Tips for Potty Training Girls


Tips for Potty Training Girls

Potty Training Girls


The concept of potty training girls is one many parents have not gotten right. The truth is that whatever you girl child goes on to be in the future is highly dependent on the type of training you gave her about the simple habits of life. There is this saying in some quarters that many of the kids that grow up not having the required trainings are ones trained by untrained mothers. This is how the chain goes on. Because of this, you must take your time as a nursing mother to insure that you girl child gets the best of trainings, and the issue of potty training girls is one of the most essential.

Of course your kid cannot learn how to use the potty or toilet properly if you do not teach her, and there are many steps you must take so as to give her the best training, at least at that tender age. The good thing about it is that whenever a parent concludes the work of potty training her girl, she is completely relieved of some duties and stress. This is why it must be done well.

When to start potty training girls

This is another question that have raised a lot of dust in some quarters, and which have also elicited different answers from different quarters.  The cardinal point here is that you can only potty train your daughter when your daughter is both mentally and physically ready for this. This mostly falls within the ages of 18 to 30 months. Remember, it is not fixed. Some might even be ready earlier, while some might come later. Some might even not be ready for potty training till they get to the age of 4. You have to bear with them. The thing is that if you start this training when your kid is not ready, you will be frustrated; because it will last till the period she is ready before she will be able to learn. So, there are no known age limits for this. All we do is to give dates based on likelihood. However, there is the tendency for girls to be ready for potty training earlier than boys, especially when they have older sibling. This will make them learn faster, as they will always want to do what their older ones are doing.

However, you must also know that there are some girls that are ready for this physically even before they have the emotional readiness, though these are the two points that must be there before you can effectively potty train girls.

Signs of readiness for potty training

How do you know that your daughter is ready for this? There are many signs that when you notice it, you go into the potty training of girls. The number one sign is that your girl child must have the readiness to control some of the muscles in her body. Essential in this regard are the bladder and bowel muscles. You will know that this is the case if your girl child starts experiencing bowel movement at some particular time each day. The next is that they will stop having movement of the bowel at some time, including the night time. Another sign that will propel you into potty training girls includes the issue of your child having her diaper dry after having a nap that lasts for up to 2 hours, or when she wakes up from the night sleep with dry diapers. This automatically signifies some level of readiness. The next includes when the child is able to climb, jump, walk, talk and even remove her own clothing. Again, when your girl starts telling you that she is a big girl or when she is overjoyed whenever you remove her diapers and leave her naked or allows her to wear underpants without diapers.

When you must not potty train girls

There are obviously some moments when you should not start potty training girls.  These are moments when they are not emotionally stable to do the act. If your child is witnessing one transition in her life which she is adapting to, it might be very difficult for her to adapt to this one at the same time. If she is new in crèche, don’t start potty training until she masters the environment. Again, if she has a kid brother or sister that just arrived, don’t start potty training, because she is still adapting to the new environment of having another person amongst you. There might be times when your girl is prone to be apprehensive to any new thing. If she says no to practically any new thing, leave her, she is not ready yet.

Another thing you must bear in mind is that even if you child welcomes the potty training with a very open arm; you should give her a break if all of a sudden she becomes uninterested. The best thing you can do in this circumstance is to try to get her back on track with some rewards. If that works fine, good, if not, you keep on waiting for the time her interest will be rekindled. It is nothing you force on them. The issue of potty training girls is seen as one of the most rigorous activities in child rearing, and you must engage in potty training girls with great patience.

How to potty train girls

When you want to toilet train you child, you must not loose sight of the saying that we start from the small things to get to the big ones. So, as you are assigned small tasks in the office to know if you will be good in the big ones, you have to buy your girl child a potty first. It is only when the potty has been mastered that you can move on to the toilet.

You must buy her a potty that will belong exclusively to her. When you do this, she can change it to a toy, and this is better. Allow her to be jumping on and off the potty anytime. Allow her to carry it anywhere in the house and play with it. Girls come with serious anxiety of falling inside the toilets. But when they use the potty for long, and see that it does not harm, they grow the confidence with which they can move into the toilet. You can even make her feel that the potty belongs to her, by writing her name on it, or by pasting the picture of her favorite cartoon on the potty.

Another thing you can do is to get apps for potty training girls, probably the mobile or PC ones that can offer her many other tricks and help her master some skills. The greatest of these is the use of DVDs. You can get her a DVD that centers on potty training girls. This is better adapted to if it is a cartoon that teaches potty training. She will pick so much interest in this to the extent that it will become part of her as soon as possible.

You must also make this process a consistent one. All that are involved in her training must tow the same line at the same time. If the training starts in the house with you, it must continue at school with the child-minder and at home with the maid or your relatives when you are not available. This will insure that there is no break in learning transmission.

Have you thought about embarking on a shopping trip where you allow your daughter to see the nickers she likes, and tell you “Mummy, please buy this for me”. When this happens, you now tell her the conditions for which you will buy them for her. This involves the use of the potty always as the knickers will imply that there will be no more napkins. She will strive in all honesty to keep these. When potty training girls, using their favorite dolls is encouraged. Place the dolls in the position you want them to sit and tell them to repeat what you did.

Always leave her playing naked around the house and when she is doing this, keep monitoring her to know when she is showing signs of being pressed. Look out for when your girl starts happing on her foot, or when she places her two hands between her legs. They are all signs you need to see. Sometimes, she will start giggling. When you notice this, just point to the potty or tell her to use the potty. It will be good to feed her before you move out for this, so that she will always have something to give out. When you repeat this for some time, she will learn and adapt.

Whenever she makes use of the potty at these outings, you must try to teach her how to wipe her anus. Instruct her on how to hold the tissue paper and how to wipe from front to back. When your child masters all these, you can now move to the toilet.

Moving to the toilet

Potty Training Girls

Given the fact that the toilet is always tall and poses a bit of a threat to your child, you can get her a training sit. This is very essential. The seat will be one that fits on the top of the toilet and at the same time give her the balance she needs. The mouth is intended not to be as narrow as that of the toilet, to avoid her slipping inside the toilet. This will grip the toilet firmly, to avoid the seat slipping off on its own. You might also need to get some constructed footstep or ladder for the girl. This will enable her to climb up and down the toilet with ease whenever she feels like. Potty training girls with all these equipment will reduce the risk of accidents like falling off. But if this by chance happens, never make her to feel bad about it. Correct her with love and tenderness, and make her feel that she can get it right. If you give her the impression that the accident is a negative one, she will have a perpetual fear of the toilet.

Another thing you can do is to adopt some form of open bathroom policy, where you allow your kid watch you and your husband whenever each off you goes to answer nature. With this, she will get to know that you sit when doing it while her father stands. There are no ethical issues with this since we are talking about kids here. This will help her learn easily.

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