What You Should Know about Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

What You Should Know about Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

One of the chief concerns of every homeowner is their home safety and security. There is no person who does not want to live in a properly secure home. Owing to the importance of home safety and security, the home security industries have introduced a number of home security systems in the market today to meet the security needs of home owners. With the improvement in technology, there are today smarter and most sophisticated home security systems. They offer better protection and are much easier to use than the previous home security systems. However, various types of security systems used at homes today do not offer the same level of protection and they are not sold at the same amount. More sophisticated ones offer better protection and they are more expensive than less expensive ones. Before looking at the different types of home security systems and their features, it will be good to explain what home security systems is.

What are home security systems?

Home security systems refer to any devices homeowners install in their homes in order to prevent intruders, thieves and burglars from getting access to their homes. They also include devices that help homeowners to protect their homes against fires and other disasters. Typical examples of home security systems include security cameras, surveillance system, security alarm system, fire alarm system and others. There are some that are installed in outdoor environment while there are others that are installed in indoor environment. Home security systems are available in a number of types. Here are some of the types of home security devices that you should know.

Types of home security systems

As it has been said above, home security systems are available in a number of types. Each type has its own advantages as well disadvantages depending on the features that it comes with. Home security systems can be divided into two major types, namely, unmonitored and monitored home security systems.

Unmonitored home security systems

As the name already tells you, unmonitored security systems are those security devices installed in a home but they are not connected to the central call centre. In other words, the central call centre is not monitoring it. However, they still alert the homeowners when there is intrusion. The alarm system is triggered when the presence of a burglar or smoke is sensed. The alarm system will give loud siren noise in order to alert the homeowner of the presence of the intruder or fire outbreak. The alarm sound can be heard either inside or outside the home depending on where it is installed.

The loud siren noise made by the alarm system of unmonitored home security system also helps to scare off thieves or burglars. No burglar would want to be caught. So, once the siren sound starts to blow, the burglar will take to his heel in order not to be caught. He already knows that the owner of the house has been alerted and he will not waste time in calling the police.

However, the problem with unmonitored home security system is that if there is intrusion when the homeowner is not around, he will not know that his home is being burgled. There is no monitoring centre and nobody will alert the police. So, the burglar who knows that he has unmonitored home security can watch him and strike when there is nobody at the house especially during the working hours. The police can be alerted by your neighbours on hearing the alarm. But this is only if you are lucky to have any of your neighbours at home during the time.

Monitored home security systems

As implicit from the name, monitored home security systems are those types of home security systems that are linked to call centre of the monitoring companies. If you install monitoring security devices in your home, the monitoring company will be monitoring it. When there is intrusion and the alarm system starts blowing, the monitoring centre will get the signal immediately. But they have to allow 30 to 45 minutes to elapse in order to find out whether the alarm system is intentionally set off by you. But if it continues blowing, you will be contacted for a password. But if they cannot get to you, the police will be informed immediately.

This type of home security system offers better security than unmonitored home security devices. Whether you are in your home or not, you will know when there is intrusion in your home. If you are around, you will hear the siren sound of the alarm system of the device installed for you. The call centre will also be alerted. So, the police will act fast if they get calls from two different people.

The call centre is also monitoring the system at night. Thus, even if you are sleeping and there are thieves or intrusion in your home, the call centre will call the police in so far as the security system is able to detect the intrusion. So, if you are using monitored security system, you will have rest of mind because your home is under day and night surveillance. Even if you travel out of the state or country, there is no cause for alarm.

However, the problem with the monitored home security system is that it is very expensive when compared with unmonitored security devices. The unmonitored home security system is more common because many families can afford them. Ordinarily, many people will prefer the monitored security because it offers better security but the cost makes it impossible for them to install them in their various homes.

Home automation

This is the most recent invention. Home automation does not only offer home security. It also makes it possible for homeowners to control or manage their homes via their smart phone or through any web enabled devices. You can control your home security devices, watch live or pre-recorded video of your surveillance systems from any part of the world. Besides, home automation makes it possible for homeowners to manage or control other systems or devices in their home connected to the Smartphone. It is possible for you to control your lighting, small home appliances, thermostat and others from your Smartphone or internet based devices. With home automation, you are able to know what is happening in your home and also to manage some of your home appliances even when you are not at home.

However, as a new invention, it is not within the financial capability of a lot of people. Definitely, for some it is a scientific fiction. But it is a reality today.

Wireless and wired home security systems

Monitored and unmonitored home security systems can be wireless or wired. Wired home security system refers to those that are connected using electric wire. They are not do-it-yourself. You need a technician to connect it for you unless you know how to do electrical connection. The wireless home security devices are opposite of the wired devices. They are do-it-yourself security devices. You don’t need any person’s assistance in order to install them when you buy them.

Wired home security systems are gradually phasing out but it is cumbersome to use when compared with wireless devices. Installation of wired surveillance system can be time consuming and it requires expertise. It may also require electricity before it can function. But wireless security systems functions with battery. There is no breaking of any of the existing structure during installation. If you are hanging it on the wall, you will only require screw and so, no breaking of any of the existing structures. However, there is limitation in the distance allowed between control panel, cameras and sensors.

Other types of home security system

Besides the above general classification of home security systems, they can also be classified according to their mechanism. Here are some of the security systems that can be installed at home.

Security alarms

The security alarm system can be installed inside or outside the home. The system is meant to blow a siren type of sound when it senses any intrusion. The alarm can be triggered by motion or manually tripped through a panic button. The alarm sound can be audible or silently sent to the security personnel to let them know that there is intrusion.

Fire alarm system

This is installed to raise alarm when there is fire outbreak. The system is sensitive to smoke or heat or flame and when it senses smoke, the sound system of the device will start blowing. There are also some that are manually tripped when there is fire outbreak.

Door chime

This is mostly used in big offices but it can also be installed in a home to alert the homeowner when somebody enters a room or the compound. If you don’t want your children or any person to enter your home office or room, you can install door chime on the door of your room.

Security lights

It is installed in order to identify a criminal. It is normally meant for outdoor environment during the night time. It helps the security personnel to see when a person has entered the compound when it is dark. It is also installed in dark places where there are security cameras.

Security cameras

It is the commonest type of home security systems. It captures and records images and videos of any person that passes within its scope.

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