Strategic actions to take when you need a job


One of the most frustrating periods in life is when you are out of work and you need a job. You are stuck with a level of emptiness, idleness, pressure from all ends and a heavy burden that comes with being unable to be financially independent or at least stable. Coupled with these, you have people asking questions and some possibly mocking you. Undoubtedly, it is a very tough period. So tough that a few have resolved to taking drastic actions like suicide or basically landing themselves into a cold case of depression.

need a job

For some people, switching jobs come easy; for others, even landing just one not-so-great job is one heck of a ‘job’. While some people can attribute their success to their outstanding resumes or family network, others with the same qualifications and slightly good network cannot attest to any luck. Rather than blame it on bad luck or karma perhaps; there are a few strategic and passive actions you can take to redeem the situation. Just as any challenge can be tackled with proper planning and by taking specific actions, same needs to be done when you need a job and in good time too. Here are some of the strategic actions that need to be taken when you need a job.

  • Decide what you want

Usually, this is the first problem many people have. Knowing you need a job is never enough; you have to also know exactly the kind of job you want. Without being irrational or stating wishes, you have to clearly define what job you can do, what job you want to do, what job you are qualified to do and where your services will fit in perfectly. The essence of this is knowing where to start. Knowing where to start would determine the next set of strategies that you would have to put in place.

Another problem in not being sure of what you want is that you end up being a “jack of all trades; master of none” person. Applying for any kind of job or writing any type of professional exam would mean you lack focus. For example, if what you desire is a writing job, your resume and cover letter must show you are capable of handling such. In that case, you need to tweak your resume to show your strength in that area. You also need to know what industries you want or are qualified to and sharpen your forces in that direction as much as possible. Hence, deciding what you want is the first step to take when you need a job.

  • Research

Next, you must research well if you need a job. These days, applying for a job is as easy or as hard as clicking a button on a job board or job advertising website. Usually, job seekers subscribe to job boards and wait for openings before applying. However, doing things the exact way people are doing it would keep you in the same ‘rat race’ of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people just like you bidding for very few spots. In other to get an upper hand you have to dig deeper.

One way to do this is to go to the individual websites of companies you would like to work for. While some companies do not appreciate you dropping your resume where there is no opening; others have career platforms where you can drop it, pending an opening. Another advantage of going ‘hunting’ on your own, is that top organizations do not go to job listing sites to call for applications. They simply advertise it independently on their websites. If you do not research, then you probably do not need a job that desperately.

  • Start Networking

Networking is one very important thing that too many individuals in need of jobs fail to consider. Networking involves meeting people; it involves interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. Rather than relax at home, you can go for events, meetings or seminars and meet different people. A number of organizations prefer to carry out in-house recruitments; as such, unless you know somebody in the organization, you cannot get in.

Asides leaving your home, social networking is a great way to meet people when you need a job. LinkedIn is a great platform to meet people who can offer you employment. To go further, you can search for the LinkedIn pages of companies you would want to work for and reach out to their staff or human resources team. This would almost double your chances at getting your dream job and in no time too.

  • Widen your niche

When you need a job, you need to learn to compromise- at least a little bit. So if you are one to apply for only jobs with international companies, you can try smaller ones. If you have been looking for jobs in only one particular geographical area, try others not too far. Widening your needs, lowering your expectations here and there and ultimately compromising might be imbedded in the thin line between multiple job offers and no job offer.


However, while widening your niche may be great, you need to bear in mind that you need to focus. Be direct about what exactly you want to be doing and do as many things you can to achieve it. Compromise is also not bad and smaller jobs may turn out to be bigger jobs in little time.

  • Do not give up

If after all these you still fail, well, try and try again. In any battle, it is important to constantly assess where you are and where you want to be. You have to constantly update yourself; update your skills, your capabilities or qualifications and as many more things to ensure that you are employable. You have to rework your plans over and again but do not stop trying and do not give up.

You can also establish a routine to make it work. You can establish a suitable routine that works for you. For example, you can choose a number of days per week you assign to networking and those you assign to research. The bottom-line is that when you need a job, do not stop till you get one.


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