A Look at Free Online Dating

Free Online Dating

Many people consider the internet as a blessing to the contemporary era because it has brought a new dimension to life in general. There is nothing that cannot be done through the internet nowadays. Today, a lot of people are able to find their live partners easily or to get the right date through free online dating. Before getting deep into free online dating, it will be important to explain online dating in general.

What is online dating?

As implicit from the name, online dating is a type of dating that occurs via the internet. People involved in it meet and interact over the internet. The essence of such dating is to enable people to start a personal, romantic and sexual relationship. Some people are able to take their relationship outside the internet to the real world. There are a number of dating sites that help to connect people together. Some of these online dating sites will require you to pay some money before you will be allowed to register. However, some dating sites offer free online dating.

These sites that offer free online dating experiences make their money through affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. Google places ads on the web pages and blogs of these free online dating sites and pay them on per click basis. As people click on these adverts, the owners of the sites make more money. In other words, the profitability of free dating sites depends on the number of page views the sites have.

However, most of these sites do not make all the features of their site like virtual gifts available to free members. Some features are exclusive for paid membership. Free members enjoy limited privileges while the paying members get full benefits of the services. Some of the dating sites that offer free membership include OKCupid, Badoo and Plenty of Fish.

Each of the free dating sites has its own rules and regulations. There are some sites that accept people from a particular country or region or people with a particular background. In some sites member is open for anybody within the stipulated age limit. Most free dating sites do not allow children or any person below the age of 18 years. Given this, different types of online dating sites have evolved over the years. Below are some of the available free online dating sites.

  • Free Christian dating sites for singles
  • Free Muslims dating sites for singles
  • Dating sites for seniors
  • Dating sites for people looking for sexual partner
  • Dating sites for people looking for casual relationship
  • Free dating sites for fashionistas
  • Free online dating sites for fitness oriented people and many more

So, no matter the type of date you are interested in, you will find a site that offers such dating experience.

How to date online free?

Falling in love is one of the fundamental human impulses. However, there are many people out there who are not able to develop a romantic relationship with people they admire because of certain circumstances beyond their control or obstacles standing on their way. For example, if you don’t like going to the bar or nightclub and it is against the policy of your company to date your co-worker, it may be difficult for you to find your soul mate or a life partner. Free online dating is now a veritable means through which such people can find the love of their life. If you have made up your mind to date online, here is how it works.

Find a free dating site

The first step to observe if you want to date online free is to find a dating site that provides free membership. As it has been mentioned above, it is not every dating site that provides free online dating experience. Some sites even allow only a month free membership. But there are some that provide long or complete free membership for people that do not have extra money to spend for registration.

Find out if the site meets your requirement

As it has been said above, each site targets a particular set of people. So, you have to find out if the site you want to use their service suits you or meets your needs. If you are not among the targeted audience, then you should consider looking elsewhere.

Creating a solid profile

Now that you have found the right free dating site that will meet your need, it is time to complete your registration. Create a professionally looking profile. But you have to be honest about it. Other users browse your profile as well when they are searching for their match. So, if you are not honest about it, it means that you are deceiving them. But you should bear in mind that each site controls the amount information about other users which free members can access as well as the amount information that can be displayed for free members. Your photos may not be shown.

Whatever be the case, you should ensure that you state your purpose or what you are looking for. For example, if you are a man looking for a woman, you should state that as well as the age range of the woman you are interested in. This will help other users searching for soul mate to know whether you are the right person they are looking for or not.

Free Online Dating

Indicate your physical qualities

Normally, this is the next step when you are registering with a site. You are required to provide information about your height, colour of the eyes, weight, body type, hair and other relevant information about your body. Some sites may also require you to provide information about your favourite sports, pastime activities and interests. Other personal details that may be required include your religion, marriage status, political ideology, number of children you have, your occupation, income standard and others.


When you are creating your profile, you should not include your personal contact details or any information that help users to locate where you are living or your office. Such information include your residential or office address, social security number, phone number, full name and parents’ address. You can only share any of the above information with any person that you want to establish an offline relationship. Providing this information for the public is not good for security reasons. Not making such personal information available for the public should not be seen as dishonesty.

Advantages and disadvantages of free online dating

Free online dating has some advantages as well as disadvantages. It is important that you know its pros and cons before you decide whether to register for paid membership or for free membership in online dating sites.

One of the advantages of signing up for free online dating is that it offers you the opportunity of meeting many people without spending any money. Free dating sites seem to have more members than subscription sites. This is because most people dating online are just giving it a trial and so, they are not sure of the workability of online dating. They will like to start with free membership. Only a few people register with money. Besides, more people tend to opt for it simply because they are available for free.

If you join a free online dating site, you stand to lose nothing whether you finally get a date or not. This is because you did not spend a dime for the registration. This is not the same with subscription dating sites. If you make payment and you did not find your match, you have lost your money.

There is no risk of divulging your credit card information to any third party as no payment is involved.

The disadvantage is that there is no real commitment from some users. Many users just registered because they have heard about dating online for free or for fun. They are not out to establish any serious relationship with any person. Most people after registering don’t visit the site again. Secondly, as it has been said before, free dating sites make their money by selling advertising spaces. Your homepage or other pages are more likely to get a lot of ads more than it should be.

There is the problem of lack of privacy. As the membership is open for anyone, the profiles of people that would not want their dating habits to be exposed are made public and can be accessed by anyone.

Most dating sites offering free membership do not allow free members to enjoy all the benefits of the sites as the subscription members do. For examples, some site do not allow free members to establish any contact with other members even though they can browse their profile and this makes the aim of dating online to be in vain.

Popular free dating sites

Here are some of the dating sites that offer free membership to users that want.

  • DateHookUp.com which appeals more to college student and younger people who are not yet married
  • OKCupid.com which is one of the top rated dating site that offer free online dating (it is most suitable for people who are 30 years old or below)
  • BookOfMatches.com which is totally free without any subscription membership (it also offers social networking services and free chat)
  • Mingle2.com which boasts of more than 500,000 members
  • PlentyOfFish.com rated is rated as the largest free online dating sites