How to Prepare Your Wedding Party

 Wedding Party

Wedding is a very important ceremony in the life of every person. Nobody will like to put his or her wedding on a low profile. Both the bride and groom appear on their best attire. But it also has a social dimension and thus friends and well wishers are invited. The ceremony is a fun stuff. So, it calls for great part. Wedding party is a time to entertain your friends and to be happy. A wedding party is an excuse for everybody including the wedding couple to have fun to their satisfaction. Thus, it’s worth doing well. When it is time for you to tie the knot with your spouse, here are some tips to help you prepare for a great wedding party for your friends.

Decide on the number of attendants

There is no limit to the number of people you should invite for your wedding party. You can invite as many people as possible. But you should ensure that the guests have enough to eat and drink. Don’t just invite many people and starve them. Remember, your guests will have great expectation because they are going for a wedding party. Some of them may not eat in their various homes believing that you will feed them. So, the rule of the thump is inviting as many people as you can entertain.

Inviting more people to your wedding party has some advantages but it also comes with some disadvantages. Having too many guests in your wedding party will make the preparation too complicated for you. You will require a large wedding hall which will be more costly. Besides, you will spend more on food and drinks. It is difficult getting all the guests to agree on the wedding attire. But on the positive side, inviting many people to your wedding party will make it more entertaining and memorable. If you are able to entertain all of them, your wedding party will be the talk of the town. You will also receive more gifts from your guests.

You should discuss with your spouse on the number of people to invite. The guests should consist of the friends of both the bride and groom. It should not be one sided unless one spouse has fewer number of friends to invite. If both families want to invite some people, they should let you people know on time so that you will not get more guests than you expect.

Decide on the venue for the wedding party

Nowadays, wedding parties can be hosted in a number of venues. There are some couple that host their guests in their homes. This is mainly a good option for people that have large outdoor space. Hosting your wedding party in your home is a veritable means of reducing expenses since you will not be paying any money for the hall. However, you still have to hire venue decoration artists to decorate your outdoor space according to the theme of the wedding.

But if you don’t have a large compound, there are still options for you. There are many event planning businesses that have halls for rent. These halls have different capacities. The larger the capacity of the hall, the more costly it will be. This is why it is important to first determine the number of guests you need for your party before renting the venue. So, look for a wedding party hall that will accommodate all the invited guests. Ensure that all the guests will have a seat during the party. It is not good to invite somebody to a wedding party and no seat is provided for the person.

Most hotels and resort centres have halls for the hosting of various kinds of events including wedding. If you like the hotel or resort environment, you can host your wedding party in the event hall of any of the hotel or resort you like. However, such venues are more expensive but it gives more value to your party. If you are hosting your party in such a venue, your guests will be more excited to attend it because such event venues are not commonly visited.

For people that prefer uncommon but exceptional wedding venues, wedding yacht or boat is a great option. There are numerous marine event and yacht businesses that help wedding couples to organise their wedding party in a cruise yacht or boat. The wedding ceremony as well as the party can take place while the yacht is cruising on the sea. Different kinds of shows and activities meant to entertain the guests are organised aboard by the marine event company that provide the yacht or boat for hire. The crew will be at the service of the guests. It is a great way of entertaining your guests. It offers the guests the opportunity to view stunning scene in the ocean and its surrounding. They can also engage in some activities going on in the beaches such swimming, kayaking, snorkelling and others after the wedding party.

There are different types of yachts and boats available for such party. There is over night cruise yacht for those that prefer night cruise. Some yacht companies also offer half and full day services. It all depends on your preferences and your financial capability.

If you want to host your wedding party in a yacht or boat, it is very vital that you invite only the number of people required aboard the boat or yacht you hire. There are large size yachts that can accommodate about 60 to 100 guests or more. You will also find small sized yacht or boats that are meant to carry less number of people.  So, you have to find out from the company the number of guests you are expected to invite for your wedding party depending on the capacity of yacht or boat you will use.

You may also discuss the services you will require. Some marine event planning companies provides all necessary services like catering, drinks, DJ with live band and other shows aboard the yacht. There are also some companies that provide minister to couples that want it.

Wedding party can also be held in a beach resort or environment. If you don’t want to cruise, but you want your party to be held in the beach, there are various resort beaches that offer wedding venues. You can host your party in a yacht harboured in a marina.

Each of these wedding party venues is good. Most of the time, the wedding party you are hosting will determine the right venue to host the party in.

Decide on the date

 Wedding Party

Now that you have decided on the number of guest you want and also on the venue for the party, it is now time to decide on the date. The party venue will influence the date to a certain extent. If you are hosting your party in the outdoor environment, you may consider fixing your wedding party during the summer season when the weather is warm. If you want to host the party in cruise yacht, you have to consider the water body where the yacht will cruise on. Some waters are not good for cruising at a particular season of the year especially when it is windy or when the water body has increased greatly. So, you have to fix your wedding when cruising is safe.

There are other factors to consider before fixing the date for your wedding party. Consider your work as well as those of the guests. It is good to fix your wedding date during the holiday period to enable the guests to come. If you cannot wait till the holiday period, then you have to fix it during the weekend when the greater number of the guests will be free to attend it.

Printing and sending out the invitation

Now that you have decided on the venue and the date for your wedding party, it is time to print the invitations and distribute to the guests. The invitation has to indicate the attire for the wedding, the theme of the wedding and venue for the wedding. It is also good to provide direction to the wedding venue in the invitation. Nowadays, there are various sites where you can have your wedding invitation customised and printed out for you. Make sure that you send out the invitation on time so that the guests will plan ahead and include it in their to do list or diary.

Plan on the events

There are a lot of events and parties that are organised to make a wedding party great. There are pre-wedding parties as well as post wedding parties. Some of the events that you will organise to make the wedding party great include showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, lunches, brunches, cocktail events and other impromptu gathering galore. So, you have to prepare for all these events and make arrangement for great entertainment.

Planning for the entertainment

What is a wedding party without good cuisine and wine? Indeed, your effort to have a great wedding will be fruitful if the guests have enough to eat and drink. So, you have to hire catering services and let them know the number of people coming for the party. You should make arrangement for music. Some event planners provide music to their clients. You can hire a DJ or live band to provide cool music during entertainment. It is also good to have a master of ceremony to direct protocols during the wedding party.


Definitely, your friends will come with gifts. If you want to receive gifts that will be useful to you, there is need for you to register with one or multiple stores. Also try to prepare some souvenirs to offer your guests.

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