Different Wedding Hairstyles and How to Choose the Best

Wedding Hairstyles

Different Wedding Hairstyles and How to Choose the Best

Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding is an important celebration in the life of every lady. Every bride wants to look cute on the wedding day. Women preparing for their wedding are always on the search for the best wedding hairstyles. If you are preparing for your wedding, there are various options of wedding hairstyles to choose from. Here are some of the popular wedding hairstyles you should consider when it is time for you to tie the knot with your groom.

Various options of wedding hairstyles

Cascading Curls

cascading curls Wedding Hairstyles

This type of wedding hairstyles is normally confused with the side swept updo. They are not the same. In this hairstyle, some of the curls are allowed to cascade down to the shoulder to enable the bride to highlight the length of her hair. But a greater portion of the curls are pinned up. The cascading curls are the best option for ladies with medium or thick hairs. If you opt for this type of wedding hairstyle, it is important that you use the right hairstyle for the curl. Don’t use a hair product that will make your hair to become frizzy.

Face Shape

face shape Wedding Hairstyles

One of the wedding hairstyles for brides with square or long faces is face shape hairstyle. In this hairstyle, some of the hairs are left curled or fringed around the face. The hairstyle goes well on longer and thicker hair. So, if your hair is not long and thick, you should either opt for another hairstyle or have it extended with artificial hairs.

Sleek Updo

Sleek Updo Wedding Hairstyles

It is suitable for brides that have healthy and shiny hairs. If you prefer the sleek updo and your hair is not much shiny, you can apply some shine on it so that it will look well polished. But it is important that you make use of the right product.  The hairs are lightly move backwards and pinned at the middle of the head forming a sleek shape.  But this does not mean that face is completely ignored. You can add some waves at the sides and create some flattering shape in the front in order to make it look awesome. This is one of the wedding hairstyles that fit brides with oval faces.

Vintage Curls

Vintage Curls Wedding Hairstyles

If a curl can be held by your hair, this wedding hairstyle may be an option for you. Vintage curls are not good for brides with low hairline and widow peak. You have to leave some bangs out if you have a small forehead. The hairs are given a glamorous timeless curl using brushable hairspray. A boar bristle brush is the right brush to use when brushing out the pin curls. It adds bounce and volume to the curls.

Half up

Half up Wedding Hairstyles

The sides of the hairs are swept away from the face and the lightly curled hairs are pinned halfway in the barrel curls at the back. You have to add volume to the sides in order to make the front look great. Half ups are great wedding hairstyles for brides that have medium to fine hairs. They are not suitable for bride with heavy hairs because keeping the barrel curls may be difficult for you. For the face shape, half up is good for brides with heart shaped, oval or square faces. If you opt for half updo, you have to first backcomb the hairs at the base to make the half up to remain in place. It will also make it easy for you to pin the hairs with bobby pins.

Twisted Chignon

Twisted Chignon Wedding Hairstyles

Twisted chignon is a great wedding hairstyle for brides with oval or round faces whose hairs have little or no layers. If you have a round face and you prefer twisted chignon to other wedding hairstyles, you have to ensure that the top of your hair has enough volume. This will help to add length to the shape of your face. Start twisting the braid from the front moving down to back and concluding in the low side chignon at the other side.

Braided updo

Braided updo Wedding Hairstyles

The braid in the type of wedding hairstyle goes across the back’s top to give the brides an updated classic look. Braided updos in the back are suitable for virtually all types of face shape. If you are looking for classic wedding hairstyles and you are not such which type will suit your face shape, you should consider braided updo. They are better on longer and thicker hairs. If your hairs are very thin, the braids will not show up well. You should ensure that the braids are created last in order to make it stands out but doing it first will make it not to show in the updo.

Side ponytail

Side ponytail Wedding Hairstyles

As implicit from the name, the hairs are pinned down at the side after it has been curled and twisted. The ponytail hangs down at the side of the head. It is suitable for brides with extra long hair. The hairs will still look long even though it has been curled and pinned into ponytail. Side ponytail is not good for brides with round face.

Soft curly updo

Soft curly updo Wedding Hairstyles

This is formed by creating airy curls and then pinning them at the nape. The hairstyle is not suitable for brides whose hairs are thick and heavy. If you have air updos, soft curly updo is a great option for you regardless of your face shape. However, if you are going for this wedding hairstyle, you have to reserve some curls around the face in order to make it soft.

These are only a few wedding hairstyles. There are numerous wedding hairstyles to choose from. Below are where to look for more wedding hairstyles.

Where to find wedding hairstyles

Numerous hairstyles are being introduced on yearly basis. What is in vogue today may be obsolete tomorrow. So, if you are preparing for your wedding, you have to ensure that you are au courant with wedding fashion. When your wedding is drawing near and you want to choose the right wedding hairstyles for it, there are several places to search for latest hairstyles. Below are where to find the reigning wedding hairstyles.

Check fashion and wedding magazines

Today, there are a number of magazines meant solely for brides or ladies preparing for their weddings. Whether you are the bride or just the chief bridesmaid, you should buy these magazines if you really want to choose the right hairstyle for your wedding. These magazines provide helpful information on wedding hairstyles. There are some that show only wedding hairstyles. But there are others that show hairstyles and provide tips on how to prepare for one’s wedding. These magazines are released periodically either monthly or yearly. You will be able to pick the right wedding hairstyles that will suit your face and hair types from these magazines.

The internet

The internet today has remained a great source of information. There are today hundreds of sites that are solely designed for brides to help them to be on their best look during their wedding. If you are preparing for your wedding and you are looking for the best wedding hairstyles that will match your face and hair types, then you should make use of the internet. There are some sites that allow free access to visitors. However, there are also some sites that may require you to pay some money before you can surf through its pages.

Fashion TV channels

Another means of finding wedding hairstyles is to watch fashion TV channels. Various hairstyles suitable for wedding are normally shown by these TV channels. Some also televise wedding ceremonies of celebrities and VIP. If you watch the fashion show in these channels, you will definitely find hairstyles that are suitable for you during your wedding.

How to choose the right wedding hairstyles

Choosing the right wedding hairstyles are always difficult for some brides. There are numerous options to choose and each hairstyle may seem to be the right one for you. But the truth remains that there is one hairstyle that fits you better than others. So, go the extra mile in fishing out that hairstyle. There are various points to consider when you want to choose a hairstyle for your wedding. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the right hairstyle.

Pick your wedding dress first

One of the factors that will determine the right hairstyle for you during your wedding is your wedding dress. It determines not just the hairstyle but also other fashion accessories that you will put on that day. If you are confused about the right wedding dress that will match your face and hairstyle, you have to meet your hairstylist to help you choose the right one.

Consider your face and hairstyle

When choosing a hairstyle for your wedding, you have to be realistic about it. Don’t just choose a hairstyle because it suited your friend during her wedding or because a celebrity goes with that. Wedding hairstyles go with face and hair types and so, choose a type that fits your face and hair type. That is the hairstyle that will make you look great.

Discuss the available options with your hairstylists

A good hairstylist will be able to guide or help you in making the right option taking into consideration your hair and face type as well as your wedding dress. So, you should discuss the options available to you. It is recommended that you book a trial appointment to find out how the hairstyle recommended for you will fit you.

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