How to Get the Best Wedding Photos

wedding photos

I have told several people who attend my seminar on “preparation of weddings” that one thing I consider as one of the most important is the wedding photos. For me, this comes after the exchange of vows in the scale of preferences. For the three main events that will occur in your life. The wedding ceremony is the one you have the chance to organize in all consciousness. Your birth ceremony comes when you are not conscious and your death ceremony comes when you have lost consciousness. So, your wedding must be given the best, and the wedding photos matter a lot.

In this article, I will tell you all that you need to know about wedding photos and how to get the best of it. One thing that we all will attest to is that there is no man or woman who derives joy in ugly things and detests beautiful things. This is why the beauty of your wedding photos will be top on the priority. There are many things that will inform whether your photos will be beautiful or not. These include the location, people involved, your dressing, time of capture and the type of photography. But before all these, the number one determinant of the type of wedding photos that you will get is the photographer. That is why the first step in getting a wonderful wedding photography is by getting the best wedding photographer

How to get the best wedding photographer

There are different types of wedding photos. Some people like to have it in digital form, while others prefer the evergreen analogue system. This will also play a role when you want to choose the photographer. There are obviously specializations. Some might be better in digital and flashy images, while others do better when it is traditional, conservative and in analogue form. There are various avenues through which you can choose the photographer. Many online sources list the names of photographers according to regions. You can start your search here. You are also given the chance to access their website, have a look at their portfolio and also see the feedback and reviews placed by people they have worked for in the past. This will hugely inform your decision to hire or not. When you have chosen one with these indices, organize a meeting with him and iron out all that you will need in the wedding photos.

However, there are some groups of people that you must avoid when hiring a photographer for your wedding photos. There is this mentality that when weddings are held on Sundays, some things including wedding photographers are gotten a bit cheaper. Of course, you should not have a Sunday wedding, but if your wedding falls on Sunday, never you hire a wedding photographer that will work on Saturday before coming for your own on Sunday. The simple truth is that he or she will experience some fatigue. This will definitely tell on your wedding photos. The Saturday event is always Grande and energy sapping, and you will get the best of services on this day, but not on Sundays.

The next is that you must avoid hiring any form of student or apprentice photographer for your wedding photos. Whether they offer you discounts or not, avoid them. Though they might be very good photographers in the photo studio, the rigors of engaging in almost 12 hours photography and capturing of all the specials events, spots and people might be too daunting for them. In some cases, you run the risk of getting a bad service, with key locations, events, spots and people missing.

You must also avoid the mistake of hiring you friend or even family member simply because his camera is bigger and newer than that of others. In most cases, you will have these folks spoil your wedding photos for you and you will not have the heart to keep their balance or dispute with them. Don’t divide the job by giving a friend or family member some and a professional the other. This will bring in some problems.


Essentials of your wedding photos

When you have chosen the best and most professional photographer for your wedding photos, you now sit down and take care of the most essential aspects. When you have finished mapping these essential elements out, you are supposed to discuss it with the photographer so that he starts making preparations for such.

Spots and Locations

The first thing to do here is to make a list of all the spots you will like to be captured in your wedding photos. There are definitely some locations and spots you feel that are very significant and important to the love life you share with your partner. Some people say that they will never forget the place where they had their first kiss or first sex. Others prefer to remember the place where the husband made the proposal, while others have many other beautiful locations either in the house or around the venue of the wedding where they will want captured in their wedding photos. Make a list of these locations and give the list to the photographer on time. Going to these locations to get them prepared is also a very good one. This can be done by you or the photographer.


Yes, many people say that amongst the things that are more important to them is the moment when their spouse places the ring on their finger. For them, that is when they know that they are now married. Some are so crazy about entertainment that the bride and groom dance is top on their mind. Some people who come from very great and united families or who have enjoyed great love and care from either their mother or father will prefer a detailed coverage of the mother or father of the bride dance. My friend is so much in love with the toast and cake part of it that he insisted that this aspect be given special coverage. These are things that make your wedding photos thick. Make a list of the events and moments, like the “after wedding kiss” and give to the photographer to avoid missing any of these.


There are cases where some of the relatives and kinsfolk of the couple who should be captured in the wedding photos are missing. If this happens, then you have not prepared well for the wedding. Because of this, you have to make a list of the most important people in your life and all those you will like to appear in your wedding photosand give to the photographer. There must be moments of expanded photos when all these people are accommodated. It is not just about you and your honey; your guests are also involved, as they share in your joy. Most people will prefer to make a sequence of how the photos will be taken, like bride’s family, groom’s family, neighbors, colleagues in the office, friends and well wishers, church members, etc. When you get all these right, you are already on the part of getting the best wedding photos.


Wedding photo ideas

There are different wedding photo ideas that you can use. The fact is that while all these ideas are good, making the best use of them depends on the aesthetic or beauty sense of the couple.

Meanwhile, one point here is that this is your wedding, so any idea you choose for your wedding photos most be cheesy, posed and original. This is because you must always radiate the joy of after weeding. When your pose and idea radiates a feeling of love and originality, then you are on point. It is always great to ask the photographers to give you a shot that is very true of you or one that reflects the real you, without any ad-on.

Creativity also makes a lot of sense in choosing wedding photo ideas. There are sophisticated ideas that will not convey the type of message that original, casual and even less posy atmosphere will give. One person said that the best wedding photo idea is not to pose.

With this, we give you some of the best ideas you can use

Impromptu dance

dance wedding photos

Apart from the organized dances like the bride and groom or mother of the bride dance, have you considered a picture depicting you and your partner engaging in an impromptu dance? This is the type of dance that can happen anywhere, at the staircase, backyard, parlor, on any place at all. That type of dance that two of you danced when you received the news of his promotion.

Gateway scooter or power bike

Gateway scooter or power bike wedding photos

Of course, this is what I see as the best wedding photo ever. It shows the type of love that is uninhibited and unplanned. A wedding photo of the man driving with the woman in a very beautiful petite scooter to an unknown location gives the greatest gateway picture of all time. This can hang on your sitting room for ages, reminding you of the everlasting love you share. Your visitors and kids will not remove their eyes from this picture whenever they are in you house.

Munching the desert

Munching the desert wedding Photos

This is another wedding photo that looks great. You must not always be seen looking at each others eyes, or lying on the carpet of the house. A wedding photo where the two of you are deliciously tangled in love, while savoring the sweetness of a desert is an awesome one.

Rainy day

Rainy day wedding photos

The wedding umbrella is one great culture that is dying at the moment, and which needs to be revitalized for its significance and beauty. Make a wedding photo of you and your partner trying to protect each other from the rain with a wedding umbrella. This might be limited to the rainy day weddings, but it looks great. Oh, you can also make great wedding photos with wedding umbrellas even when it is not raining.

Great kiss

Great kiss wedding photos

This is the greatest public expression of the love you share, and making a wedding photo of it will always remind you of the times that the love was still very strong. One thing you do not know about this kiss picture is that it has a positive effect. An emotional look at it can settle differences and get you back to the right love track. Meanwhile, there is still an avalanche of ideas for your wedding photos. More research will show this to you.

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