What you probably didn’t know about parenthood


Parenthood is the process of bringing up children with you as their parent. They could be your own children or even adopted children. In the society we are living in, parenthood is one of the most challenging things. Could say it is because of the many responsibilities it calls for. It is something you cannot just ignore since consequences of ignorance are severe. The most unfortunate thing is that many people have failed in parenthood and some people actually fail due to carelessness while some are just misled. The big question remains, is there something like getting too early into parenthood?

This is a question that has received many different responses from different people. In my opinion, as long as you are 21 years and more, you can be a parent. It only calls for commitment and reasoning like a grown-up before making any decision. Nothing is ever too easy so do not expect bringing up a child to be a walk in the park. Unfortunately that is where many people go wrong. You want everything to work and flow in your favor. You do not want challenges and you do not want responsibilities as well. Parenthood is a sacrificial journey that lasts for a life time and if you are not ready for what it brings along then you are not ready to be a parent in the first place.

Sometimes parenthood can be such an uphill climb and sometimes it can be the best thing that can ever happen to anyone. The later occurs in cases when you are bringing up a child who is not yours. Many stories have been told of how mothers have suffered due to this. Take for instance such a case, where father always supports the child even when the child has done wrong. The child has been pampered to an extent that he or she gets what they want whenever they want. This is the most challenging situation since there is no time such a child will ever respect you. This is when it gets to the extreme such that the child has the guts to abuse the mother. Such a person will claim parenthood to be the hardest thing.

However in cases where commitment is paramount and everyone in the family gets the respect they demand, parenthood becomes an easier task. There are many families that live a happy life despite the age that they began parenting at so do not be cheated that age will make your parenthood difficult. There are many sources of advice on parenthood for example weekly parenthood magazines, eBooks as well as movies. Moreover you can see a guidance and counseling expert to help you out.


Gone are the days when parenthood was dictated by the mother only. Nowadays, even the father can dictate on parenthood in terms of how to go about it or even when to begin it. Nowadays there are some families where the father is the only parent and the family lives happily. Anyone can manage the parenthood lifestyle so do not listen to those people out here misleading you. It is just a matter of believing in you. Believe you can do it and you will definitely manage. Not that I am talking out of experience but I have come to learn that believing is a key factor in achieving. Let us work together me ending this myth that parenthood is hard. I understand that problems crop up but it is normal and nothing can be perfect therefore when problems crop up, solve them wisely and get going. Recalling mistakes is another key factor as to why people fail I parenthood. When a mistake has been made and solved it should be buried in the sand and life goes on not a matter of keeping it in mind all the time.

Most people love the easier way of facing situations but with parenting you can never be to vile nor too lenient with your children. Practicing everything in moderation sets a bench mark for children they will always know what line can be crossed and which ones cannot. Talking to your children, counseling them and giving them the love they need helps them grow healthier and more secure. As a parent you bear all your children’s burdens, you must make a follow-up on their school life, social life and any extra developments. If you are reading this article and perhaps you took your parents for granted please take a step back and start appreciating them for the many roles they played in your life. Your children look up to you as the number one role model every time they seek direction in any matter, your attitude serves as an example and bad parenting techniques may shape your Child’s life towards negativities. Parenting decisions need to be witty, remember that you are dealing with youngsters who have cunning brains and you must always expect anything from children.


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