance carriers/plan administrators.

They offer a full array of services. There are various health benefit plans and products to choose from including HMO, POS, PPO, Open Access, Consumer Driven, Medicare, Medicaid, Healthy Kids and Long Term Care.

Within Florida alone, over 310,000 people and 7,600 employers depend on them for their health benefit needs. They are publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. It is also a Fortune 500 company that has produced a wonderful record of top-notch customer service, financial security and consistent, profitable growth in all areas of business. They offer thousands of healthcare plans underwritten by more than 180 of the nation’s health insurance companies. On their website, you can compare Florida healthcare plans side by side, get health insurance quotes, apply online and find very affordable health insurance depending on your coverage. They are definitely one of the best available.

  • Medicare Florida

Medicare Florida

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, certain younger people with disabilities, and people with End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a transplant. Medicare is also one of the best forms of Florida health insurance even though it is organized by the federal government. For some reason, Florida is a popular place for many seniors to retire, which of course makes it a popular place to receive Medicare benefits.

Just in 2015, there were approximately four million Medicare beneficiaries in Florida, according to a report from the Centre for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). There are diverse services offered by Medicare in Florida – some of which go beyond the usual health insurance cover. The Florida health insurance plans with Medicare are in parts. There are also Florida Medicare Advantage Plus Prescription Drug Plans that are divided into A – D. These plans help cover the costs of services provided by hospitals, doctors, lab tests and some preventive screenings, prescription drugs, and many more.

So many international healthcare providers are available within Florida. Some of them may not necessarily be based in Florida. However, as long as they are within the United States, distance would not hinder the progress of your health insurance needs. In other words, you may not need to be on the lookout for only companies that are based in Florida or are indigenous Florida health insurance providers. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you are covered and all your health insurance needs are being met accordingly. As long as the person falls into the gap of individuals Medicare cater for, they would enjoy these cool perks.

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