Dating Advice: Find a Date and Rules to Maintain It

Dating Advice: Find a Date and Rules to Maintain It

Dating Advice: Find a Date and Rules to Maintain It

Dating Advice: Find a Date and Rules to Maintain It

Some people do find it difficult to get a date while for some people it is a very simple task to accomplish. If you are finding it difficult to get a date, you will find the dating advice given below helpful.

Tips for asking for a date

You have found a person you love and you have been exchanging some words with the person or chatting with the person via the internet but you will like to enter into a higher level of relationship with the person. There is no other easy way to do that than to speak out your mind which is best said during a date. Dating a person you like will help you to discover and know the person very well before entering into a lifetime relationship. It will also give the person the opportunity to know you and even fall deeply in love with you. But as it has been said above, asking for a date seems to be an insurmountable obstacle for some people. It can be very simple if you know the tricks. In fact, it is as simple as asking for it. It will only take courage and boldness. Once you are able to overcome the initial shyness and build up courage, the deal has been done. In this dating advice, you should start with the following steps.

Discover how she feels about you?

It is advisable to first discover how the person feels about you before asking her for a date. You are close to winning her over, if she has positive impression about you or if she feels good about you. But how can you find out how she feels about you? You don’t have to ask her how she feels about you. You can find out how she feels about you by yourself. If a girl loves you, she will show that in the way she relates to you. Any time she is with you, find out if she goggles at you more often and if she is happy staying with you. If she feels relaxed, smiling, laughing boisterously while chatting or playing with you, it is an indication that she loves you or that she is interested in you. But on the contrary, if she does not seem to be happy when she is with you or she complains at any slightest provocations, it might be an indication that she does not love you. But keep examining her in order to determine how she feels about you. Make sure that you do not reveal your finding to her.

Another index that will tell you whether she loves you or not is the way she touches you when you are with her. If a woman loves you or is interested in you, she will always try to have some body contact with you knowingly or unknowing, (though, some women may not do that because if they are shy). So, take note of how often she holds your hand, touches you or how relaxed she is if you touch her or hold her hand. If she always touches you or looks for opportunity to do that, it is an indication that she is interested in you. But you should be careful on how you touch or hold her even if she touches you occasionally. Some ladies will become easily intimidated or scared when they are touched or held by a man who is not their boyfriend.

Be careful not to misinterpret the body gestures or behavior of the lady. It can be tricky to determine whether a girl likes you or not by her gaze. This is because people react differently even in the same situations. For example, if a girl loves you, she may gaze steadily at you for a prolong time or just steal a gaze and turn away immediately you look at her. But this can also be a sign that she does not like you especially if she gazes at you in a mean way. Besides, when you are talking to a girl or conversing with a girl, it is normal for her to look at your face. Looking at you in this manner does not mean that she has fallen for you. It is also a sign that she is listening to you. Keep studying her and maintain friendship with her. This is because friendship builds love.

Pay attention to her

As you are conversing or talking to her, try to give all ears and attention to her. One way to show her that you are listening to her is to look directly at her when she is talking and also to show interest in her story. Continue the conversation if she stops talking. But make sure that you don’t look at her seductively. Don’t allow yourself to be caught staring at her especially at some sensitive part of her body like her breasts. She may not like this.

Always be ready to help her

The best way to win a girl’s love is to care for her. Helping her out is one of the ways of showing her love. Try to do something nice to her always. Assist her in carrying heavy load. But don’t insist if she decline your offer for help. But don’t be discouraged. Keep the friendship going.

Always look and smell good

You must not put on expensive designer clothes in order to win the love of a woman. However, it is important that you look clean and smell good always. Most women do not like associating themselves with men who do not look clean or who does not smell good. Try changing clothes anything you want to meet her. Don’t put the same clothes for two or three consecutive days.

Brave it and ask for date

Now that you have taken time to study the lady you love, if you think that she has some interest in you, it is time to kick the ball rolling. But you may not be too forward in asking for that. There are different ways of doing that. For example, you can tell her about a movie you saw the advert and ask her whether she would like to accompany you to cinema to watch the movie. Some girl may be too forward to ask whether you mean following you “as in a date or not.” Be bold and tell her yes. You can also brave it and then ask her directly to go for a date with you. If she says yes, then you are a lucky man. She may say no. If she does not accept and still keeps relating with you, you may try asking her for the second time. Some women refuse and later accept a man’s request for a date.

Remember to ask her for a date when she is alone with you and never in the company of other people. You can be rejected but that does not mean that you are not attractive or that no other girl will accept you. Try other options, definitely, you will one day get a date.

Dating dos and don’ts

Now that you have find a date, you have to maintain it especially if you want to take it to a higher level. This dating advice will be found wanting, if it does mention some dating has its dos and don’ts. So, if you want to maintain your date, it is important that you keep the do’s and don’ts of dating.

Respect your partner

The first dating advice you should always try to abide by when you are dating a person is to respect that person and her opinion. There is nothing that kills a relationship than disrespect. There are different ways of showing disrespect to a person. You can disrespect her by using abusive words or talking to her as an inferior person. You can also disrespect her by not behaving in the right manner. For example, getting drunk can amount to disrespect to your partner and not every lady will tolerate that.

Don’t be too judgmental or over critical

Some men are too fastidious and they find fault with everything that their partner does. It is always too difficult to satisfy such men. Such men tend to highlight the weak points of their partners and always complain about this or that. Don’t expect your partner to be Mr. Perfect. Always give room for some imperfection. Nobody is imperfect including you. So, if you want your relationship to last longer and to progress into another level, you should take this dating advice seriously.

Maintain your individuality as well

Some men are easily influence by the opinion of the people around them. This should not be the case. As far your relationship is concerned, it is advisable that you maintain your individuality and hold to your opinion in so far as you are convinced of that. So, don’t allow any person to detect what happens in your relationship or who you will go out with. It is just you and your woman. This does not mean that you should not listen to other dating advice.

Be proud of your date

Being proud of your partner is another dating advice that you should take note of. If you are not proud of your date, there is no need going into the relationship because you will not be happy. If you love your partner and you are not proud of her or you feel ashamed introducing her to your friends, you will end up pissing her off. She may quit the relationship if she discovers that you are not proud of her.

Don’t accept or agree with an opinion that you don’t like

It is good to treat your partner very well and even pamper her but that does not mean that you should accept or agree with an opinion that you don’t like. Disagreeing with your partner does not mean that you don’t love her; it is a better way of showing your individuality.

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