What You Should Know about Christian Dating For Free

Christian Dating For Free

Issues of dating and relationships are obviously among the most complicated things on planet earth. Whenever the matter gets to feelings and emotions, it takes a turn that is not easily understood and handled. There are numerous types of dating and several avenues that offer such.

The major Christian dating for free was previously done through the numerous Christian organizations that bring mostly young people together, especially those looking for life partners. Here, they date according to the principles of Christian friendship. The advent of the internet and the social media has made dating a bit easier. This is because you now have access to platforms and websites where you can meet any type of people you wish to meet. While some of the dating sites are accessed by paying some amount of money, many of them are free. One of the dating sites you can get without any payment includes the Christian dating sites. Christian dating for free involves mostly Christian youths who are looking for fellow Christina youths to go into relationships with. The main issue about Christian dating for free does not only lie in the fact that it is a dating site for christens looking for fellow Christians. No, the fact remains that the type of dating and relationship you get here differs in a very big way from what you get from other dating sites.

Types of Christian dating for free sites

There are different types of Christian dating for free. While some of the Christian dating sites for free are left generally for all Christians, many others have specific groups involved. If you are looking for Christian dating, narrowing your search to these specifics will be better for you if you are not just looking for any Christian to date. There are Christian dating sites for regions like African Christians, American Christians, and European Christians. There are also some modeled in terms of race, like Black Christians dating for free. Asian Christian dating, etc.

There are also Christian dating sites that are modeled according to denominations like, Catholic dating sites, Anglican dating sites, Pentecostal dating sites, etc. Another thing that is used to differentiate this includes age, like Christian youths, Christian singles dating, Christian parents dating or Christian divorcees dating sites. A consideration of these will inform the type of Christian dating for free that you should register with such as christain mingle

How to find Christian dating for free

It is very easy for you to locate Christian dating for free if you desire to join. An online search will give you a list of the dating sites depending on the specifics or keywords you search with. Many live Christian forums are also involved in giving their members the correct websites of these dating forums, so as to encourage them to go into relationship with fellow Christians. You can also get information about the Christian dating for free from your friends who are members. The membership does not give you any stress. Just register with your information and start searching for friends.

However, apart from this, there is also some Christian dating for free sites where you have to fill a form, detailing the attributes you need. The site will now search for a person whose profile matches such and then connect the two of you.

The motive and issues in Christian dating for free

There is this erroneous view that dating always leads to some particular ends. The truth is that all men and women have this irresistible feeling and urge to be associated with someone they feel is special and who also sees them as being very special. It is natural and there is nothing wrong with it. Again, when you look out and see that every other man out there goes out with a woman and the women go out with men, this will immediately heighten your desire to have a special friend by your side. It is in the bid to satisfy this desire to have a special person besides you that Christian dating for free was founded.

Because of this, all Christians are advised that there is nothing wrong with the feelings they have about people of opposite sex. They are very legitimate. But the only issue is how to manage them. This is the reason why there are always issues that come up when a Christian gets into a serious relationship with another Christian, either offline or online.

  • Such issues include that of intimacy, which tends to address the level of intimacy that the friends will enjoy. This issue hinges on how far they can go in expressing this love they feel for each other.
  • The next issue involves how the relationship can be maintained and the feelings and emotions of each other accommodated and managed.
  • The next issue hinges on how to know if the person you are into relationship with is the right person for you.
  • Next is the issue of how to end the dating or break up if the planned long term relationship does not work out.

Whenever you are engaged in a Christian dating for free, the aforementioned factors will always be in your subconscious. Suffices to say that many who are not mature enough might have these feelings, but might not be matured enough to interpret what they feel. Being able to decipher these issues and know how to handle them makes the dating worthwhile, more enjoyable and longer lasting.

About these issues, you have to know that the ultimate goal of human beings on earth as planned by God is to marry and have children. And for us to have children, we must get intimate and physical. But another issue about this is whether God wants us to date, and if yes, when?

In the Old Testament, the predominant thing is that parents arrange marriages for their kids and bring them together to marry. Here, it was much easier for kids to avoid contacts and relationships, till it is time for this arrangement to happen, as they do not have any say in who they will marry. But the world have completely changed on this, and what we have at present is that children meet and choose who they want to marry. The complications of Christian dating for free now come in.

Intimacy in Christian dating for free

This is one of the most difficult questions you can ever put up about the Christian dating for free. This is because it will elicit different answers from different people. The traditional and conservative Christians will give you an outright no when you ask this, but the more liberal and modern day Christians will accept intimacies in courtship. The conservatives advocate for a no-touching, no-kissing, no-sex relationship because of the injunction of Christ that we should never give in to the sin of the flesh, and also because there is no guarantee already that the courtship is absolutely heading to marriage. An acceptance of this might signal Christians getting into sexual relationships with many fellow Christians before choosing the one to marry, and this is not good. For me this is the right argument and it should be followed thus.

The liberal’s argument that you cannot convert non-believers if you do not engage in intimate relationships and that practical human experiences demands practical responses is completely against the Christian principle of restraint and abstinence.

How to manage relationship in Christian dating for free

Of course, whenever you are convinced that you have true feelings for the person you are with, the only way to manage the relationship so as not to hurt his or her feelings is by following these dating etiquettes. The number one thing here is that you must not get into any serious dating of this sort if you are not ready for marriage. This is the ultimate goal, and if that is not yours, don’t go in. when you are going into a Christian dating for free, don’t go with very high expectations. If you do this, you will make a lot of mistakes as they will be dashed and you will regret. Never you be too legalistic about dating. It is an avenue where you express what you really feel, not a right and wrong avenue. You must always be in a relationship with one Christian Brother or Sister at the same time. Do not scatter your emotions. It will lead you into many errors. Again, the man should initiate the dating relationship in Christian dating for free, while the lady should respond, and not the other way round. This is in line with the teachings of the bible. Be honest about whatever you tell him or her, and share your feelings without reservations. Be faithful in all that you promise. Again, ladies love humor and it settles a lot of problems. Use it to get the best out of your friend. You also need to be very hard working, engage in a lot of talking, avoid confrontations, don’t be too judgmental and be quick to forgive.

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