When it comes to going to college to pursue a degree, many people search for scholarship opportunities available. Having a scholarship (either part or full) would cushion the weight of the expenses required to study or completely cover the expenses, so it is normal that people want to have a go at it. However, a number of people get discouraged at sight of the lengthy and sometimes complicated essay questions that go with the application forms.

No essay scholarship

For this reason and more, no essay scholarships have gotten popular acclaim since its inception. A no essay scholarship is basically a scholarship offer that does not require essay write-ups as a criteria for entry. Therefore, to qualify for the scholarship, other requirements would be considered and other means will be used to select the finalists. What many people do not understand is that there are usually other not so obvious reasons why a no essay scholarship or the other is put in place.

For clarification purposes, here is an analysis of the entire concept of a no essay scholarship showing why they are formed, how they choose the shortlisted candidates and how you can also get in on the action.

Why a no essay scholarship is formed

A no essay scholarship is formed for various reasons asides just wanting to help. A no essay scholarship is generally seen as a no-brainer or easy scholarship for obvious reasons. Kibin Essay writing explained the process of no scholarship essays thus: the donor company takes your information (such as your email, home address, and scholarly interests) and passes it around to various retailers and institutions. In exchange, it offers you a chance to win enough money to put toward your college education tuition.

One common reason they do this is marketing. Just as various manufacturers and organizations undertake loud social responsibility activities and host competitions to give free stuff to the general public, free scholarships are held for publicity sakes. In other words, these scholarships may or may not take you on the basis of your qualification but on sheer luck or gamble. They are majorly not interested in who is best deserving of it and so it may not be a great test of your intelligence or skill. Since no essay scholarships are easy, more people get on board and the organizers can draw as much attention as they want that way.

Another closely related reason why a no essay scholarship is formed is for social media exposure. The organizers create contests where a student does something that is very easy to do – like making a short video – and then have the student share it on platforms like Instagram or Twitter, while conveniently mentioning the sponsor of the no essay scholarship. Still a form of easy marketing of course. So next time you rush off and sign up for one of those scholarships, remember these reasons and they would probably not seem like big deals after all.

The merits and demerits of a no essay scholarship

First, the obvious merits. Rather than waste time searching for inspiration or sharpening your writing skills to tackle essays with complicated and brain tasking topics, a no essay scholarship is simple the easiest way to achieve the same goal. Another merit is for the not so bright students. No essay scholarships are generally more flexible and beyond the fact that no essays are conducted, the selection process gives room for all types of students – even those with not so great results. So average students can get a shot at scholarship opportunities as well.

Also, no essay scholarships take less time for submission. Usually, to fill out scholarship application forms, there are one too many rules and regulations. Not forgetting the numerous lengthy essays that constantly keep you pausing your application process. Student simply need to provide basic information of self and career intentions.

As for the demerits, for any student opting for a no essay scholarship, you know you are basically trying out your luck. Most times, there is no specifically concrete reason as to why one gets it over another. Hence, when a person tries and does not succeed, he or she may simply get demoralized for no good reason. At the end of the day it is all based on luck or some other random reason.

Types of no essay scholarships

For those who have read the basis of this, its demerits and merits, and still want to partake it in, here is a short list of the common types of no essay scholarships available:

  • Ventures Scholars Program

The Ventures Scholars Program is provided by Ventures in Education, Inc and is a national membership program put in place to help underrepresented and first-generation college-bound students interested in pursuing math- and science-based careers link to information, resources, and opportunities that will aid them to successfully pursue their goals. It is available to High School Freshmen and College Freshmen and the award amount is $10,000.

  • IFWE Student Video Contest

This no essay scholarship is worth $5000 and all you simply need to do is create a three minute video about God or helping the poor for a chance to win it. The topics range from freedom, to fulfilment, to even spiritual upliftment. It does not require much but certainly gives back well enough. It is simply their own form of social responsibility.

  • Chris Meyer Memorial French Scholarship

This no essay scholarship is awarded to students who are aged 14-18 who excel at French language and culture. They cover full tuition of the student but to get in, one is required to possess a competitive G.P.A, a passion for the French language and culture. This has to be demonstrated through school work and projects, involvement in foreign language clubs, events and other related extra-curricular activities.

  • Growing Up Asian in America Awards

From this title, you would already know who is eligible for the no essay scholarship. Basically, it provides a good platform for young people to creatively explore and celebrate being both Asian or Pacific Islander and American. It is majorly sponsored by the Coca-Cola Company and competitors win over $20,000 in cash and prizes.

  • Teens Drive Smart Video Contest

This no essay contest also requires making a short video. Applicants must be aged between 16 and 21 and have a driving license. They should also be willing to enrol full time in high school. The prize is $20,000 to fund his or her tuition. All candidates have to make short videos of themselves sharing creative ideas on driving.


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