Early Signs of Pregnancy that You Should Know


Early Signs of Pregnancy that You Should Know

Early Signs of Pregnancy


The issue of pregnancy for ladies is one that comes with a lot of intrigues and controversies. Many people get pregnant albeit unintentionally, while others don’t even know that they are pregnant. If you do not get the information on time, so as to prepare and take care of yourself the normal way, it might cause some health hazards. Ladies who become pregnant for the first time normally find it very difficult to decipher that they are pregnant. That is the reason why you must look out for these signs if you are a young lady that intends getting pregnant in the near future.

Differences in early signs of pregnancy

However, one other thing we must reiterate here is that these early signs of pregnancy are not dogmatic in all women. Different ladies tend to show different early signs of pregnancy.

Another observation that is factual is that these early signs of pregnancy in one person always tend to be the same for all pregnancies. If you are one who has one sign for early pregnancy, it is likely that the same sign will always creep up whenever you are pregnant. So, it basically boils down to your body type. However, for some reasons which might be medical or otherwise, there might be changes in early signs or pregnancy in the same person as time goes on. Meanwhile, one other thing you need to know is that though these signs just like the menstrual signs will always be there, the best method of confirming that a woman is pregnant is by undergoing some form of pregnancy test.

Changes in your body parts

Perhaps the earliest pregnancy sign is the sign of Spotting and Cramping. Yes, many women tend to have these spots and cramps.  The concept of pregnancy begins with conception, and one thing that happens at conception is that the fertilized egg will always attach itself to the wall of the uterus. When this happens, it comes with some effects and the most noticeable are the cramps and spots. This implantation bleeding that will occur after the sixth day of fertilization will normally look like the menstrual cramps. In some cases, many women will also think that this is their period coming. But you will always notice that this is lighter than the normal menstrual cramp. But one thing with this type of discharge is that it can occur throughout pregnancy, and this means that it is harmless. But whenever t becomes smelly or itchy, talk to you doctor.

The next sign that almost every woman must notice is the very clear changes that will occur in your breast. There is always some noticeable changes in your body hormone when you become pregnant, and as a result, you breast will become swollen, tingly or even sore. Other feelings that you might have on the breasts might include tenderness, becoming heavier and fuller.

Another early sign of pregnancy includes the darkening of the areola around the nipples. Yes, while the other part of the breast becomes swollen with some green veins coming out around it, you will also notice something like the darkening of the areola part of the nipples. It becomes darker than it normally is.

Another early sign of pregnancy that will be noticed in the area of the nipples includes some level of tingling and prickling. Yes, during the early pregnancy stages, there is an increase in the amount of blood supplied to your breast by the pregnancy hormones. Because of this, women are prone to notice some sign of tingling and even prickling on their nipples within a week or thereabout of getting pregnant. They appear early on and also disappear in no distant time. The disappearance mostly occurs immediately your body gets used to the changes that comes with pregnancy and adapts to such.

Menstrual period

The next early sign of pregnancy which is probably the number one sign is the fact that you will miss your period as a lady. Yes, you will definitely miss your menstrual period. So, if you are the type that is always having the regular sound period and you notice that the menses refused to come out, you are better off with a pregnancy test to know what the problem is. It is one of the most common early signs of pregnancy. But this becomes difficult if you are among those that do not have regular periods. If this is the case, you have to check for other signs to confirm what you suspect.

Feeling of sickness

Early Signs of Pregnancy that You Should Know

The next among the early signs of pregnancy is the feeling of sickness. This is one of the early signs of pregnancy that many people do not encounter. The fact is that many people normally start with the early morning sickness whenever they are 4 weeks pregnant and upwards. Some might notice this when they are up to six weeks pregnant. This will bring about the feeling of squeeze fever. However, that this is named morning sickness does not mean that it cannot be noticed in other times of the day. You can catch the fever either in the morning or evening. But the fact is that it will be more frequent.


Apart from the outright feeling of sickness, another early sign of pregnancy that occurs in ladies includes the type of fatigue that can be described as extreme and unexplained. Do you remember those days when you just wake up without any stress, yet you are very tired, or the type of tiredness that starts in the afternoon without any known cause. This might be a signal that you are pregnant. So, you should not run for caffeine whenever you feel extreme fatigue, chance is that you have taken in.

Food aversions

do you remember those days when you are comfortable sitting in from of the most delicious foods, while at the same time maintaining your ground that you are not hungry and that the aroma of the food have not succeeded in doing anything to your feeling or sensation. Most pregnancy will make you loose this. You will now have the vice of not being able to pass a fast food or restaurant without some amount of gagging. When the level of beta-hCG hormone in you rises due to early pregnancy, you will immediately form the habit of opening the refrigerator every 10 minutes. At this time, all the triggers should be made your enemy till you are out of this.

Sensitivity to smells

Another of the early signs of pregnancy is the level of sensitivity that you will develop against smells. This includes both the pleasant and unpleasant ones. In fact every smell will get you queasy. The rise in the level of hormone in your body will make you to be attracted to both the good and bad smells. Yes, but while some of them are detrimental to you and your body, you have to do everything possible to avoid all of them.

Nausea and vomiting

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Yes, in fact if I am told to tell the world the number one among all the early signs of pregnancy, I will choose this one. Though, it does not happen to all women, but more than majority experience this. I have a sister who will always sit down at the foot of the mango tree in our garden. She will always carry her can of milk, and this serves as the container for her vomits. She is always feeling nausea and the urge to vomit. Whenever this happens, I will send message to the husband who is away working in an oil rig to come and take back his wife, because I can’t stand it again.

The frequent need to wee

If you are the type of woman that is not always going to the bathroom, but all of a sudden you notice a frequent urge for you to use the toilet for the short term business, you have to know that probably, something has entered in there.  When you are in the early stages of pregnancy, a lot of hormones will combine together to bring about an increase in the volume of blood that is inside your system. The simple and direct consequence of this is that your kidney puts up some increased amount of hard work in order to maintain the inflow. The result of this is that you will wee more frequently. However, you must look out. The wee that takes place at this time is a free one. So, if you encounter or notice any thing like a burning sensation when you wee, you might be suffering from one of the urinary track infections.

However, while all that we have mentioned are the early signs of pregnancy, the list is never exhaustive. There are many others signs that are witnessed by some women, but these will be ascribed to few women according to their body system and compositions. The major ones are the things we have mentioned above and you must be vigilant and look out for all these signs if you are a woman who is still giving birth. Taking care of pregnancy and living the life that will insure the health of your baby is very essential. When you start these things on time, you are more advantaged. That is why you should know these signs. Sometimes when people who do not know are faced with these signs, they tend to seek for medical treatments thinking they are ordinarily sick. These might also hamper the pregnancy, since it is not all forms of treatment or medications that can be taken during pregnancy.

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