Parents as Teachers: Tips to Improve Your Child’s Academic performance

Parents as Teachers

The role of parents as teachers in the training of their children is a crucial one. Many parents are carrying out that function creditably well while some parents are not doing it well. They think that they have nothing to contribute in the academic training of their child. But experience has shown that children learn and retain quickly what their parents taught them than they were taught in class. The child feels comfortable when he or she is being taught by his or her parent. The child can ask any question without any fear. But some children are afraid to ask their teachers questions on whatever that is confusing them.

If you are a parent, you should get involved in the education of your child. There are different ways through which you can help your child improve in his or her academic performance.

Tips on how to play your role as a teacher.

Ensure that your child goes to school everyday

It is your duty as a parent to register your child in a good school at the right time. But it does not end there. You should make sure that the child goes to school every day and on time. Even if the child has grown up, you have to ensure that he or she does not play truancy. It is not good for a child to be absent from classes even if he or she has a private tutor at home. Learning with other children will make it more challenging and even more interesting to the child. Besides, regular attendance in school has no substitute.

Plan a timetable for your child

Your home should not be only for relaxation and play for your child. It should also be a learning ground for your child. So, you should help your child to make use of his or her free time at home to learn. Plan a study timetable for your child and make sure that the child follows the timetable judiciously. Ask about his or her school work. Help the child to do his or her school homework. Don’t do the homework for the child as some parents do rather you help the child to do the homework. If the child does not understand what has been taught, you have to explain it very well to the child as you are doing the homework with him or her at home.

Parents as Teachers

Keep in touch with your child’s teachers

You should know your child’s teachers very well. It is advisable that you keep in touch with them. Find out from them how your child is performing in school and what you can do to help the child perform better. However, you should not overdo this or distract them. For example, some parents call their children’s teachers during odd hours like at bedtime. This is not good.

Talk about the day’s activities with your child

Let your child know how much you care and that you want to him or her to be successful in life. Ask after her day and school work. Listen to them as they talk about their day.

With these tips, the role of parents as teachers will be easier for them.

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