Exercise for Pregnant Women: Point to Note

Exercise for Pregnant Women

A lot has been said and written on the importance of exercise for pregnant women. But unfortunately, most pregnant women do not exercise themselves. Lack of exercise can cause a woman to have difficult labour. On the contrary, exercise helps to make labour easier. It enhances mood, reduces pains and aches associated with pregnancy and improves sleeps. It is also a good means of avoiding possible caesarean operation. Given the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists advices pregnant women to do exercise on daily basis for at least 30 minutes.

A good exercise improves the functions of the heart and helps pregnant women to become limber. It strengthens the muscles and helps pregnant women to build endurance in preparation for childbirth. Exercise during pregnancy also has some aesthetic function. First, it is a veritable means of managing weight gain during pregnancy. Secondly, women that exercise regularly during pregnancy easily regain their weight after childbirth. This explains why most celebrities still look charming after childbirth.

However, it is not every type of exercise that is suitable for a pregnant woman. If you are pregnant, you have to meet your doctor or fitness professional to advice you on the type of exercise to do. If you do the wrong exercise, it may cause you some problems.

Good types of exercise for pregnant women.

Flexibility and strength

Besides cardiovascular exercise, pregnant can also engage in flexibility and strength building exercise. Some of the good flexibility and strength building exercises for pregnant women include:

  • yoga
  • stretching
  • weight training (this is recommended for pregnant women who has been doing weight training, but they should lift moderate weights)


Cardiovascular exercises


Walking is a very good exercise for pregnant women. Taking a walk for few minutes every day will help to keep you fit without jarring your ankles and knees. Walking is very easy to do. Besides, you don’t need any exercise equipment in order to walk. You can also add fun to it by doing it with your husband.

Exercise for Pregnant Women


Swimming is one of the safest and best cardiovascular exercises for pregnant women. It does not only give cardiovascular benefits, it also exercises the large muscle groups of the legs and arms. It helps pregnant women to become limber and feel weightless.

Exercise for Pregnant Women


There is no doubt that many people do not regard dancing as a form of a cardiovascular exercise. But research has shown that dancing gets your heart pumping enough bloods. It also enhances the metabolic process of the body. It is a fun way of getting enough exercise. If you don’t feel like walking up the street, you can dance to your favourite tunes.

Low-impact aerobics

Low-impact aerobics exercise for pregnant women tones the body and improves the health of the heart.

Exercise to avoid

As it has been said above, there are some types of exercise that should not be done during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you should avoid doing the following exercise:

  • leaping
  • bouncing
  • jarring
  • and any exercise that causes you to make up and down movement





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