A look at Celebrity engagement Rings

Celebrity engagement Rings

Celebrities are known for their fashion. When it comes to fashion, they are always abreast with the latest. We look to them for every aspect of fashion from make up to jewellery. They have unlimited budget as far as fashion is concerned. This is why they appear flawless in their attire. They can afford all the best the fashion industry can provide. Celebrity engagement rings depict these aspects of the life of celebrities. When it is time for you to engage your beloved partner and you want to have the best engagement ring, you should take a look at the fingers of the celebrities who have been engaged or married.

Definitely, celebrity engagement rings may not be within your financial capability, but you can mimic them or replicate them in your own capacity. But if you have risen in affluence, there is nothing wrong in buying engagement ring that can be rated the same with celebrity engagement rings. But what qualities do the celebrity engagement rings have which distinguish them out from other engagement rings? Are they made from different gemstone all together? Indeed, celebrity engagement rings are remarkable thanks to their qualities. Here are some of the qualities of engagement rings normally used by the celebrities.

Features of Celebrity engagement rings

Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Garner, Beyonce, Kate Middleton and others are some of the celebrities whose engagement ring made headlines. Though, they were all engaged with different types and styles of engagement rings made from various gemstones, their rings share certain qualities in common. Here are some of the qualities of these celebrity engagement rings.


Definitely, you will be surprise to hear that Kanye West required more than a million US dollars in order to purchase an engagement ring for Kim Kardashian. For the ordinary man in the street, this is more than a lifetime earnings. Just take a look at the finger of Kim. The ring (created by Lorraine Schwartz) in her ring finger reportedly cost more than a million USD. But Kim is not the only celebrity that was engaged with expensive engagement ring. Take a look at the fingers of all the celebrities that are engaged or married, you will agree with me that their engagement is a high class type and thus very expensive. Celebrity engagement rings are therefore not affordable. It is only people from high class can afford to engage with such expensive engagement rings.

Very stylish and of great quality

Celebrity engagement rings are very costly but their quality justifies their high cost. Quality engagement rings are normally very costly. Kanye West did not just spend such amount of money on any type of engagement ring. As it has been said, celebrities are always at the top of fashion.  They want to be associated with the best. That is why they are engaged with high class engagement ring. Their engagement rings are simply flawless. Virtually, all of them are married to wealthy people. So, they don’t have to sell their inheritance in order to purchase the engagement rings for their fiancés.

Another aspect of celebrity engagement rings is that they are very stylish. Only a few celebrities are engaged with very simple engagement rings. Some of celebrity engagement rings are specially designed for them by well known jewellery. When they appear in the public, their engagement rings stand out among other fashion accessories they are putting on thanks to their styles.

Created with highly valued gemstones

As we all know, there are various types of gemstones used in creating engagement rings and other types of jewellery. However, these gemstones are not the same in their values. Some gemstones are highly valuable and owning pieces of jewellery created from them is a good investment of money and time. Celebrity engagement rings are made from these expensive gemstones and they weigh very high. Michael Todd engaged and married Elizabeth Taylor with a 30-carat octagonal cut diamond. Before Lady Diana Spencer became Princess Diana, she wore an oval cut sapphire engagement ring weighing 18 carat and it is surrounded by 14 diamonds. Garrard Jewellers created it for her. Other celebrities are engagement with engagement rings made from quality gemstone. This is why these celebrity engagement rings are very expensive.

A good investment

Celebrity engagement rings are good investment of money. This is a corollary of the quality of gemstones used in creating them. The value of these engagement rings will definitely increase in the future. They will be sold at a higher price. If any of them decide to sell her engagement ring, she will definitely make a huge amount of money from it. So, owning such class of rings is a good investment of money.

They are created by popular jewellers

Celebrities are associated with class in all their fashion accessories. They go for designer fashioner accessories. Celebrity engagement rings are normally created by popular jewellers.

The above are some of the common features of celebrity engagement rings.

Engagement rings of some celebrities

As it has been said, there are many celebrities that are engaged. Here are some of the engagement rings given to these celebs by their hubbies.

Kim Kardashian engagement ring

Kim Kardashian Celebrity engagement rings

Kanye West engaged Kim with a 15 carat diamond engagement ring created by Lorraine Schwartz. Kanye a rapper surprised the world when he engaged Kim with such high class, stylish and stunning ring. There are other two 2-carat diamonds flanking the main 15 carat diamond ring. The ring has been valued different by many online sources.  Definitely, it is more than a million US dollars.

Kate Middleton engagement ring

Kate Middleton celebrity engagement rings

Kate Middleton was engaged by Prince William with a blue sapphire and diamond ring. William engaged his lovely princesses with the same ring her mother wore in February 1981 when she was engaged. The ring is said to cost $500,000.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z Celebrity engagement Rings

Jay-Z a popular US rapper engaged Beyonce with 18-carat diamond ring created by Lorraine Schwartz. The ring is valued at $5 million by the People Magazine. Take a look at Beyonce finger to view the ring.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Celebrity engagement Rings

She is one of the well known female musicians in the world. She performed during the meeting of the shareholders of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in Fayetteville, Ark. Nick Cannon gave her a $2.5 million 17-Carat pink sparkler.

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie Celebrity engagement Rings

Mike Comrie a football engaged Hilary Duff with a 14-carat princess-cut ring valued at $1 million. Hilary Duff is a popular US actress.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Celebrity engagement Rings

Khloe Kardashian got an $850,000 12.5-carat radiant-cut engagement from her lover Lamar Odom. Khloe is a well known TV personality.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Celebrity engagement Rings

The couple dated for seven years before becoming engaged. Angelina Jolie got a16 carat custom-designed diamond ring created by Robert Procop.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Celebrity engagement Rings

The couple engaged and wedded in private. But it is not possible for Blake Lively to keep her engagement ring to herself without being notice. Ryan engaged and wedded her with a diamond ring created by Lorraine Schwartz.

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy Celebrity engagement Rings

Matthew Bellamy a musician spent $250,000 on the platinum-set ring he gave to Kate Hudson to ask for her hand in marriage. The actress has been spotted wearing the engagement ring.

The above do not exhaust the list of celebrities engaged with expensive celebrity engagement rings. If you perform a Google search on celebrity engagement rings, you will surely get amazing results.

Types of celebrity engagement rings

Celebrities are not quite different from other brides. However, given their status in the society and the financial capacity of their men, they are engaged with high class engagement rings. If you take a look at the fingers of celebrities that are engaged, you will observe that there are different types and designs of celebrity engagement rings. Here are some types of engagement rings associated with celebrities.

Eco friendly celebrity engagement rings

Eco friendly celebrity engagement rings

Many celebrities are now going green and they are making use of eco-friendly engagement rings. Eco-friendly rings are recyclable. Typical example of such engagement ring is the recycled platinum engagement ring of Natalie Portman, an actress, vegan and activist. There is a double halo of pave diamonds surrounding the 4-carat antique round centre precious gemstone.

Antique engagement rings

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Antique celebrity engagement rings

Antique engagement rings are becoming popular today. These rings are available in a number of designs and styles but each design and style is created to call forth the romance of the bygone era. Many celebrities are now following the footsteps of Michael Douglas who engaged Catherine Zeta-Jones with a marquise diamond engagement ring of the 1920s. The centre diamond weighing 10-carat is surrounded by 28 other smaller diamonds. Milla Jovivich is another celebrity that got engaged with antique engagement ring which composed of white, yellow and pink diamonds set in a yellow gold.

Halo engagement rings

Halo celebrity engagement rings

Halo engagement ring is another type of engagement ring that is becoming popular among celebrities. It is available in a number of designs. But generally, each design features a centre stone encircled by smaller shining accent diamonds. Halo celebrity engagement ring is created with sapphires and diamonds. One of the well known personalities that wore halo engagement ring was Princess Diana. The same ring was later used by her son to engage Kate Middleton.

Coloured diamond engagement rings

Coloured diamond celebrity engagement rings

Coloured diamond engagement rings are good options for celebrities that like making fashion statement. A typical example of a celebrity that got engage with this type of engagement ring is Mariah Carey.

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