When it comes to financial related issues, most people are usually kept at a fix as to whether to manage it themselves or get the services of experts and professionals. The reason for this fix is simple. First, getting the services of a professional means you have to pay for it. It usually seems somewhat ironic losing money while trying to manage money. Also, there is the case of believing that it can be handled personally without as much as any hassle.

financial group

A financial group works like no other, however. While professionals are restricted to one field – risk management, retirement planning, etc. – a financial group is all encompassing. In other words, you get multiple services from one source for just about the same price. There are various financial groups across the United States. Their services typically range from: estate conservation, investment and retirement planning, building personalised financial strategies, and so on. Here are some of the best financial groups in the United States.

Minneapolis Financial Group

Minneapolis Financial Group was founded as far back as 1887 as MassMutual’s Minneapolis Agency. Today, they are known as Minneapolis Financial Group, and have a vast network of financial professionals on their team. They have served more than 37,700 clients throughout the Upper Midwest to achieve their financial goals and continue to do so today. They also service over $2.5 billion in client policy and account values, with Life Insurance in force of over $4.2 billion (as of 12/31/2012).

By working with their Financial Services Representatives, you are efficiently guided towards developing integrated strategies to help achieve a secure financial future for yourself or your business. Their financial professionals are a group of 78 highly trained individuals who are backed by a team of product specialists with over 125 years of combined experience in various areas such as: Estate Analysis, Business Continuation Planning, Retirement Planning, Investment Products, Employee Benefit Programs, and many more. They are based in in Minneapolis, Minnesota and focus their services to those based in the United States.

Headquarters Financial Group Inc.

Headquarters Financial Group is another top financial group within the United States. They are located in One Cattano Ave, Morristown, New Jersey. Headquarters Financial Group Inc. offers independent financial management and advice in areas like: Investment planning, risk management, college funding, retirement planning, and many more. They specialize in helping their clients develop comprehensive financial strategies that suits their clients’ needs and enables them meet all their set objectives. Also, they offer educational articles that set out financial concepts and they ultimately help you assess all your current and future financial needs as regards any of those distinguished areas. Finally, they have a sound customer service structure that is available to answer all your questions.

Lincoln Financial Group

Lincoln Financial Group started in 1905 as a life insurance company and was formed by a group of Fort Wayne business leaders. Today, they have established many other segments and diverse financial services to suit any individual or business needs. Lincoln Financial Group is the first and only company in the world that freely carries Abraham Lincoln’s name and they do so well by carrying on his values of integrity and loyalty. When it comes to experience, Lincoln Financial Group ranks high. In 2015, Lincoln Financial Group marked its 110th anniversary of financial strength, dedication and service to its clients.

Currently, more than 17 million Americans trust their retirement, insurance and wealth protection expertise to help address their financial goals, and you can join in too. They would help you protect your income and savings, boost your retirement and savings, meet your insurance needs, and help you manage your expenses.

ARGI Financial Group

ARGI Financial Group is a team of focused specialists that was launched in 1995 to help provide clarity for individuals and businesses through comprehensive, integrated financial services. Ron Butt opened the franchise as a broker-dealer in a small office in Louisville, KY. Now, it serves as a financial group that covers many high demand services. They manage more than $1 Billion dollars in assets for their clients and have locations in various parts of the United States. They include: Louisville, KY, Bowling Green, KY, Cincinnati, OH, Indianapolis, and a few more.

The sufficiently specialize in the following: Comprehensive Financial Planning, Tax Preparation and Planning, Risk Management, Business Management and Accounting Services, Investment Management, Corporate Benefits Education for Employees, Business Retirement Plan Services and Consulting. Today ARGI has over 100 employees, and they have expanded their services to include tax, business management and accounting, insurance solutions, corporate education, and retirement plan services.

Higher Ground Financial Group

This is another top notch financial group that is based in the United States. They provide sound financial services that include: Tax management, Investment management, Retirement strategies, Estate conservation, Insurance and annuity products, as well as College Planning. They are located in Frederick, Maryland today and they offer services to clients across the United States.

Their objectives revolve around helping businesses and individuals to build and protect their wealth. When it comes to experience, they also rank high. With qualified hands on deck, they provide only the best services for their clients.

Cetera Financial Group

Cetera is the second-largest independent financial advisor network in the nation in terms of number of advisors. It is also a leading provider of retail services to the investment programs of banks and credit unions. They are located in El Segundo, California and they also provide US based services. Cetera financial group is a public company with a company size of between 501-1000 employees, all bent on ensuring you achieve your financial goals. Their services include: wealth management and advisory services, comprehensive broker-dealer and registered investment adviser services, practice management support and innovative technology.

Berger Financial Group

Berger financial group was founded in 1981 and now offer services that are focused on Income Tax Focused Wealth Management. They are one of the best in the United States and as such, have ample experience. They follow an investment advisory discipline which incorporates financial planning, portfolio management and a number of other broad financial services for high net worth clients. Also, they work to enhance the income, growth, and tax favoured treatment of their long-term investors including an annual financial review to identify further planning opportunities. If you want to join a financial group that covers all your financial needs, look no further than Berger financial group.

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