Decorating Your Home


Decorating Your Home

your home

The only way to turn a house into your home is by decorating it. A good place to start is by knowing that decorating is all about an expression of who you are and what you like. Begin by doing research on the available décor then from there; choose a theme that represents your personality. Going to online showrooms for the décor is the easiest way to go about it but for someone who wants a variety of unique stuff visiting open markets, auctions and vintage shops is a brilliant idea. The things to watch out for when scouting for material are; the budget you can afford the availability of the materials in case you need to repair at a future date, the available expertise, and versatility of the design and how green the materials for your décor are.

It is normal to get attached to the stuff that we have but if you are moving into a new house, the best way to go about it is by cleaning out some of the things you used for your old house. This helps to establish a fresh perspective when decorating your home. A garage sale or auctioning online could help dispose of the unwanted things and at the same time help with raising funds for the new project. After getting rid of the excess, start by decorating one room at a time. The first two weeks (depending on your timetable) for example can be dedicated to the bedroom. Make it a point to look for an item everyday in flea markets and thrift stores that will complement the bedroom theme you chose.

Decorating your home will be more fun if you take a laid back approach. Fight the need to always match the colours of the décor. It is true that matching colours looks organized but allowing a bit of creative risks is more fulfilling. Putting bold colours together creates good contrast and a vibrant looking room. Furthermore, bold and bright decorations make a small room appear larger than it is. However, if you are a sucker for patterns, getting things of the same colour but different shades is a clever trick. If you ever happen to run it a decorating accident, embrace it. Sometimes things fit into one another when it is not pre-planned.

your home

Solve problems of structural nature inexpensively. It is okay to redo things whose appearance cannot be enhanced by decorating but if you are sensitive to the costs of changing the face of your home, come up with minimal but creative ways to transform a room. In the kitchen for example, it the cabinets look worn out, you can repaint them and change the handles instead of installing new cabinets. Make more open shelves which you can use to display the various decorations that catch your eye in a market. Remember not to overcrowd a room with too much décor. Use the available floor space efficiently and remember that enough empty room space is also a décor factor.

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