How to make money at home

Dancing is a beautiful art. It goes beyond body movement as it requires body and soul. A lot of dancers believe dancing came to them as an inborn talent as it is something they have been doing since they were little kids. To others, dancing had to be learnt. It might have been learnt as a form of therapy, as an exercise to prevent or curb obesity, or just as a result of loving the act. In any case, dancers see dancing as a thing of pride, the same way writers see writing as something to be proud of. So if dancing is something not everybody can do, why not make money out of it? Whether or not it started as a proposed source of income, there is nothing better than making money by doing what you love.

A good number of people already make money out of dancing through different means. Ballet dancers become stage performers and wow their audiences as they get paid, Hip-Hop dancers get paid to dance in music videos, and various dancing competitions award huge sums of money to the best dancers of the pack. One thing people seldom take cognisance of is how to make money at home through dancing. Too many people know how to make money at home through writing or consulting, but assume that dancing does not fall into this category. If you are one of such people, you need to give it a second thought! Below are just five avenues on how to make money at home through dancing.

  • Start a dance blog

This is the first thing anybody in this computer-aged generation should think of. Blogging has become a thing of the future. Millions of people own blogs, however, the need for it and acceptance for it is still immensely wide. Making money from a blog is easy. You follow the usual process of getting a domain name, clearly stating your content and your target audience, posting and scheduling content, monetizing the blog through the use of adverts or affiliate marketing methods and so on. This same process can be followed by a dancer who owns a dance blog.

You can post articles such as: how to learn to dance as a beginner, eating habits for dancers, dance trends of 2016, and as much as you can think of. You can also go the extra mile by posting videos of yourself or your group dancing and get paid for it. With the right amount of determination and passion, you can join the league of top dancing blogs. Some examples of dance blogs are: Dance Advantage, 4 Dancers, Ballet Strength, and lots more. This ranks high on the list of how to make money at home as a dancer.

  • Open a YouTube Channel and monetize it

This follows closely from owning a dance blog. This is however, more into the act. To successfully run a good dance YouTube Channel, you have to consistently take clear video recordings of yourself dancing and post it on your YouTube channel. Opening a YouTube channel is as easy as clicking “sign up” and then you monetize it also with the click of a button. Once it is open, all you have to do is market it through social media and seek to increase your viewership. The more views you get per day, the more you get paid. You get to do what you love – dance, and you get paid unconsciously by both those who love or hate the video. You can run this from the comfort of your bed and at your own pace. It is that easy, I wonder why everybody is not doing it yet!

  • Virtual Dance Tutoring

Another thing that tops the list on how to make money at home through dancing, is becoming a virtual tutor. The same way there are professional dance tutors and lecturers in schools and colleges, there are virtual dance tutors. That is, those that simply do over the internet. You simply need to advertise your services and offer quality virtual dance lessons to students from far and wide.

You can add study materials and dance tutorials to the entire package and make money by doing what you love from the comfort of your own home. You may choose to do this for a college or high school of your choice as a freelance virtual tutor or you can choose to be your own boss and market your services on your own. The former is, however, easier when you need to get plenty students. As any other job, consistency and quality of service is a necessity for success.

  • Children Dance Classes

Busy parents will always need a place to keep their kids. Starting a day-care centre might not be one thing you have ever considered doing, but when it also ranks high on the list of how to make money at home from dancing. For kids who already have a flair for dancing, you can encourage their parents to drop them off at your place for dance lessons. Rather than pay for dance lectures and day-care separately, the services of a professional dancer and trusted adult like yourself would just do the trick. Children dance classes also bring in good cash. You stay home, do what you love, offer much needed services, and get paid. How cool is that?

  • Using Social Media to get Dancing Gigs

Finally, rather than use your time at home to actually work from home, you can use it to search for dancing gigs. You can perform dance covers for musicians and celebrities, join online competitions, or just use social media to grow your fan base. So many dancers have taken to Instagram to showcase their dancing prowess. The benefit of this is that it opens you to a wider niche of people and talent finders, and it positions you right at the heart of the art. Do not be surprised when you start getting called for various performances from people who do not even know you. This is a great way not to waste all that time you already spend on social networking.

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