The Perfect Family Reunion

Family Reunion

Family reunions are fun, we must all agree. It may be the only time in the year that you get to meet your relatives and to catch up on each other’s lives. They are a time for socializing, and getting to know your relatives especially your extended family. It enables interactions and passing down of knowledge from the elderly relatives to the young. It allows for reconciliation and generally ensures that the family ties remain strong. Every year therefore people plan family reunions but not everyone is lucky enough to have perfect reunions.

How to plan the perfect reunion

Having the perfect family reunion can be difficult at times because of the numerous logistics required. The tips on planning a family reunion are few however and is followed to the letter may result in a very successful reunion. These include;

Planning ahead of time

However small you want the family reunion to be, though there never is a small reunion, you have to ensure that you plan ahead of time. Ensure that you have the list of everyone who may possibly come and ensure to invite them early enough so as to give them the enough time to plan for travelling and to make all other plans that may be required.

Double check the invitations

There is nothing as depressing as planning a big family reunion only for no one to appear on the d-day, and simply because the venue on the invitation cards was wrong. With big reunions, mistakes are bound to occur, this is very normal. It is therefore important to double check every invitation card sent out to ensure that the venues, dates and time stated therein are correct.

Pick the right venue

Most family reunions occur at the residential place of the organizer, but when the number of people to be hosted is very big, it is essential to get a different, but conducive venue such as a restaurant. With many people the need to plan for accommodation is also bound to rise. Ensure that the venue of the reunion is conducive and big enough to accommodate everyone.

Accommodation should not cause problems, ensure to get separate accommodation for each family unit as this will ensure that they are comfortable. The idea of outing different families together may be appealing as it would ensure that they spend a lot of time together. This however may not be very comfortable.


Family Reunion

Food is the key to a man’s heart it is said. You should ensure therefore that you get the best catering facilities that you can afford. In catering, you should ensure to consider those with special needs and illness that may not allow them to eat some types of food. You should also ensure to have different dishes, remember food is extremely important in these gatherings.

Family reunions should be fun and interesting; making them very formal may prevent them from achieving their target objective which is getting together and sharing one another’s lives. If well planned however family reunions can be a time for unwinding and great fun.

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