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Love Quotes

Love is one word that has no generally or commonly accepted definition. This is largely because it is expressed in various forms. The way a person understands and expresses it is different from the way another person understands and expresses it. Besides, it can be used under various circumstances and settings. It is both a religious and social concept. Various individuals in the past and even today have made unique statements in attempt to explain the meaning of love, provide tips on love, to console people wounded by love, to direct people seeking for love and many more. These sentences are today collected and quoted by people.

Expressions, passages, statements or sentences about love that are cited or quoted are referred to love quotes. Love quotes are derived from various sources. Here are sources of love quotes.

Sources of love quotes


Different cultures and traditions of the world use adage to express important fact of life and experience. Love is one of the experiences in life expressed in adages. There are different adages from various cultures and traditions that embody important fact of love. As love manifests itself in various ways and are experienced in various ways, various types of love quotes can be derived from these adages. There are adages about love that provide love tips, advice to people in a love relationship, advice about how to love and treat one’s husband or wife and others. There are even adages expressing religious love as well as sensual love. So, adages are rich sources of love quotes.

Religious books

Religious books such as the Bible and Quran are rich sources of love quotes. You can find useful quotes about love and the meaning of love from these religious books. A typical example of a love quote contained in the Bible which is the Christian religious book is “love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; … love never gives up; its faith, hope, and patience never fail (1 Cor. 13, 4-6). There are many utterances about love in the bible and other religious books.

Utterance of the sages and great historical figures

The history books contain list of sages and great figures that have said many things about love or have taught about love to their disciples. In the course of their teaching or interaction with their followers, they have made remarkable and interesting utterances about love. Some of these utterances were written down by their disciples or people that heard their teachings. These sayings from these great minds have been collected today by some authors as love quotes. Love quotes from the sages deal on different aspects of love as they are made by different historical figures under different circumstances and conditions. If you are looking for love quotes, you can get a lot of them from the compilation of the sayings of the sages.


If you visit any bookshop or library around you, definitely you will find a lot of literatures that narrate love experiences of various people. Romeo and Juliet written by Williams Shakespeare is one of the well known literary works where you can find interesting quotes about love. One example of love quotes from Rome and Juliet reads:

My bounty is as boundless as the sea,

My love as deep; the more I give to thee,

The more I have, for both are infinite.

There are other literatures that contain lots of amazing love quotes. Some authors have taken time to read these literatures and collect quotes from them. There are various love quotes compilations from literary giants like Williams Shakespeare. You can get a lot of love quotes from these literatures.

Various greeting cards

During occasions that celebrate love such as the Valentine Day, Wedding anniversary, Christmas and others, people send cards to their love ones. These cards contain very interesting statements about love. Normally people read them and choose those that express their feelings of love to their loved ones. These cards are good sources of different kinds of love. You can get quotes about romantic love as well as casual friendship from these cards.

Importance of reading love quotes

There is no doubt that many people don’t know the importance of reading love quotes. Some may even criticise people that are reading love quotes. However, love quotes have some practical relevance and they give a lot benefits to people that are reading them. Here are some reasons why you should read and memorize love quotes.

Offering advice to people with love challenges

As it has been said above, a good number of these quotes about love are written or drawn from practical experiences of other people at different historical epoch. When you read them you gain enough theoretical and practical knowledge about love. If you are facing any love challenges in life, you can gain enough insight on how to deal with the problem from these life quotes. You can also offer sound advice to your friends, children or colleagues who are facing challenges in their love life.

Building strong relationship

As it has been said, there are various kinds of love quotes. Some just provides tips to lovers on how to relate with each other in order to build a solid relationship or to increase the love they have for each other. If you are into relationship and you really want to build a strong relationship with your partner, then you should consider reading love quotes. You will definitely gain useful insight on how to treat your partner to make him or her love you more than he or she loves you before. You can also learn sweet words from the quotes.

Love Quotes

Love quotes are inspiring and motivational

Sometimes people become bored in their relationship especially a relationship that has lasted very long. Things may seem to be monotonous for them. You can find motivational and inspiration love quotes that will help you to move on and overcome the temporary boredom you are facing.

It improves your sentence constructions

Some of these love quotes are neatly constructed by their authors. As it has been mentioned above, a good number of love quote are authored by talented literary professionals. They are known for their unique way of handling words. So, if you are reading and memorising love quotes from them, you will gradually learn some of their expression and begin to use them even without knowing it. Put differently, reading love quotes will help you to make nice statements and improve your vocabulary. As you read them on daily basis, you will become a good orator.

The above are some of the practical relevance of love quote, how they will benefit you and why you should read them. If you want to read love quotes, the tips given below will help you to read them very well and benefit from them.

How to read love quotes and benefits from them

There are many people that read love quotes. Unfortunately, only a few of them benefit from it. Most people do not gain anything by reading love quotes because they don’t know how to read them. Here are some tips on how to read love quotes.

Read the quotes multiple times

Don’t just read the quotes once unless you don’t want to learn anything from it or memorise it. If you want to learn love quotes and say them off by head, then you should read them multiple times. The quotes will gradually register in your brain if you read them multiple times. You don’t have to start cramming them. Just read them meditatively for several days. You will gradually master them and say them without looking at any book or any source.

Mediate on the quotes

Reflect on the quotes as you are reading them. Think about how they apply to you and how it will benefit your love life. Try understanding the inner meaning of sentences or statements. By reflecting on it, it will gradually be registered by your brain. Read the quotes between lines. If you normally do meditation as a spiritual exercise or for recreational purpose, you should use the statements that interest you as the theme of your reflections. Constant meditation on the words of the quotes will help you to memorize them without much difficulty.

Write down quotes you like

You can write down quotes that you like in small jotter and move along with it to enable you read it severally anytime you want. You can also copy them in your smart phone if you have any and you don’t want to be going about with a jotter.

With the above method, you will surely master your favourites love quotes.

Where to find love quote collections

Today, you don’t need to read works of great literary figures or history books before finding love quotes. There are different channels of finding a lot of quotes of about love nowadays. Here are some of the ways of finding love quotes.

The internet

The internet has remained a great source of information. There are a number of sites today offering various kinds of life quotes including love quotes. If you are looking for love quotes of any type, you should make use of the internet.

Love quotes books

Some people have taken the pain and time to collect quotes about love from various authors and published them as books. You can look for books on love quotes in bookstores or libraries.

E-Card sites

Check e-cards sites and look for quotes about love from the sites. You will definitely find a lot them from these sites.


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