Tips on How to Have a Happy Marriage

Happy Marriage

In the past, the idea of a happy marriage was laughable. Marriages were used to keep the peace of a nation or to continue the lineage of a family through children. But with time, finding happiness in marriage has become the most important part of the relationship. In the recent years, the rate of marriages that end up in bitter divorces has surged. The outcome of this is dysfunctional families, confused children and angry combatant parents. All this can be avoided if couples had the knowledge of how to make sure that their marriage remains a happy marriage till death does them apart.

Respect each other

First tip on a happy marriage is respecting each other’s views and ideas always. Some people become too controlling when they get into marriage. They always want their views on something to be the one held by the whole family, forgetting that marriage is a partnership between two people. Once the partnership is taken out of the relationship, it is a guarantee that the couple will grow apart with time. Make a point of not making the relationship revolve around you. Be sensitive to your spouse’s needs as well. Learn to be apologetic when you ignore their views and feelings. A simple sorry will go a long way in saving the relationship as long as you make sure to never do it over and over. Your spouse might just get tired of the recurrent apologies.

Happy Marriage



Another tip to a happy marriage is listening. Listen to your partner since that is the only way to get their input on a matter. Some people pretend to listen but really they just end up imposing their own views. Even though you do not agree with them, there are other ways of dealing with it like finding a compromise that is agreeable with both parties. Fuelling a fight over views is a useless venture because it is likely that everyone will uphold their view leading to an impasse. It is important to understand that even though the law declares you one entity, people are still different in the way they see the world.

A happy marriage is one that does not go stale. Most people lower the standards when they get married. They become complacent because they have managed to get married. Tying the knot is however half the task. The real hard work is maintaining a happy and respectful marriage. Say ‘I love you’ to your partner sincerely as often as possible. This goes a long way in reminding each other why you are married. It creates a healthy escape when the finances get tough or when the kids are going out of control. It is important to keep each other grounded. That is the only way to overcome tough times in a marriage. Make time for just the two of you. Finding time might be difficult but if the most powerful man in the free world can find time for date night with his first lady, so can you.

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