Mother’s day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is celebrated in various parts of the world. It is a time for most people to show love and offer gifts to their mothers as well as wives. Probably, if your mother is still alive or you have a wife, you may be among those searching for mother’s day gift ideas on the internet.   Here we will tell you about amazing gift ideas for the mother’s day. However, before going into that it is pertinent to first look into the history of mother’s day. Knowing how the celebration started will help you to appreciate it the more.

History of mother’s day

As implicit from the name, Mother’s day refers to a holiday observed in respect for the mothers. It is celebrated in many parts of the world even though no holiday is given in some countries. The celebration is observed on every 2nd Sunday of May in the United State and other countries that adopted it from the US. However, there are some countries celebrating it on different dates. In the UK for example it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent called the Laetare Sunday. This tradition is derived from a custom developed in the middle age. People who have travelled were allowed to visit their mothers and their home parish during the Laetera Sunday. This practice continued till today in Britain and it is known as the Mothering Sunday. However, the Mother’s day has largely replaced it.

The Mother’s day in modern form started in the early 1900s in the United States of America. It was originated by Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia in honour of her mother who formed a women’s group aimed at promoting friendship and health. Ann Jarvis held a memorial service on May 12, 1907 at the church of her late mother in Grafton West Virginia in order to honour her. She advocated the wearing of white carnation in honour of a late mother. But the culture of wearing red or pink during the Mother’s day to honour a living mother was later developed. White carnation is still worn today to honour a deceased mother. By 1912, the celebration was marked in almost all the states.

As the celebration continued, the custom extended to honouring of aunts or any person that played mothering roles including grandmothers. This continues till today. Another addition to the celebration that developed overtime is the sending of gifts and cards to mothers by their children and even husbands. Even though the custom was widely accepted then and even today, it became highly commercialised. Jarvis was not happy with the development. She initiated a campaign against what she has begun. She spent the remaining part of her life in this fight but she did not succeed in abolishing it. The custom continued till today. Children send various kinds of presents to their mothers and some also buy their grandmothers gifts if they are still alive. Husbands also appreciate the motherhood of their wives by offering them gift.

There are a number of gift items available in the market but not all of them are suitable for the mothers. Whether you are buying gifts for your mother, grandmother, aunt or your wife during the Mother’s day, it is important that you buy her the right gift or a gift that reflects what is being celebrated. If you make a wrong choice, your mother will definitely accept it but she may not appreciate it. Here are some helpful Mother’s day gift ideas.

Gift items suitable for a mother

Kitchen appliances

Mothers appreciate anything that will make the cooking and other kitchen task easier for them or any item that will help them to prepare delicious meals for their family. When the mother’s day is around the corner and you are looking for perfect mother’s day gift ideas, you should consider buying her a kitchen appliance. Just enter into your mother’s kitchen, look around and see if you can find any kitchen device that is not available there or that needs to be replaced. A lot of new kitchen appliances are being introduced in the market on daily basis. New designs of the old ones with improved features and functionalities are being introduced on daily basis. You have multiple choices to choose from. You can buy her a blender, juice mixer, a refrigerator and others. If you are buying kitchen appliances, you should make sure that you buy her either a new kitchen appliance or something better than what she has.

A coupon for easy shopping

There is no doubt that many people will not consider coupon as a good gift for their mother during the Mother’s Day celebration. But indeed, it is a gift that most mothers will be happy to receive. We are in the era of coupon and discount deals. Savvy shoppers spend time searching for coupon codes on the internet because it helps them to buy things at affordable price. If your mother is the type that likes shopping or likes getting a good bargain on her purchases, she will be happy and very surprised to receive coupon codes as a gift from you. Such a gift is not common or ordinary. So, it will be a huge surprise to her to get coupons from you during the Mother’s day. She will definitely tell her friends the surprise gift she got from you.

A Smartphone

The world is witnessing a great improvement in area of technology. Many types of Smartphone and other mobile applications are being introduced on regular basis. These devices were not available during the youthful age of the baby boomers. If your mother is a baby boomer and has not used a Smartphone before, you can help her to keep abreast with the technology of the day by buying a Smartphone application for her. She will surely be happy to have such a gift from her child. But make sure that you spend some time to teach her how to use some of the interesting features of the application. For example, if you buy blackberry phone or an android phone for her, you can teach her to ping or make use of whatsapp. Teaching her such features will add fun to it.


Perfumes and make-ups or makeup boxes are great for wives and young mothers. If you are looking for romantic gift ideas for your wife to celebrate the mother’s day for her, you should consider buying her a designer perfume or make ups. She will definitely appreciate such gifts. It will make her think that you value her and you will want her to smell good or look better than other women.

A portrait

If you run out of mother’s day gift ideas during this year’s Mother’s Day celebration, you should consider making her portrait and offer it to her as a gift. It is an amazing item. But you will require more time to have it prepared by an artist. So, if you have made up your mind to offer your mother a portrait, you should hire a good artist that will create it for you. Get one of your mother’s pictures that she admires so much and give the artist to use it to prepare the portrait. She will be happy to get a portrait from you.

Home decoration item

If you don’t have money to prepare a portrait of your mother, you can substitute it with a wall art or any item suitable for home decoration such as clock, tea-light stand, flower-vase, a statue and similar items. Such items will make awesome presents for a mother. She may keep it in the living room in order to show her friends when they visit. She may also keep it in her bedroom or any other rooms she deems fit.

Book on recipes

Does your mother, aunt, grandmother, role model or wife like cooking and you are looking for a stunning gift for her during this year’s Mother’s day celebration? If the answer to the above question is yes, then good books containing recipes for various dishes will make perfect mother’s day gift ideas. She will be happy to receive the book from you. Your mother may even use the book to learn recipes for special dishes to celebrate the day for you and the entire family member. Books containing recipes for various culinary specialties are handbook for mothers that derive joy in cooking for her family members.

Post cards with heart touching messages

Post cards are popular mother’s day gift ideas. Many people offer cards and send messages to their mothers during Mother’s day. If you have no money to buy expensive gifts for your mother or wife during the celebration, don’t forget to send her nice text message or post cards. There are many sites where you can find various kinds of post cards with various messages. Look for a well designed online card or normal post card with interesting message and send to her. It is better than not giving her anything at all during the mother’s day celebration.

Tips for deciding on the best gift for a mother during Mother’s day

As it is mentioned above, there are various mother’s day gift ideas. However, gifts are more appreciated if they are highly valued. So, it is important that you buy your mother a gift she will appreciate. Here are some tips to apply in this regard.

  • Buy an item that she will make use of
  • Choose a gift that will bring back memories
  • Look for something uncommon or extra-ordinary to give her surprise
  • Try creating the gift yourself (for example, designing a postcard)

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