A Look at Rich Dating

rich dating

Rich dating is one concept that has been publicized in the recent past. There are some concepts that were running, but hitherto quietly. The fact that the social aspect of the world is becoming more pronounced, and self expression is now the other of the day, made rich dating a very loud topic. There is no person out there who does not desire to be with people who are rich. This includes both the guys and the ladies. While a guy needs a lady who is well to do, all ladies also are pleased to be with rich guys. This is on the level of the natural inclinations that almost everybody has.

Apart from these, there are people who have the single intention of dating rich guys. For me, the concept of rich dating is divided into two. There are the natural relationships where girls meet rich people naturally and a relationship is triggered off. Here, it is more of learning how to adapt with the rich dating, which you never pushed yourself into. Because of this, it will be easier for you because it is natural and you never had an ulterior motive. The next is the type of rich dating where girls set out to look for rich guys, hook up with them and then kick start the dating. This one has a lot of difficulties. The fact that you know that you are with this guy because he or she is rich will make you to loose sight of some natural things, and therefore you will have to learn a lot of things, and practice many techniques through which you can carry on with the dating without any fall out. Again, you desperately do not want to lose the rich date because you worked for it, while the natural rich date only goes in to the relationship with the hope of making the best of it, and letting go whenever she discovers that it is not working. We are going to dwell more on the later rich dating.

Where to meet guys for rich dating

Social and official events and locations

There are several platforms where girls who are interested in rich dating can get to meet with rich guys who will be willing for the date. You can meet rich guys in all sorts of places. There are very exquisite and high class clubs, restaurants, spas and hotels where you can meet rich guys. Rich men can also be met in meetings, rallies and educational functions that are meant for the elites. Well, the simple truth about meeting rich guys is that they are everywhere. All the places where rich and well to do people gather will harbor some rich guys that girls can date.

Rich dating websites

In the recent past, we have noticed some very planned out websites where people can meet rich friends and engage in full time rich dating. There are websites that are set up for well to do guys who are looking for very beautiful and date seeking girls. Here, people are brought together based on their economic status. It can be organized in a way that rich guys who are ready to mingle with any class of girls are showcased, while some bring together men and women of same or similar class. Either way the site is organized, the main thing is that they bring together people who are interested in dating.

How to choose a rich dating website

While I must attest to the fact that there has been a very huge proliferation of the websites that offer rich dating, many of them are completely off the mark. This makes the issue of finding the best rich dating sites a very onerous task. However, there are methods through which you can pick the best site.

The number one method is by asking friends that have used a rich dating site effectively to give you one. If you friend have used one and it served her the purpose, there is more chance that you will get the same experience. The next thing you have to do when you are searching for a good rich dating site is to use the feedbacks. Of course, this is the number one port of call before you use any online product. You have to do two different feedback screenings. Check the directory reviews of all the dating sites in your area. You will find a list that gives an overview of the activities happening in each site and ratings according to meaningful criteria. When you are through with this, then you get to the feedback page f the rich dating sites and see the opinions of people that have used the site in the past according to the type of services they got.

Another thing you must look out is for rich dating sites that have the verification feature. In fact, if you are doing anything online and you are not asked to verify your identity, there is more probability that the platform is a fake. So, go for sites where you or any other member will have to verify.

Another thing you have to be mindful of is the fact that when dating on these sites, you email address is the best preliminary method of communication. Do not be very quick to give out your personal information or to expose them to all. No matter how good the website is, it can never be completely clean of scammers and hackers. So you have to be mindful of this.

Another thing you need to know is that the serious and real rich dating sites are normally the paid ones. You are searching for rich dating, and one thing you must know is that this involves money. Most times, these rich guys you are looking for will see the free sites as not being up to their class, and therefore will go for the paid ones. It is here that you meet and interact with them easily.

What you must know about rich dating

When you are seeking for or are engaged in rich dating, you must bear in mind that rich and wealthy men like good things. Your dressing is obviously the number one things that attracts and keep these rich men. This includes both online and offline. So, you must keep up with proper dressing if you must move on. You must also garner some good amount of confidence and grace. They are not looking for toys and pets. Yes, they need tenderness, and feminine love, but you have to be very smart and purposeful. This is because there are lots of events and activities where you have to show up and use these qualities. Another great attribute you must possess if you must make it in rich dating is education. All rich men, whether schooled or not like to have schooled, enlightened and well-read women around them. This is because they will always want to do the intelligent discussions with you present and contributing. Another thing here is the issue of presenting yourself as someone that is very needy. It is one you must eschew. Again, I say, confidence is needed in great quantity. Even when there are no resources available, it must not show.


The right attitude in rich dating

Handle the riches well

The thing no one can take away from you is that you will enjoy a lot of riches when you are into rich dating. This includes nights with champagnes, snail and delicious meals, and great shopping. But one thing you must always bear in mind is that you are not meant to demand for these things always or even look out for them. Just find a way of making him give you things that are not expensive, things that are more natural. On your own part, you must do everything possible to see that there are some values that come to the relationship from you or through you, not just sex. Find activities that are not costly, which will reciprocate the lavish on you. You can do this by at least paying for the taxi fare that takes the two of you to the movies, if you can’t pay for the movie ticket. After the expensive meal of the day, demand that you offer the next meal in your house. Here, make it to be very delicious but less expensive. You can even pay for gym sessions or initiate yoga classes, hiking, walks etc.

Another thing you must avoid is the concept of reminding him that he is very rich all the time. Don’t let his wealth or status be the subject of the relationship. This is as bad as it gets. Never ever let her know how much you enjoy dating rich guys, not to talk of giving her the impression that you are dating him because of his riches. Do not show too much complements for the costly things he buys for you more than the beautiful time you spend together.

You must also try to fit into his world and lifestyle. By this I do not mean that you start living like a rich girl. Of course you can’t if you are not one. I mean that you try to find interests that two of you share together and things that you both have in common. Deepen the relationship by emphasizing on these things. You also have to work on your dressing and impression.

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