A Look at Boredom in Relationship

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If you are in relationship especially for a very long time with another person, you are more likely going to experience boredom at one time or the other. It is normal to be bored with a relationship but what matters is how you handle the situation. Before giving you tips on how to handle boredom in relationship, it will be good to look at the possible causes of boredom in a relationship.

Causes of relationship boredom

Here are some the reasons why you are bored in your relationship.

Daily routine

You are most likely going to be bored with your relationship if it is becoming monotonous or a daily routine. As it is said, monotony kills interest. Sometimes, your relationship will become so monotonous that you can tell or predict what you’ll be doing every day.

Taking excitement and surprises for granted

When there is no excitement and surprises in a relationship, boredom will set in. Some people who have been into relationship for a long time tend to take excitement and surprises for granted. They rarely do exciting thing together. Sooner or later, they will become bored. If you don’t want to become bored, try doing something exciting with your partner at least occasionally. It will help to keep your love alive.

Relationship not solidly founded

Most people rush into a relationship without laying strong foundation for it or with wrong motives. You are likely going to be bored if you don’t establish your relationship on solid foundation or if you rush into it.

Finding better dating potential

If you find more and better dating opportunities, you will soon become bored with your current relationship. This is a very difficult situation especially if you have been into a relationship for a long time. It is always difficult to leave a person you have been with for a long time for another person. However, it is obvious that you cannot cope with your old partner, you have no choice than to call it quit.

Lack of sexual satisfaction

You are most likely going to be bored in your relationship if your partner is not sexually strong or if he or she does not satisfy you sexually.

The above are some of the reason that may make you to be bored in your relationship. Here are some tips on how to deal with or avoid boredom in relation.

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Tips of on avoiding or dealing with boredom

Break routine and break varieties into your relationship. There is nothing that kills interest in a relationship than monotony. Plan your day very well and try doing new things together. For example, if you normally spend your free time with your partner watching movies, you can try going for a walk together or going to cinema or the beach.

Make sure that you enter into a relationship with the right person and that is a person that you love. Don’t just enter into a relationship with wrong motives or for wrong reasons. You will definitely become bored if your aim is not realised.

Create happiness for yourself and for your partner. Do things that your partner like and let him or her know what you like and hate so that he or she will avoid doing what you don’t like.


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