Tips on How to Break-up With Someone You Love

How to Break-up With Someone You Love

As it is said, human beings are social animals. We are always in relationship with the other. However, sometimes, the relationship can become very problematic and makes us so unhappy that the best line of action to take is to call it a quite. Many people are involved in a complicated relationship but they don’t know how to break-up with someone they love. This is evidential on the number of searches in Google and other search engines on how to break-up with someone. Even though, it is always difficult to break-up with a person that you have been into relationship with especially, a person you love, there are still working tips on how to break-up with someone you love. If you want to know how to break-up with someone you love easily, here are some of the tips that you can apply.

Make up your mind for the break-up

If you are into a complicated or problematic relationship and you are looking for tips on how to break-up with someone, it is important that you take it slowly. Don’t rush into it. Some people have broken up with their partners only to realise that they took a wrong decision. So, before you start searching for tips on how to break-up with someone, you should make up your mind to end the relationship and never to come back to it. You should accept the fact that it may not be possible for you to get together with your partner again. You may have a rethink after the breakup and consider reconciling with your partner but he or she may not want to get back to you again.

Besides, even if you are able to reconcile with your partner after breakup, your relationship will never be the same. An irreparable damage has been done to it by the breakup. This is why it is important that you first think about what you are about to do and make up your mind before breaking up.

Don’t be afraid to break up

There are some people who are no longer in love with their partners but they are afraid of breaking up because they don’t want to remain single. Maintaining a relationship with a person that you no longer love is not the best line of action to take. It is better to take the bull by the horn and call it a quit. You can only find a better date if you remain single.

Some also do not consider their feelings. They only think about the feelings of their partner. They are afraid hurting their partners’ emotion. Breakup is not always the best option but when it is inevitable, you have no option than to separate with your partner.

Arrange for another accommodation

If you are living together with your partner, you have to get another accommodation. You cannot separate with a person and still be living with the person in the same house. If your partner is the person to leave the house for you, then you should not hesitate to ask him or her to leave. But make sure that you give him or her enough time to get another accommodation.

Readjust your circumstance or schedule

If you are not living together with the person you want to breakup with but circumstances bring two of you together on daily basis, you should consider readjusting your schedule or circumstance so that you will not be seeing him or her on regular basis. This can be difficult sometimes especially if you are working in the same place or attending the same school. If working or schooling in the same place with the person makes life unbearable for you, then you should consider changing to another place.

Breaking up at the right time

Most tips on how to break-up with someone highlights the importance of breaking up at the right time. The truth is that no time is the best time to separate with your partner. But there are certain times when breaking up can be very painful or is not encouraged. Don’t break up in any of the following moment:

  • Don’t breakup when your partner is hit by some misfortune such as loss of job, loss of a family member or loved one, diagnosis of serious medical condition and others
  • Don’t break up during a fight with your partner. This is because you are not in the right frame of mind to take any useful decision. You may act on impulses and regret your action afterwards.
  • Don’t breakup when other people are around. You may break up in a public place but don’t let other person know what is happening. Go to a quiet corner and breakup. There is the possibility of one person bursting out in tears and so may require some privacy.
  • Don’t breakup over email, text message, chatting or telephone. It is better to break up with a person you love during a face-to-face discussion.

Invite your partner for a face-to-face discussion

One point you will find in most tips on how to break-up with someone you love is the need for a face-to-face discussion. You have to invite your partner for a talk. Inviting your partner for a talk will help to get him or her ready to receive the shock. It is not good to announce the breakup when he or she least expects that. There are various ways of calling him or her for a talk. You can tell him, “there is something I will like us to talk about”, “can we talk for sometime about some important issue”, “I think we have to talk” and many other ways.

It is advisable to send the invite for a talk via text, email or through a telephone conversation earlier before meeting together with the person. Knowing that you have an issue to discuss with him will help to get him or her ready for the talk.

Don’t be harsh but be honest

The manner of announcing the breakup is one important tip on how to break-up with someone that should be emphasised. Your partner’s annoying behaviour might the reason why you want to break up with him or her. But no matter how annoying his or her behaviour may be, you don’t have to be harsh when talking with him. However, honesty is another important virtue to employ when talking with your partner.

There are a number of people out there who don’t know how to break-up with someone they love. While talking with their partner, they only criticise or blame their partners for one thing or the other. Criticising your partner will not do him or her any good. You can only do that if you think it will help to improve on his or her relationship in the future. It is true that you have to tell him or her truth but telling the truth is different from blaming or criticising him. Criticisms should be constructive and not destructive otherwise you will end up hurting your partner’s feeling.

Provide reasons for the breakup

Don’t just tell your partner you want to breakup with him or her. You have to let him or her know why you are breaking up or the reasons for your decision. For example, if the reason for the breakup is because of incompatibility or lack of love, you have to let him or her know that.  If your partner has some relationship issues or behavioural problems that you will not be able to tolerate, you have to let him or her know about that as well. This will help the person to know how to make adjustment and move ahead in life.

Try to protect the self-esteem of your partner. Being honest does not mean saying things in a manner that it will hurt and affect another person’s self-esteem. For example, if you no longer have any feelings for your partner, don’t just tell him or her that you no longer love him or her or that he or she is no longer attractive to you. You can politely tell the person that there is no more chemistry or bond between you people.

Rejection or breakup is associated with some emotional trauma. You can help your partner to recover quickly from the trauma by assuring him or her of your care and love. You may suggest stay friends for him or her. However, you should bear in mind that there is the possibility of the person turning down the offer especially during this moment.

Reduce the manner you call or text your partner

When you have announced the breakup to your partner, you should try to reduce your communication with the person. Don’t just be texting or calling him or her regularly even if it is to find out how he or she is coping. You can do that occasionally but not too often because maintaining communication with he or she regularly will make it difficult for the person forge ahead especially if he or she so much loves you.

The above are some of the tips on how to break-up with someone you love. You may find other ways on how to break-up with someone. But one thing that you should know is that what works for one person may not work for another person as far as break-up tips are concerned.

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