Tips on Good Family Health

Family Health

A family with good family health is a happy family in so many dimensions. With medical insurance costs sky rocketing, it is an economically wise decision to make sure that your family avoids health complications by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The reasons for such a stand is quite obvious, there is a surge in the number of lifestyle diseases in the twenty first century from the deadliest of diseases like cancer, to asthma , diabetes, depression, obesity and many more. The list is endless. Instead of becoming victim to the defects of industrialization, a family can choose to remain healthy and productive members of civilization by adopting the following tips on healthy living.

Tips on good family health:

Eat healthy foods

You have probably heard this before on a television show or read it in a nutrition book. But what does it really mean to eat healthy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day therefore it is important to nourish your family with variety of wholesome foods like whole grain cereals with fresh milk. All meals throughout the day should be well balanced with proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables and fresh fruits. Breakfast being the first meal of the day, the portions eaten should be higher than the portions of the rest of the day.


Quality Family Time

With the number of hours spent sitting down behind a desk at work or in school, to ensure good family health, encourage active family quality times. At the end of everyday for the kids rather than watching television, schedule playtime for the whole family. With this kind of a program, your family gets to exercise regularly and at the same time bond. Other ways to remain active during the day is taking the stairs instead of the elevator and taking a short walk during lunch break. The risks of getting depression, blood pressure and obesity are greatly reduced in very active people the doctors say.

 Safety and Protection

Another way to ensure good family health is paying attention to safety and protection. In a household with infants, making sure that electricity points are out of reach and well insulated is paramount. Kitchen cutlery like knives and forks should be placed in high shelves or if they are low, they should be well sealed. In the lavatories, detergents ought to be stored away from their reach because young children tend to put anything they find in their mouths.

Focus should not only be on the young ones. Teenagers should be encouraged to put on helmets when taking a ride on a motorcycle or when skateboarding.  Implementing house rules like washing of hands and insisting on seven to nine hours of sleep may look trivial but it contributes to better family health in that it is essential for mental health. The adults should also make rules against consumption of drugs like alcohol and smoking and if it is not possible help each other regulate it. Going for regular medical checkups as recommended by the family doctor also helps to seal the deal.



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