How to Fix a Relationship Rut

How to Fix a Relationship

Are you looking for how to fix a relationship rut? If the answer to the above question is yes, you are not alone. There are many people having the same problem. Virtually, nobody has ever had a smooth relationship all the time. At times, people encountered certain obstacles in their relationship.

Indeed, there are different kinds of rut that you may encounter in your relationship. Given that relationship ruts are common, experts have gone into it and develop practical means of dealing with them. Here are various kinds of ruts you will experience in your relationship and tips on how to deal with them.

Types of relationship rut

Fighting rut

If you are having a problematic relationship or you are always quarrelling with your partner, you can try these tips.

Let your partner know about your needs. It is not good to bottle up your relationship. You will only increase the fight and relationship dissatisfaction if you don’t discuss your needs with your partner. The reason why your needs are not met in your relationship may be because your partner is ignorant of them. So, open up and don’t die in silence.

See the good side of your partner and appreciate it. Most people don’t compliment the good side of their partner. The only see complain about the imperfections of their partner. Too much complaint in a relationship can lead to quarrel. Instead, appreciate the positive aspect of your partner. This will help your partner to feel valued and he or she will try to do things that you will like in order to be appreciated.

Do certain things together: doing certain things together will help you people to be together and communicate very well. It will reduce blames and fights since things were done together.

Get outside help if you are not able to resolve your differences by yourself.

Sexless rut

How to Fix a Relationship

If you are having problems in your relationship because of lack of sexual satisfaction, there are different ways through which you can solve the problem. Most people think that coitus is the only way of getting sexual satisfaction in relationship. This is far from the truth. There are other ways through which you can get sexual satisfaction in marriage. Here are some of the ways of getting more sexual satisfaction and ending your sexless rut.

  • Engage in foreplay

Foreplay refers to mutual sexual fondling without coitus. Foreplay gives a lot of sexual benefits. You can get sexual satisfaction from it even without having any sexual intercourse.

  • Watching romantic and pornographic films with your partner

There are some romantic and pornographic films that are specifically designed for couples. They are available in DVDs and online. Watching such films alone with your partner will definitely improve sex in your relationship and help you to deal with sexless rut.

  • Talk about sex

When you are not having sex physically, you can talk about it with your partner. Tell your partner what you enjoy most during sex. If you are not together, you can exchange romantic text.

Boredom rut

Boredom is one of the problems you may encounter in your relationship. You can fix it with the following tips.

  • Try new activities.
  • Work together occasionally like cooking together, cleaning the house together, working out together and others.
  • Try eating out and make mini-dates occasionally.
  • Plan for a holiday or a visit to a place of interest.


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