A Look at Woman and Home Management

Woman and Home

There are varied and contradictory opinions when it comes to woman and home. Each culture as well as religion has its own acceptable standard and teaching regarding woman and home. No matter the difference in cultural practice and religious teaching about the role of a woman in the family, one fact that cannot be denied is that women play a crucial role in home management. In the traditional society, home management is entirely left for the women. The men are supposed to labour outside the house in order to bring food for the members of the family. Even in the contemporary society where women are no longer limited to domestic works, the ads in the TV and movies also portray them as house wives. A woman has a crucial role to play in home management whether she is a housewife or not.

Naturally, men are not good in home management. Most aspects of a home are better managed by women. Women should therefore be actively involved in the life of their family. Here are some roles women should play in the home.

Children normally take after their mothers in character and many aspects. This is because they tend to be closer to their mothers right from conception. Women should therefore be very active in the moral and academic training of their children. They should help their children with their school assignment. Since in most cases, children imitate their mothers more than their fathers, the impartation of family values are better done by women. The best way to do that is to live by example and enforce family discipline. However, they should work in collaboration with their husbands.  They should let their husbands know about the moral behaviours and academic performance of their children especially if their husbands are too busy with work.

Home hygiene is another aspect of family life where women should be actively involved. They should ensure that they home is well cleaned and that their children maintain good body hygiene. This is because they are naturally good at domestic work. However, this does not mean that men should leave every domestic work including cooking for their wives. Husbands are supposed to help their wives in keeping the house clean. However, the women should be at the forefront of this task. If she is working and her work does not give her much time to look after her children and to ensure that they maintain high body hygiene, then she should discuss with her husband so that the family will hire a nanny.

Woman and Home

Women also play important role in making the family budget for the month and in feeding the family. Traditionally, it is the function of a woman to cook for the family. Though some men know how to cook but generally women like cooking and do it better than men. So, they should develop the dietary plan for their families, make budget for the monthly feeding of the family and then discuss them with their husbands.

Indeed, women have a lot of role to play in the home. They are better in home management than men. However, this does not mean that men have nothing to do in their homes. As it is said they should help their wives with the domestic work.

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