one day car insurance

When it comes to insurance, people do not hesitate to cover their cars. This is partly because there is a legal requirement to own a car insurance on your car. However, there are those situations where you do not use your cars on a regular basis – at least not all of them. Also, if you have no car and you often rent or borrow from friends and relatives, taking a full car insurance is just a waste of time and money. For this reason, short term car insurance was created.

Short-term car insurance is defined as a car insurance policy that covers you from the period of 1 day to 28 days. Nearly all states require cars and drivers to carry insurance, so with short term car insurance, you really have no excuse if found erring. One day car insurance is as simple as it is stated – it is an insurance coverage plan that covers you for just one day. It may seem irrational to have a one day car insurance plan, but imagine a situation where you need to quickly borrow a friend’s car, or you need to drive up to another state in a rented car for a brief meeting. Rather can get pulled over for lack of necessary car insurance papers or risk the chances of an accident, you can get a one day car insurance plan.

One day car insurance providers would often give you the same coverage as regular motor insurance. In other words, the one day car insurance plan you take is as good as a full annual insurance policy entered by your contemporary for that single day. Even better is that it is usually cheaper and easier to get. There are various benefits of one day car insurance; here are just a few reasons for you to note if you are considering getting a one day car insurance plan to test drive a new car or others.

  • It may not be unavoidable

One reason so many people are beginning to see the need for one day car insurance is that the contingencies or circumstances where one day car insurance plans would be required may be completely unavoidable. Some examples are:

  • Having a need to borrow a friend’s or relation’s car for a short trip
  • When you are learning to drive and take lessons every now and then
  • Using a borrowed car to move your belongings to a new home
  • If you own a classic car or sports car that you use occasionally
  • You may lend your car to someone when an emergency occurs
  • When your child is home from college and is using the car for a short time
  • If you are a young person of about 21 – 25 years old without a personal car
  • Visiting friends or family with a rented car
  • To pick-up large items like furniture that you bought where you have no car big enough for it
  • Taking a car out for a test drive
  • An emergency where you need to borrow someone’s car

The list is endless! So if you feel you can fall under any of these categories, a one day car insurance is definitely for you.

  • It is an instant insurance solution

It is apparent that one day car insurance, directly falls under the umbrella of short term car insurance policies. Getting a one day car insurance is not nearly as complicated and time taking as getting a full car or auto insurance policy. It can take as fast as minutes to get a good quote and you would be protected in no time. It is not called an instant fast cover for nothing. A one day car insurance plan would keep you covered pending when you get stable with one car on the road for as many random days you need it. A comprehensive cover is usually available to buy online, 24/7.

  • Affordability

This advantage should already be seen from the above already. The reason you do not want to insure a car you use five times a year with a coverage or plan that is meant for 365 days is that it does not make any economic sense. In simpler terms, it is a complete waste of money. Using a one day car insurance to meet your short term insurance needs is cheap and affordable.

It saves you a lot of money that can be used for much more pressing things. There are so many one day car insurance quotes that you can compare today. Car insurance providers offer competitive daily rates for just a day or up to 28 days. Ultimately, you get the same coverage and auto insurance benefits for way less. Affordability is thus one of the best benefits of one day car insurance.

  • Security and Regulatory needs

For security sakes, a one day car insurance is required. It may seem like it is just for one day, but fatal accidents do not need more than one day to occur. With a one day car insurance plan, you or the individual using your car are secured. You carefully prepare for the possibility of the occurrences of accidents and depending on the level of coverage you take, your car or health can be protected.

Also, most states require an insurance coverage to be shown by all drivers. You do not want to be pulled over for lack of regulatory compliance. A one day car insurance plan is accepted generally as an insurance plan and, thus, provides you exactly what you require to ply the roads freely.

  • No long-term contracts

Finally, a one day car insurance plan is as short as 24 hours. It is a very short contract! Peradventure you enter into an insurance agreement for any reason with a provider you are not necessarily comfortable with or one that does not suit your needs, no worries; it would be over in no time. Also, you are not bound by the rigidity in some of their policies for too long.

A one day car insurance provider would probably want you to patronise them again so they would constantly seek to please you with their services for the duration of time you would be part of them.  There and the others listed are some of the reasons why one day car insurance policies have become so popular today.

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