Engagement Photos at a Glance


Engagement Photos at a Glance

Engagement Photos

Engagement day is a very important day in the life every man and woman. The man is highly excited as he waits for the expected yes to the question “will you marry me” while the woman is happy that the long awaited question has been asked. She happily, surprisingly and loudly answers yes to the question. In some places, it is also a cultural and social event that calls for great merriment. Some people may decide to engage in a private and lonely place. No matter how it is done, the aim is always the same which is exchange of mutual promise to marry. Such a day should be remembered and taking some photos is a veritable means of remembering one’s engagement day. Engagement photos are therefore very important.

There is no doubt that some people may question the importance of engagement photos or the rationale behind it when it is not the actual wedding. Thus, it is not uncommon to hear people asking why getting the engagement photos done at all? This is a very important to question that should be answered before we take a look at engagement photo ideas.

Why taking the engagement photos

The importance of engagement photographs cannot be overemphasised. Whether you plan to engage privately or during a party, you should make arrangement for engagement photographs to be taken by a professional photographer. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a photographer to do your engagement photos.

  • Forms part of your love story

Your engagement day constitute an important chapter in your love story. If you are telling your love story to your children, your engagement day is the day that you should not miss because it is the culminating point of your romantic relationship or dating with your partner. People have dated for days, weeks, months and years and expected to get the question “will you marry me” from their partners and never got it. Some men received no as the answer having dated for some time. So, for women, it is a thing of joy and privilege to be asked that question while for men, it calls for celebration to get the positive answer from a partner they have been dating for a long time. You need to take engagement photos in such a special day. Taking and keeping such photos will help you to remember all that you have passed through to get to that point in your love story. It will help you to tell your love story to your children or any person of interest.

  • It is a good souvenir

There are different ways people engage and celebrate their engagement. Some people may organise engagement party for their friends or with their family members. Some may do it when they are out for a date in a private place. Some can do it while they are having nice time at home even when they are cooking. Your engagement photos are good memorabilia or souvenirs of what happened during your engagement day and where it was celebrated. The future generation can tell the type of engagement you have from your engagement photos. They will also be able interpret the engagement fashion of your time from your engagement photos. So, don’t overlook the important of engagement photos in your love life.

  • Engagement photos create a different scenario from wedding photos

During your wedding day, you will definitely take lots of pictures with your partner on your wedding attire. However, during your engagement, you are not on your wedding gown. You may even be on bikinis and shorts depending on where the engagement is done. Put differently, the engagement photographs capture your everyday style. It removes any formality in style as the case with wedding photos. So, you have the opportunity of expressing your personal styles in your engagement photos given that you can engage at any place and at anytime. You can engage while hanging out in your favourite recreational spot like the beach or while doing pastime together, during picnic, when cooking, while on bed and a number of other circumstances.

  • You can turn them in your wedding invitation

Another reason why you should take your engagement photos is that you may decide to turn them in the invitations for your wedding. If you want to wow everyone with such an invite, then you have to ensure that you take your engagement photos in amazing places like the beaches.

The above are some of the reasons why you should take your engagement photos. Though you can engage your partner in any place and at anytime, some venues are more fantastic than others. You will surely impress people and make stunning invitation that will wow your guests if you take the pictures at the right place. Here are some venues suitable for engagement photos.

Venues suitable for stunning engagement photos

Outdoor environment

Nowadays, people engage their partners under various outdoor environments. For amazing engagement photos, you may consider engaging partner and having your engagement photos done in any of the following places:

  • at their beach while having nice with your partner
  • at the pool side or even inside the pool while swimming with your partner
  • during a picnic in a forest
  • at the park and others

Indoor engagement venues

Engagement can take place under various indoor environments such as the following:

  • while dinning out in a restaurant or fast food
  • while cooking together in your home or partner’s home
  • while on bed in your bedroom with your partner
  • in a your hotel room during a holiday with your partner
  • in the church
  • in your car and many other places

You locations have places more suitable for stunning engagement photos. So, you should always check out various romantic and beautiful places to take engagement photos.

Preparing for engagement photos

engagement photos

As it has been said above, engagement session offers you the opportunity to showcase your everyday style. This does not mean that you should not prepare for it or that you should wear any clothes you see. No! You have to be on your best attire and also ensure that you partner is on her or his best attire depending on the venue and the type of engagement photo you like. For example, if you want to engage your partner in the beach or at the pool side, you have to be on your best swim suit or bikinis. So, there are some tips that you should apply when preparing to take your engagement photos. Here are some of the tips to apply when planning for your engagement photos.

  • Decide on the venue for the engagement

Some men normally do not let their partners know the date and venue where they will engage. They will like to take them by surprise. Whether you are taking your partner by surprise or not, it is important that you first decide on the venue for the engagement. The venue is very important because it will determine the type of wear both of you will put on for your engagement photos.

  • Hire a professional photographer

Your engagement pictures are as important as your wedding photos. So, high level of professionalism and excellence is required from the photographer especially if you want to turn them into invites. So, you have to look around for a professional photographer to take the shots. However, you can cut cost by asking any of your friends who knows how to take perfect shots to do that for you especially if you don’t want to have a private engagement session.

  • Get the attire ready

Let the photographer know the venue for the engagement. He or she will be able to suggest the right attire for taking pictures in such places. Get the clothes and dress ready on time. Tell your partner to put on the dress during engagement session.

  • Send invites to the people you want

If you don’t want to have a private engagement session or if engagement is a cultural or social event in your locality or tradition, then you have to inform all the people who should appear in your engagement photo to get ready for it and to be in the right dress code so that a perfect picture will be taken by the photographer.

The above are some of the tips that you should apply when preparing for engagement session. With these tips, you will have wonderful engagement photographs.

Engagement photo ideas

Engagement photos

Here are some of the engagement photo ideas to follow when it is time for you to do your engagements.

  • Engagement photos while on picnic

The right time to engage your partner may be during picnic. This is most appropriate for people that will like to engage in private with their partners. Organise a picnic for you and your partner alone. Make sure that the picnic basket contains various items like chips, sandwiches, slice cake, wine and others. They make great sight for pictures during the picnic following your engagement.

  • Camping/hammock camping

You can opt for a DIY camping set up in a park in your locality or your backyard. You can also go for vintage camping items. There are several possibilities depending on the style you want.

  • Sea and fishing adventure

Having your engagement photos while on fishing and sea adventure in cruising yacht or boat will be very stunning. Don’t forget to sail with your engagement ring and bottle of Champaign to celebrate the expected yes.

  • Playing in the snow

Taking your engagement photographs while playing in the snow will give a stunning sight. This is a good idea for people engaging during the winter season.

  • Working together in a garden

Do you have a garden in your home? If yes, why not consider taking engagement pictures while picking flower together with your partner or while working in your garden? It will make a great sight.

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