Online surveys today, are great ways of making money and freebies here and there. Basically, an online survey is a questionnaire that the target audience can complete over the Internet. Also known as paid survey, it is used to collect quantitative information about the participants’ personal and economic habits set against their specific demographic. Various organizations use this means to gather information from selected respondents and often give out compensations to them for taking the surveys.

online surveys for cash

Filling out online surveys for cash are one of the ways people get paid through the internet today. While usually, these organizations or individuals that carry out these surveys and offer gifts, a good number of them actually give out monetary compensations! You literally get paid by sitting down in front of your laptop and ticking yes or no. Sounds great right? Well not quite. There are numerous disadvantages of filling out online surveys for cash. In order to fall into any of them, it is important to know about them first. Below are just seven of the disadvantages of taking online surveys for cash.

Spam upon Spam!

One annoying disadvantage of filling online surveys for cash, is the excessive amount of spamming you would be exposing yourself to. Many survey websites will use your email to spam you or, in some even worse cases, sell it to big time spammers. The spams are going to be so many, they would probably frustrate you out of the entire deal.

Usually, to avoid this problem, it is advisable to use a new email or a ‘throwaway’ email from Google or Yahoo. There are plenty of free email accounts that you can get.  Basically, if you start getting too much spam, move to a new account. Regardless, this is one heck of a disadvantage to you any day and any time.

Most times you do not actually get cash

This was mentioned earlier but it needs to be said over and again for people to understand it. Most online surveys for cash are not actually for cash! More often than not, companies offer you free products or gift cards in exchange of your participation in their surveys. While this is not entirely bad, nobody picks gift cards over real cash. Right? So rather than waste your time for hours filling countless surveys upon surveys only to be offered a compensatory key holder, there are a thousand more  things you can do online to actually make money. However, if you do not mind the gift cards, please, go right on ahead with it.

Website Shutdown

In the event of a website shutdown – which happens a lot with these sites for some reason – you would lose everything. Lose points, lose money, and yea, lose a whole lot of your time. The way to prevent it, you are advised to choose reputable survey companies that have been in business for a good time and cash out your points as often as possible. There is no point in letting all your earnings stay long on the website; just cash out just as soon as you reach a threshold.

Location Restrictions

This is not entirely a disadvantage of taking online surveys for cash unless you are in the wrong location. The thing is, ordinarily, you cannot be in all locations at the same time. Most paid surveys are based in specific geographical locations. Most of the time they only employ survey takers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, which are native English-speaking countries. Not such a big deal yea, but some are even state specific. Some companies would require a certain group of people living in a particular city to answer their surveys. We cannot blame them though, they need to achieve the purpose for which the surveys were made anyway. It is however, still a disadvantage to those that are not in these specific locations.


Another major disadvantage of taking online surveys for cash. Generally, there is a level of risk that comes with doing business online. However, it may be even worse with paid surveys. Certain organizations with skimpy websites may offer you savoury compensations for taking their surveys and not give you anything at all when it is completed. Worse still, you may even be scammed out of your personal hard-earned money.

When it comes to scamming, both the survey takers and survey organizers are susceptible to it. The scamming is either done by the survey taker which will hurt the interest of contracting companies or the survey website that scams registration fees from members without giving them any survey invites and the chance to earn or just get their money’s worth back. So no matter what side you are on, you can be a victim of this.

Disclosure of personal information

This may not be so common, however, it happens as well. You are on one side of the world and your survey organizers are on another requesting for certain confidential information along with the survey. Some of these may not be entirely hard to give out, but there is always a level of risk associated with it. It may be as simple as your home street, but it could expose you to untold dangers.

No fixed Earnings

For those who have seen online surveys for cash as an avenue to have a sustainable income, you need to think again. It is bad enough that sometimes you get gift cards instead of actually money, however, even when you get cash it may be one-off. There is no fixed sum of money from taking online surveys for cash. The more you answer, the more you earn. Still, avenues for you to earn may not come up as often. It is definitely advisable to leave paid surveys as a source of other income and not your main source. Other freelance methods should be looked into where there is a need to find a job that requires you to be in your home or personal space.

If after all these disadvantages, you still fill fit enough to join in, go ahead. Who knows, you could rake in good money from it.

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