The Essential Relationship Rules

There are some relationship rules that you should abide by if you want to build a healthy relationship. Here are rules to keep in order to avoid a breakup in your relationship.

relationship rules

Choosing your partner widely

Choosing the right partner is the basic key to building a long lasting relationship. People always have one reason or the other for the choice of their partners. However, it is important that you choose your partner wisely. Don’t be sentimental while choosing your partner. There must be compatibility and understanding between you and the person you will choose as your partner. You are mostly likely going to have a problematic relationship or even be a victim of breakup if there is no compatibility and understanding between you and your partner. Compatibility here means sharing common views about many things in life, being able to manage the temperament of the other, understanding the other and coping with the imperfections of the other.

Respecting each other

Mutual respect is highly necessary for a healthy relationship. You should always behave in such a manner that your partner will respect you. But you should also respect your partner in return regardless of the person’s age, race, colour, academic background, height and other imperfection. Relationship bridges the gap between two people. So, no matter your social status, you should not despise your partner unless you want a breakup.


One rule that you should not overlook when you are into a relationship is tolerance. You should be able to manage your difference. Nobody is a perfect human. We all have our weak points. So, you have to tolerate the imperfection of your partner. Avoid name callings and rancour. You must not agree with your partner on every issue. But don’t allow your disagreement to shrink your relationship.

Avoid domestic violence

Domestic violence occurs in many ways. But it is a cankerworm that destroys a relationship. It can lead to divorce or even land you in jail. So, you have to avoid it by all means. On no account should raise your hand against your partner or deny your partner the basic necessitate of life. Don’t be tyrannical in your relationship. If your partner is doing something that you don’t like, you have to discuss it with the person rather than beating him or her up.

relationship rules

Don’t keep secret from your partner

Openness is a valuable virtue in relationship. You should always tell your partner the truth in all circumstances. Don’t keep secret from him or her. If you do and your partner discovers later, you will lose your credibility completely. This is why it is important that you be open to him or her.

Try to be close to your

Closeness in relationship strengthens love and brings affection. Staying away from your partner can sever or rupture the bond between your people and this can lead to breakup in marriage.

Always greet and appreciate your partner

Never overlook the power of greeting. Make sure that you greet your partner on waking up or before going to work. Appreciate your partner and concretise your nice appreciation with gifts.

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