Nursing Home at a Glance


Nursing Home at a Glance

Nursing Home

The hospitals are places where people visit when they are sick, for the purposes of receiving some form of medical treatment or the other. They also move back to their homes when this is done. But there are situations where these types of medical treatments are needed on a regular basis, or where it has become something a person will need everyday till he or she dies. In this case, the use of the nursing homes becomes handy.

Many countries have different names for nursing homes. But one thing is that though the nature of services rendered in nursing homes might differ in administration method and classification, the intentions are basically same. Some countries regard this as care homes, some call it rest homes, and some call it intermediate care givers while others regard it as convalescent homes. Anyway it is branded; it is a home that nurses people that need nursing.

The nursing homes are defined as a place where people who encounter serious difficulties performing the day to day life activities and therefore require continual nursing care reside. However, there are two main types of people that dominate the nursing homes in every nation. The number one set is old men and women who need regular and constant care, due to one ailment or the other or due to the negative effects of aging. In some regions, especially African nations, there might be cultures that make it very compulsory that the young ones must take care of the aged, but this might not be the case in other places due to many other factors. The next set of people you will find in a nursing home are people that have disabilities, handicaps or medical conditions that makes it difficult and impossible for them to go ahead with the normal life activities to themselves and the society at large.


Types of staffs in nursing homes

There are different categories of staff found in nursing homes. These are always hired according to the type and number of services they render.

Administrative staffs

The administrative staffs are the people that run the administration, documentation and management of the nursing home. They might be very few in number, but they are the people who are into direct contact with the family members of the people in the nursing homes. They get information from the nurses on the conditions of these and make them available to their families. However, because of the nature of this job, you might get few administrative staff when you get to a nursing home. While in some other homes, there might be an administrative staff for each department depending on the organizational structure and financial strength of each nursing home. However the administrative staff of a nursing home might not necessarily be people who are trained in nursing. While these might also be involved, some are core administrative personnel and they work on departments like, protocol, public relations, human resources, accounting, etc.

Direct care staff

This is perhaps the most important staff in a nursing home. The direct care staff is that nurse who is in direct contact with the patient in a nursing home. They are either made up of a registered nurse, licensed nurse and even nursing assistants. But they all have nursing trainings and certifications. They are assigned to the patients individually to take care of both their medical and daily needs

Support personnel

There are some staffs in the nursing homes that have the function of taking care of the nursing home facilities. This might be the buildings, the equipments, and grounds. Here, you get the electrical personal, the cleaners, and the maintenance staff. They are employed as the need arises.

Additional support staff

There might be some staff that renders specialized services to the nursing home. These might be those services that are given on monthly or weekly bases. They might not be regular in the nursing homes, but have scheduled times to come and offer these services. These include therapists, psychologists, chaplains, sports trainers, etc.

Services rendered in nursing homes

When you come to a nursing home, you will encounter many people with different types of problems being attended to. But there are 3 main types of services that the nurses at the nursing home render. They include occupational therapy, physical therapy and the medical needs. However, while these ones are on the regular basis, there are other services, and they include room and board services, 24 hour emergency care, socials and recreational activities and even medication and monitoring of patients

Medical needs

This is mostly what brings many people to the nursing home. It will be noticed that almost all the patients that you will encounter in the nursing homes will have one medical need or the other. These homes take time to attend to these needs. These needs comprise of the general and basic required medical needs and sometimes some specialized needs that needs socialists attention.

Physical therapy

The physical therapy is one of the things that are offered in nursing homes. Just like we have pointed out in the past, most of the inmates of the nursing home are people who had problematic childhoods and therefore failed to develop one or some of the motto skills properly. This is taken care of by these therapists. You might even get some who developed these but due to one reason or the other lost this. They are also helped to redevelop these skills. There are also some inmates that due to one treatment or surgery or the other have lost some balance. These lots will need some form of restitutions or even rebuilding. In the nursing homes, they will be offered nurses that will help in rebuilding their muscles, so as to give them the confidence needed, and restore normal working conditions for these muscles.

Occupational therapy

These are areas where the specialists help people to develop participation in some form of occupations. Some of the activities that we encounter daily like washing, dressing, bathing, etc are taught here. They also instruct people on financial management, work, rest, sleep, education and leisure. They give information generally to the patients about these things.

Other things that the occupational therapists do are to train people with some health and wellness programs. They give people the alternatives to live with. For instance, if you are having some difficulties with your vision, they will educate you on how to maximize the little vision you are getting. This will include telling you some of the techniques that will help you compensate for the felt lack. In some other cases, these therapists instruct patients on how to avoid accidents which they are prone to due to their conditions, for instance how to avoid falling down if you have a dislocated leg.


How to choose a nursing home

Now, there many people who are apprehensive of going to nursing homes because of one reason or the other. The truth is that you will always like to be among your relatives. But the truth again is that being in the nursing homes when you need to be there prolongs your life. You might find it very difficult to be in a family where you will be given the type of care you need, due to the dictates of work, distance, and many other restraints. If you have the fear that nursing homes are poorly run, you must discard this. There are many government regulations that make all the nursing homes responsible for whatever happens therein. This makes them to give good standard of care to all in their custody.

However, when you have decided to get to any of the nursing homes, you have to start by having a very good test, to determine your complete medical needs. When you know the medical needs that are taking you to the nursing home, you will know the type of nursing home to go to. You must get to the home that will take care of your medical and health needs.

For you to choose the nursing home to use, get to the health department directory and see the homes that are close to your area and the type of services they offer. You can also use the online search to get this information. This you can do by an open search or through online directories. Whichever way you do this, you will simply see the feedback and online reviews that rates the homes, or the individual feedbacks which people give about their own experience or that of their relative in the homes. With this, you know the one to choose.

When you have listed the ones that have the best reviews, both from the state ratings and individual settings, you now make the final move, and this involves paying the listed homes a visit, where you will enquire from them about their services. You are also given the leverage to look around and see how neat and good the environment is. You will also have some time with the patients there, so as to hear from the horse’s mouth.

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