Strict parents raise their children in an authoritarian manner. They come up with family rules that have to be adhered to without question. Even though parents that adopt this kind of parenting mean well, it could do more harm than the intended good. When the children are younger, strict parenting might appear to be working. This is because the younger they are, the easier they are to intimidate. Problems begin to show when they approach teenage. This is a stage when a child always feels a need to challenge their aspects of life that they feel do not sit right with their new identity.

 Effects on the children


Children with strict parents tend to be shy. They keep to themselves because they did not develop their communication skills from a young age. Strict parents are not exactly the friendly type. They mete out punishments when their rules are broken without compromise. The effects of this is that their children never get the chance to develop communication skills simply because they do not have conversations at home due to the fear instilled in them by the authoritarian parents. At school they also tend to shy away from their peers because they are always making sure that they do not make mistakes and mingling with other kids could put them in a position to break a rule or two. Alternatively, they may just feel out of place because of the diversity that children brought up in a more relaxed manner exhibit. It therefore pays to be a warmer parent, giving your child an avenue to talk to you and in the process, they develop communication skills.



Becomes a liar

Most of the times when strict parents think that their method of parenting is working, it actually isn’t. Exposing a child to stringent rules without room for error might just turn them to the greatest liars. It is human to make mistakes but such a system punishes for it. In order to adapt, a child might just develop the art of lying to avoid being punished whenever they mess up. They also learn to keep secrets because of fear of the activities they engage in with their friends not being approved of by the parents. Such a child during teenage could get into serious trouble because they have no guidance from their parents on how to avoid things like unwanted pregnancies.

Susceptible to peer pressure

Recognizing authority is what strict parents insist on. Children raised in such an environment might not know how to challenge authority when it needs to be done. They exhibit character of blind faith which inhibits their ability to grow their life skills. During teenage, such children will be susceptible to peer pressure. Strict parenting is not empathetic. The lack of empathy during punishments could lead to anger and frustration which they are not allowed to show at home. When they are out with other kids, such children tend to bully others to get out all the anger they feel. It only makes sense that a child raised through fear, will understand fear as a way to be noticed.


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