Learning ABC with Ease: Tips to Help Your Child

Learning ABC

For us adults, there is nothing as easy as learning ABC. But for little children, it can be very difficult, confusing and complicated to pronounce and distinguish each of the alphabets. One of the reasons why children find it difficult to learn the alphabet is because it is completely a new thing or skill to them. As you know, learning a new skill requires time, effort and repetition. Secondly, the child’s cognitive ability is still at the budding stage. So, you need to help your child to develop the cognitive faculties and learn ABC. Fortunately for parents, there are many fun ways of teaching a child the alphabets.

Here are some tips to apply.

Playing ABC Games with the child

Today, a lot of ABC games have been developed for children. As a parent, you should take time to learn most of these games and start playing them with your child. The child will gradually become familiar with the alphabets as you play it regularly with him or her. This will not only help in developing the cognitive ability of a child but also it will help the kid to recognise and distinguish each of the alphabets.

Learning ABC

Hang ABC wall art on your child’s room

Little children are like inquiring scientists. They are fascinated greatly by their new environment. They observe everything and learn things they see regularly. So, if you have a large alphabet lettering hung on the wall of your child’s room or even in other places, he or she will surely observe the letters. Gradually, the child will be able to recognise and identify each of them.

Buy ABC video games and songs and play for the child

Many learning games have been developed today. Some of these games teach alphabet to children and some teach them math. You should look for a good ABC video game and buy for your child. Ensure that the child plays it often. The games are a fun way of learning ABC. As the child is playing the game, he or she will gradually be mastering them effortlessly and unconsciously. Besides the videos, there are also interesting and sweet alphabet songs produced not just to entertain the child but also to help the child learn ABC. So, you should also buy the DVD for your child. Make out time to play the video game and sing the song with your child. It will help the child to learn the alphabet easily.

Get ABC Books

There are many ABC book available in various bookstores. The alphabets are taught in a fun manner in these books. Buy one for your child and try to read it to the child. You know, children can be very destructive. Your little child may tear the book just few seconds after you have given it to him or her to take a look at. But this should not discourage you from buying more for the child. Believe me the child is observing the letters written in the books.

These are some of the fun and easy means of teaching your child the Alphabet.

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