Having money is wonderful – everybody knows that. However, making money or canvassing wealth can involve immense stress, compromises, sacrifices, hard work and a many other ‘not-so-cool’ things. For start, the entire process of going through all the levels of school, getting a degree – a good one at that – and still having to hunt for a good job is a long and tasking process. Then even with a job, having to deal with unbearable bosses and late closing hours is nothing any person would ideally want to experience on a daily basis. Such price we pay to have money right?

earn money fast

Where for any reason, we get free money – say winning a lotto, getting grants, getting some huge sums of money from a distance relative and so on; we are much happier than when we had to work for the money ourselves. Being that we all love quick and easy money, some people create avenues for them to continue. In other words, their ‘job’ or businesses are centred on making fast money and constantly having the ability to earn money fast. Inasmuch as this is cool, its problems, challenges, and disadvantages are numerous. Having a million dollar overnight is everybody’s dream; nonetheless, it poses a lot of risk and challenges that may sometimes beat its benefits. So if you are one of those who has an avenue to earn money fast or you simply aspire to do so, then you need to see this. Here are some of the problems that you may need to beware of as you earn money fast.


This is the problem not many people notice – or mind. When you receive a whole lot of money suddenly, you end up wasting it on very irrelevant things. The reason is that, as we know, humans are insatiable. So when there is a sudden shock that comes with plenty cash, there is a tendency to completely change one’s lifestyle in a heartbeat. Same thing goes when you earn money fast. Usually, the money would not have been so hard to come by.

First, there is the illusion that you get that makes you believe that you can earn that money again so you spend lavishly anyway. This wasteful habit would then drag you into bigger problems. This is why those who win lotteries are more susceptible to going so deep into debt and bankruptcy that they cannot even afford basic needs again. Next, that want to have everything suddenly gains precedence over you and you waste the entire sum till it’s finished. Waste is one problem you must be wary of.

It is most likely not legit

Nothing good comes easy; in other words, if it is too good to be true, it probably is. Sometimes, the methods we use to earn fast money might not actually seem so bad. It might have been a friend who introduced it to you or you just happened to stumble upon it. Well if the money really comes in abnormally fast, you absolutely need to be wary.

There are certain businesses that are not approved by law or even criminal in nature that are not so popular. It is best to completely verify the methods with which you earn money fast. Unless, you would wake up one morning and realise you would be spending years in jail. Ignorance is never an excuse.


When you have a stable and simple source of income, you may have to offer financial assistance to friends and family relatives occasionally. They understand that it is your only source of livelihood and, hence, would not bother you so much. On the flip side, if for some reason you wind up with money that came in fast or that was unplanned for, then prepare to be drained. Old friends, new friends, friends with real money issues, family members who need educational funding, distant relatives with medical issues, more friends with mortgage issues and so on. Well, you get the point.

Bottom-line is that at the end of the day, you would end up losing most of your money, still have friends that hate you for not helping them out and have to struggle your way back to survival. It is important to be particularly wary of this one as it could completely destabilise you. At the end of the day, when you earn money fast, it is your decision whether you develop a thick skin and be hated by all, or help as much as you can till you lose it all.


Another danger when you earn money fast or suddenly win a lottery is security. If you are the type that has an avenue that brings in speedy income, believe that even more people would know about this. Of course, when you win a lottery, it is nationally televised. Even when it is not, more people than you can think of would know about it. The problem then is that you would be exposed to untold danger.

Theft may become an issue as criminals would suddenly become interested in you. Your life and those of your family members could even be at risk at the event of it. The only way to circumvent this is to prepare for this by getting security guards and other security details around you. Now, unless that money is coming from an open stream, you would end up losing your money to getting these in place.

Money changes you

Finally, this is a general danger of having too much money at any time. Money can completely change your personality and character if you are not careful. It could make you proud or rude. At the end of the day, you end up losing your friends, your relatives, and eventually, yourself as well. The best way to work on this is to consciously strive to remain humble even when you have made all the money in the world.

Beware of all the above problems and your money would be a blessing rather than a curse.

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