Tips on How to Deal with a Breakup


Tips on How to Deal with a Breakup

How to Deal with a Breakup

Are you a victim of failed relationship and you don’t know how to deal with a breakup? Are you searching for tips on how to deal with a breakup? Below are some of the helpful tips on how to deal with a breakup that you can apply.

Breakup can be very painful especially when you do not call for it. It can make you to suffer a lot of pains turning your world upside and destroying your dreams. You have dreamt of having a lasting a relationship. Things seem to be working fine at the initial time and all of a sudden your partner file for a divorce. All attempts to stop him or her from continuing with the legal procedure or to reconcile both of you came to nothing. You will definitely feel bad and cry until you are tired. But there is no need crying. The best thing for you to do is to cope with the situation as you see.

Dealing with breakup can be challenging. But you can always do that if you are determined to forge ahead. There are a number of things to do in order to deal with unfortunate incidence. It involves several steps.

Steps on how to deal with a breakup

Getting the required emotional healing

How to Deal with a Breakup

The first step on how to deal with a breakup is to heal yourself psychologically. If you’re not emotionally or psychologically strong, you will not be able to deal with a breakup. Divorce gives a strong emotional wound which has to be healed first before any other thing. Here are some steps you should apply in order to heal the emotional wound caused by divorce.

  • Recognise that the emotional pain is normal

This first step on how to deal with a breakup starts with the recognition that it is normal to feel bad emotionally, confused, frustrated and exhausted at the initial time. Don’t give a negative interpretation of these emotional manifestations of the disappointment you have in life. The recognition of this is the basic step in dealing with the situation.

  • Take a break

How to Deal with a Breakup

Taking a break is a second stage of the steps on how to deal with a breakup. After a breakup, you should take a break. This is because you will not be productive during this moment of emotional disturbance and instability. If you don’t take a break, you may make a mistake that will cause you more or even add to your problem. So, don’t try to play the superman by still continuing with your job without taking a break after a divorce or separation.

  • Share your feelings with others

As it is said, problem shared is problem half solved. The above maxim applies here. When you share how you are feeling, you are facilitating your emotional healing. But you will be worsening the situation or adding more to your wounds, if you button yourself up or keeping your feelings to yourself. So, you have to share your feelings with your loved ones, close friends and family members. You have to also go for a counselling session. Joining a support group around you will do you some good and facilitate your emotional healing. The bottom-line is getting outside help. However, sharing your feeling with others does not mean telling any person you see about your problem. You should only share your feelings with your loved ones and close friends.

  • Cry out your sorrow

One of the basic steps on how to deal with a breakup is to cry out your sorrows and grieve the loss. Don’t try to play the strong man and refuse to cry or grieve. Psychologists have discovered that crying or grieving over a loss can heal the emotional wounds created by the loss. However, this does not mean that you should keep crying or grieving. At the time when the tragedy strikes, grieving or crying at that moment will do you a lot of good emotionally. But overdoing it or crying always when you should have started managing your life alone or living without your partner can be very destructive. Here are some of the tips to apply in order to grieve a breakup.

  • Talk about your feeling
  • Don’t fight the feeling
  • Always make a distinction between breakup depression and normal reaction
  • Console yourself with the hope of a better future

Reaching out to others

Another step on how to deal with a breakup is reaching out to others for support. As it has been said above, you have to share your feelings with others during your grieve moment. When you reach out to others, you will get their support. Support from others will facilitate your emotional healing. So, it is not good to be alone or isolate yourself during this period. Here are some tips on how to reach out to others.

  • Choose who to reach out to wisely

Best supports and help during moments of grief are given by loved ones, family members and close friends. So, these are the people to reach out to. The love they show to you will help you to build up yourself again. They will be willing to render help in many ways like advice and financial assistance.

  • Start making new friends

Breakup or divorce can also make you to lose some of your existing contacts. For example, after a breakup, some of your partner’s friends may not like to continue associating with you. You may discover that some of them will start avoiding you. So, you should starting making new friends with the help of your existing contacts.

Look after yourself following a breakup

Physical health is also very important and is required for a full recovery from a breakup. So, the emotional healing is followed by the physical healing stage in the steps on how to deal with a breakup. A breakup brings some major life changes which can be very stressful and challenging. Thus, it is important that you take care of yourself in order to be physically strong to meet up with these challenges and withstand the stress they cause. You need to take a lot of rest in order to avoid doing anything that will add to your stress. See yourself as a person getting over flu or other major sickness. Do everything necessary to be physically strong. Here are some of the tips that you should apply in order to remain healthy and be physically strong.

  • Eat good food

It is normal to lose appetite when you are facing with challenges of divorce or breakup. But you have to force yourself to eat. You should try to make healthy choices. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits to get more vitamins and minerals required by your body to build up strong immune system. Drink plenty of water as well.

  • Work out yourself

Working out yourself either in your home or in the gym will not just make you strong physically but also will help you to deal with stress. During exercise, your body release some hormone that deals with stress and depression. Besides, going to the gym to exercise is a suitable means of meeting meet and socialising. It will help you to forget your problem easily. Suitable exercises for you include yoga, cardiovascular exercises like swimming, running and walking, strength and stability building exercises.

  • Develop a good means of passing your time

How to Deal with a Breakup

Engage in some useful pastime activities such as reading, playing games, watching the television or movies and others. Establish a new routine and stick to it. A divorce or breakup can change your routine or entire life activities. But as a means of forging ahead, you should develop a new routine and stick to that.

  • Avoid indulging in hard drugs and alcohol

Some people try to deal with the pains of divorce by taking hard drugs and alcohol. Consumption of hard drugs and alcohol is a wrong step on how to deal with a breakup. It will cause you more harm than good. You know the danger in drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. Taking to healthy lifestyle remains the best tips to apply on how to deal with a break up.

  • Explore new interests

A separation or divorce ends a chapter in your life and marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. So, take it as a new beginning and then explore new interest. This will provide you the opportunity of enjoying your life and becoming happy again instead of dwelling in the past.

 Learning from the breakup experience

This is the final steps on how to deal with a breakup. At this stage, you should have been able to overcome the past experience and then begin to explore new interest. You will soon enter into another relationship and thus you will not like to have such experience again. Even if you don’t want to enter into another relationship, there may be an opportunity for you to advice another person based on your experience. So, it is important that you learn from your divorce or separation experience. Turn the breakup into a learning experience. Here are some of the questions that you should ask yourself in order to learn from your experience.

What is the cause of your breakup? Did you play a major part that led to the breakup? If yes, how did you contribute to the divorce? Are you to be blamed for the divorce? Do you regret your actions that led to the problem? If you have another opportunity, how will avoid a repetition of the cause of the breakup? If you honestly answer the above questions, you have learnt from the divorce.

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